Welcome to Jingle Poetry!

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Halloween of 2012 Special: The Poetry Potluck Week 52 In October Air! All Welcome!


It's Halloween Again,
Time 2 Party with Your Friend,
Let's Do Poetry Potluck One More Time,
Let The Party Give Your Something To Rhyme!


Welcome to Jingle Poetry, It has been a blue moon since we have our last MeeTing!
I am giving our Poetry Potluck another GO!
it is TIME to enjoy poetry in haunted and creepy manners, that’s right, because it is 
 Halloween Week!!  
Thus, Welcome to our 52ND Poetry Potluck Social in 2012!

Read some samples before you write and proceed to share! Enjoy The Fun!

Scarecrow Season by Uneven Stephen

Scarecrow season
crows once conspired
hung out for treason
on a barbed wire

pumpkins grin wide
or toothless, grimace
curve of the blade
a polished premise

hand in hand we walk
through rows of corn
sickle meets the stalk
blood trickles forlorn

Tis harvest time.

A Captured Moment by  Gautami Tripathy 

you walk out in a huff
your plate of food unfinished
I run to the door to call you back
but you are nowhere to be seen
feeling sad and vulnerable
I walk back inside the house
and sit at the window
with a blurred vision
my thoughts in a turmoil
I wipe my tears, look out,
see you talking on your cellphone

you sit inclined on a concrete sidewalk
your head bobbing up and down
I curse the person at the other end
you pocket your cellphone,
sit there with a calmness that jars me

"is it my figment that I see the delivery boy
delivering a pizza to you, and you open it
close it again, and walk towards our home?"

Plain Sight by C Rose

Stare down
The layered path
its bulbous folds
Spinning back around
what I have seen before
Amplified in its measure
same point of the circle returns
Defeated by my expectations
minds rap eagerly sends me to square one
Then in a single moment I become
aware of the most simple treasure
This cycle a change to viewpoint
same shadows different light
Trust in knowledge from last
lesson of the gyre
Carry forward
in love with
Plain sight

                                                              Halloween by MBWilliams

What masks do we wear before the fall of night?
What lies do we hide openly in plain sight?
What fears do we hold,
Like treasure against the heart?
What monsters do we make
Of men no different than ourselves?
For this is the night of greatest darkness…
What better time to hold up a light?

Enjoy The Heat!


Upon reading some spooky piece from your peers, please let your dark muses rise and write and share your poetry talent with us, remember, anything haunting, dark, red, orange related, or autumn related are WELCOME  here!

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Young and The Beautiful Soul, Help Is Wanted On her Benefit to Fighting Her Diseases!

Please contact relevant sources to pray, donate, or simply put up posts to spread the news...
The six year old girl needs encouraging minds and helpful support....see the detailed request from her uncle below...
Hello, my name is Bradley Peraino. I have hung around the community for about 2 years. I am hoping that you can help me with something. I have a cousin, she is six years old. She has been diagnosed with an inoperable Brain Tumor. The medical bills are going to be unmanagable. Like a lot of people these days, I cannot afford to do much financially so, I've started a post for Sabrina in hopes of spreading the word about her struggle as well as to bring as much Prayer and positive energy in her direction. If you can, can you please place a post on your site helping me with this. If so, the post URL  and facebook address are as follows:
Post your prayers and link to Bradley Peraino's Post URL:
I thank you in advance though, I do understand if you wish not to participate. Have a great day!