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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

poetry potluck week 61: presidency and parkistan poets

Columbia should be the home of the Obama presidential library ...

barack obama at Columbia University,
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 according to the wall street journal, Baker, Gigot: beijing, 2008 olympic sports, media reports, and poetry

parkistan has top wisdom through outstanding poets,
check to visit one....above,    Karachi University students

poety production from administrative ...do read them all

Monday, March 30, 2020

poetry potluck week 63, Greece Poets and lulu.com administrative

National Technical University Of Athens Stock Pictures, Royalty ...

National Technical University of Athens in
Greece could be world famous for reading poetry,
do enjoy poets from lulu.com

Ariel, William Manson, bob Young, Marty, Tom Lily, Aime Wood, john Newman

Lulu Alternatives and Similar Websites and Apps - AlternativeTo.net
do support lulu.com work,  Eric Schmidt, Bruce Hale,  Bob Lowe, Donald Trump Jr.

poetry potluck week 62: Arkadelphia middle school and

Arkadelphia Public School District 2019 Report to the Public - YouTube

a students from Arkadelphia public school
could be a potential writer through good training,
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TOURISM Santa Fe Jemez Mountain Trail and Los Alamos

Santa Fe James Mountain trails, they do read poetry by
mary fisher, wes hargis, yu lanfeng, kay ryan, and charles simic

poetry potluck week 60, yahoo and Berlin poets of Germany

A sculpture commemorating German writers and poets in the ...

poets from Berlin, Germany is cool,
do read jerry, marissa mayer, jay, edwin, mary joseph samrufz, bailey, and steven

Bates College  bates university by jerry yang, david filo