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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day, Dear Poets of JPc! Mishape Poetry Form 4 U To Learn by Tifiny Moon!

According To Jiahong Wu,

Mishape Poetry Form is a Niu (OX ->New ->Sheng ->Xin->Star) poetry form created by Tifiny Moon, in honoring Father’s Day on June 17, 2012, it has exactly 11 lines, and 43 syllabus, the poem forms a shape of diamond, with syllabus distribution as 

1 2 2 5 7 9 7 5 2 2 1
Here is an example:

Basic German Words
Driver’s license renewed then
Togetherness after Buckingham visit
The 1st bible read home
Hailstones in July

Mishape poetry form by Tifiny Moon

FATT or 5 and 22 Poetry Form by Taylor Boomer,
easy to learn, easy to write..

Image Credit: Google.com