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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween Special: Poetry Potluck Week 50=Poetry Picnic Week 11

        It's Halloween Again, 
  Time 2 Party with Your Friend,
 Let's Do Poetry Potluck One More Time,
Let The Party Give Your Something To Rhyme! 


Welcome to Jingle Poetry, I decide to give our Poetry Potluck another GO!
it is TIME to enjoy poetry in haunted and creepy manners, that’s right, because it is 
 Halloween Week!!  
This is  Morning welcoming You  to our 50TH Poetry Potluck Party Here!

Upon reading some spooky piece from your peers, please let your dark muses rise and write and share your poetry talent with us, remember, anything haunting, dark, orange related, or autumn related are WELCOME  here!

Call All Ghouls to Party

Letting out all- Ghosts!
Reanimating the Deads..!
Ironing the Shrouds,
Sharpening the wooden stakes..
Calling father Dyer!
Carving Pumpkins.. ;)
Lighting the jack-o’-lanterns,
Sewing our costumes..
Preparing the Tricks!
Dusting off the skeletons!
Shooing away the bats,
Stepping over the black cats.. meeuw
Magic potions set on the skillet!! (bubble bubble)
All witches assembled on their brooms!
- Let’s Party now -

Eyes Splashed with Colours of
Joy and Peace

Boundaries between
The worlds blur
Distance vanishes,
With your world so near
Just take a step forward,
Move in again to our world
Form? Take any form or shape
I will recognize, for I know
The color
Of your soul, my Mother..
Even if I keep painting it
With myriad colors of love
To let it sparkle in any season
So what? I know..
And Mother, even if
For some moments
I miss out on remembering
The latest color with which
I might have painted your soul,
Won’t I, in an instant, pick up
The aroma of millions
Of fragrant flowers , cuddled
Among whom God must have
Let your pious soul rest..
So Mother, don’t bother
Just step in.. we’ll meet
We will chat for hours
This Diwali, hey, let it become
Brighter with your presence
Mother, dear don’t wait..
Hey, what’s this God
I smell the aroma, wow!
My eyes are splashed with
Colors of peace and joy
Yes, now I remember
That was the color with
Which I painted her soul
Hey, Mother, you are around,
Aren’t you, bless me as
I start a new life, in a new place
You will be comfortable
In my world of thoughts
My God, Mother, God's wish this,
Just turn, and see Father smiling
He too has just stepped in
Oh, I am so happy
To see you together
And believe me others
Are seeing reflection
Of you both on my face..
I’m so happy to be in the moments
When the distance between
Our worlds gets blurred…

Dark As Night

Spread across the Earth,
The dark night sky,
Few stars speckled,
The wind let out it’s sigh.
She sat against a wall,
On the cold concrete,
In an empty park,
Reliving her defeat.
The wind blew lightly,
The breeze edged as ice,
Ice drops of water,
As rain to suffice.
The warm tears fell,
Running down her face,
Head buried in her arms,
She feels a disgrace.
Trickle and splatter,
More than stars now lit,
The rain falls and drops,
More than just a bit.
Tear stained and broken,
Her eyes and her soul,
Now emptier than ever,
An ever lasting hole.
The crack of the dawn,
To awaken new light,
The stars fading slowly,
They’ve put up no fight.
She feels deep inside,
A need to be found,
But by burdens and heart ache,
She is bound to the ground.
Various colors now spread across,
From oranges to pinks,
And purples to blues,
The night’s darkness sinks.
She wipes off her tears,
And whispers once more,
For relief and forgiveness,
For these burdens, the cure.
Low clouds of pale white,
Skewed across the shades,
Of various colors,
The sunlight pervades.
And before all hope was lost,
A voice answered her cry,
“Though I left to return,
That did not mean goodbye.”

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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Welcome Joining Our Poetry Picnic Week 10 Today, We're Open Now!

Dear Followers/Poetic Friends:

How is your Sunday?

Welcome to our week 10 poetry picnic today, it is open, it is NOW. 

Poems, old ones, or new ones, theme related or unrelated, are all welcome and enjoyed here..

Please link in your entry via the post below please, have fun today...  ;)

Week 10 Theme: nature, rivers, forests, and mountains.

Hope to see ya.