Sunday, January 13, 2019

poets rally week 89 (special submission): 9 is great, 10 is perfect

Hyde Park Poetry Thursday Poets Rally Week 89, Pittsburg, Detroit, Frankford, Orlando, Lawrence, New York, Silicon Valley, etc. 

  Image result for hyde park poetry   hyde park poetry blog, which is great for poets

Image result for hyde park poetry   a bell which rings lovely friendship through our rally, which is made by trisha the indian poet

we never know the end
we know the learning process
we never predict any outcome
we know the rally comments by poets

sweet place
more than 5000 on facebook
more than 6000 million from all over the world
join us,  promote your books

 Image result for jingle poetry  jingle poetry,  9/10/2010  to 9/10/2019, the age is only 9 month apart

Image result for 9 birthday 
Image result for hyde park poetryImage result for 9 birthday


  1. Thursday Poets Rally startup by Jingle,
    Jan 14---Jan 14, 2010 to 2019,

    September 10 --September 10, 2010 to 2019


    Jingle Poetry Community, Riika Infinity, Leo, SIS, Jingle, Kavita, Olivia, Jamie Dedes, Tracy Harris, Bill Cook, L, Lady Nimue, Talon,
    Joany, Aleza, Lovely Annie, Blaga, Matthew, Victoria, Mia, Sashi, A. B. Thomas, Industrial, Robin Elizabeth...Sashi

  2. Happy rally 9th year, 10 in the making,
    we do have lots of poets who also write short story slams...

    anyway, i feel proud about our poetry writing.


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