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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Happy September, This Blog Is About Two Years Old Now, Let Cats Continue To Meow! Holy Cow!

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary!

 On September 10, we will be two years old, 
what fun letting time fly by
and see poets shine world wide!

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Dear Followers and Supporters To Jingle Poetry Community: Thanks for the Unbeatable Support and Patience! Please Have Fun visiting our blog(s), and offer us insights in HOW to Better Serve You In Near Future! At Our Branch Blog, JP at Olive Garden, We are recruiting Officials, at least 3 positions are aviable:

One to host poetry picnic on weekly basis, starting week 39, post each Sunday,
One to do poetry form post, post each Thursday or Wednesday night,
One to conduct interviews on poets, called poetic reflections, post on Friday night or Saturday,

if you are interested in serving our extended community, please send an email to
jinglepoetry@gmail.com, Thanks in advance!