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Monday, September 9, 2019

9th blogging anniversary for Jingle Poetry Potlucks, 9/10/2010 ---9/10/2019, 9 years plus one day, View !!!|

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we started poetry community with a few faculty bloggers,
that is magical day on September 10, 2010
Jingle is our way of thinking
Riika Infinity is our way of representation
Kavita is a charming host along with Olivia
Leo, TRacy, Bill Cook, Angela, Aleza, Amanda, Jamie, Lovely Annie, Jingle,
including Talon, Joanny, SIS someone is special, L, Life Inverse, Blaga, etc.
poets shine bright
poets work hard
poets write great
poets publish a LOT

Jeff Bezos, Mackenzie Bezos, Bob Young, David Ward, Fay, Matthew, Dan, Karen,
Donald Trump, Barack Obama, Five Loaf, George Bush, Ronald Reagan, Todd,
all seem interesting
Mark Williams, Shawn Bird, Nathan Brown, Elaine Adams, Morton, Clancy,
Larry Emerson, Julio Ottino, Ming Gao, Megan Barry, Chris G., Wes Hargis,
we count them one by one
we count them link by link
we love those Dr. Seuss rhyming,
we love Iris Murphy, Chimese, Ina Davis, Avaya, Amelia, Maggie poetry cooking
a few have gone to D'Verse pub, a few have been hot in poets united,

we know that
all poetry community rocks!

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jingle poetry begins with jingle yan's call in september 2010...we have tremendous participants.
google, yahoo, cisco, apple, larry page, john chamber, chuck robbins, marissa mayers, jerry yang...
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one of our platform is Thursday Poets Rally through hyde park poetry,
we provided lots of poetry award to participants, this one is one of those
we have contributed to a few outstanding poets
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