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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas Day feature, Happy Holidays to Followers, Your poems are our Christmas gifts around the web

poem- traditions December 24, 2016

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Far from home,
surrounded by brown desert,
in a hotel room, alone,
a podcast plays the annual
Christmas Eve story
and the holiday arrives
despite the lack of snow,
or children.

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Standing in the woods,
I paused,
seeing the stretch of wilderness,
I hear the wind whispering secrets in my ear,
I feel the air,
rushing into my body as I take in one deep breath.
In the silence,
I hear my own breath,
I feel my muscles relax,
I stand there in the nature,
I feel the reconnection,
building up,
the calmness within,
surging and waiting to be released,
to form a circle around me.
A pillar of strength crystalising,
like the leaves settling around my feet;
I feel energized,
ready and prepared,
to take on,
2017’s set of cards.

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Image result for merry christmas from lulu

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