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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Poetry Potluck Week 49=Poetry Picnic Week 4: Celebrating Jingle Poetry Community One Year Anniversary!

There is No More Sunday Depression or Monday Blues because it is 
Poetry Potluck Time!!!

Welcome to Jingle Poetry it is TIME to celebrate as we are

Celebrating Jingle Poetry Community’s One Year Anniversary

... and the topic this week is 

Summer VacationsGrandparents,  and Anniversaries”

And this is Shashi offering you our special treatment this week  
Share 1 to 3 poems, old or new, in any poetry forms with US, and have FUN!

How to link in my poetry?

 Share your work using InLinkz below, and leave a comment in case it is your first time! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog.

 Weekly poetry collection starts on Sunday, at 8pm (CDT), and will stay open Thursday, 8pm (CDT), 96 hours for you to share your poetry with us...

Upcoming Next Week!! 

For Week 5, we will be back with our normal style at Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden and the theme is ” A poetic form known as 


It will be fun to write about what you see around you like may be the bird, the falling apple or the road that is congested with traffic jam... anything that you can write about looking deeply into any object, person, or an emotions, love or feelings...Its going to be fun looking deeper into a thing, but that's next week!

Leaving that aside, let's get back to the main topic here. 3...2...1
*pull the party poppers* 
Poetry Pot Lucky! 

Please Enjoy talented poems below and write on upon your inspirations and thoughts.

The first poetry shared is by Nina Cassian (She is a Romanian poet, composer, journalist and film critic. She has published more than fifty books of her own poetry) And its called... well ...

(...For Barbara Davis)
By Nina Cassian

I love you with the syllables I learned
From Shakespeare’s sonnets, burning, never burned.

Love you with the everlasting sounds
Of memory, your ups and downs
And calm and frenzy, ecsrasy and grief.

I love your life as much as I believe
In elements, in islands under spell,
In howling oceans, magic dew...

When once you called me Prospero, you knew
That I am Caliban as well.
Nina Cassian
(November 27, 1924 - )
To read more about Nina Cassian please click here
For Celebrating Grand Parent’s day here is a nice poetry by Bridget Brown
This is a poem for my grandmother who has been there for me through thick and thin Kathleen Brown – Bridget Brown


Her smile
Her laugh
Are full and rich

Her voice
Her touch
Are soothing and gentle

Her thought
Her feelings
Mean everything

When I’ve got nobody
By Bridget Brown

Source: Family Friend Poems 


Today marks 10 Year Anniversary of September 11th event of New York City, U. S. A., While the nation spends some time moaning those precious and innocent lives lost 10 years ago, We, officials at Jingle Poetry Community, including Officials at Jingle Poetry @ The Gooseberry Garden,  and Poets at Blogging Sphere also take our moment to write about such a tragic milestone, we pray for Peace for those lost lives in Heaven and wish Peace, Love, and Safety to everyone else who are living today in the global universe! 

Take Good Care, Happy Living! Happy Blogging and Happy Writing! 

 Participants or Followers of Jingle Poetry Community, Please feel free to Claim The Jingle Poetry Lucky Bunny Poetry Award from the top and The One Year Anniversary Cake Tag from above, You Inputs Make Us Whole, Happy Monday Poetry Picnic!


नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya


Jingle Poetry said...


this is a special occasion,thus we opened this site and we use the same linkz, submit your entry at either site, you entry will appear at both blogs.

have fun.



thingy said...

Happy Anniversary! How lovely. Thanks. : )

LBTL said...

I messed up with the email again, sorry :( please remove it, sorry!

LBTL said...

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JINGLE, thanks for everything, the exposure, the words of encouragement, and pursuing your vision to bring us all together. Thank you!

Morning said...

welcome, dear POETIC FRIENDS.

have fun todaY, TOMORROW, AND FOREVER!

Jingle Poetry said...


it seems like you did properly with your entry.

Thanks for the patience.

Many poets may feel a little bit confused.

It is simple, we posted the same post, for this week only at two blogs.

next week, everything goes back to the Gooseberry Garden, with Shashi doing the host.

Take your time, make yourself comfortable!


LBTL said...

Thanks Ji, I am confusing myself once more. I also placed the email as name, could you edit/erase that first reply as well? I am too confused tonight, in any case, I shall continue tomorrow then :(

Jingle Poetry said...

There is nothing wrong with your entry,

so please get away from the computer,
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come back tomorrow.

Raining Iguanas said...

God Bless America and the freedom it provides. To be able to sit on my couch, in my living room, watching NFL football, sipping hot coffee, tired from a day of golf and friends, tap tap tapping on my laptop, writing what I want, when I want is truly a gift and a privilege. Happy Anniversary Jingle Poetry and thank you!

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

happy anniversary, and thanks so much for hosting this! Here's my Sweaty Limerick

Reflections said...

Happy Anniversary Jingle!

The Unknowngnome said...

Happy Anniversary JP!

Chim's World of Literature said...

happy anniversary JP.....a year of great amazingness.....

Daydreamertoo said...

Happy Anniversary to all who work tirelessly to ensure Jingle Poetry remains a success~!

kez said...

Happy Anniversary ...please find my submission have also submitted one on behalf of Alan jankowski for poetic causes which is highlighting Alzheimers this month who has written a beautiful story about a birthday party which I thought covered both anniversary and grandparents,kind regards and many thanks for the opportunity x

welcome to my world of poetry said...

Congrats on the first anniversary. Here's to the next,


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

Happy Anniversary, Jingle Poetry!

jeanne/geezergirl said...

Hey... Congrates for a whole year. yipppeee. you are all so faithful to us and the wonder of poetry. Thank you so much..
peace and joy to you

Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks for the lovely cheers.

Will read within 48 hours.

lots of business in hand.
yet, glad to see you all in.

Lydia said...

Happy First Anniversary, and many more happy returns to one of the cheeriest spots in the blogosphere. :)

Andy said...

Congratulations Jingle Poetry Community!
Thanks to you and everyone else for helping the community to grow.

I'm laid up in the hospital at the moment, but will be by to read & comment as soon as I get home.

Have a great week everyone!

The Tenderness In Lovely You

Morning said...

Thanks for sharing, gem poets in JP community.

I am offline for 6 hours in a row,

taking my son to a cello recital in a far away place.

thus I will read you tomorrow.

keep your talent coming.

dakshi said...

Happy Anniversary Jingle.
it's great to be flying with you all for a year.
Love and hugs....

JamieDedes said...

Many blessings and a very happy anniversary, Ji - a.k.a. Monday - Thanks for all you do and most especially for your perserverance and vision.


Anonymous said...

Happy One Year Anniversary! Thanks for stopping by my site. It is much appreciated! Nice Turn out as well

Anonymous said...

Oh, by the way, this is my first time on the site. Yeah, I'm a newbie.

deeju said...

Very happy anniversary J. Poetry! I feel a new kind of happiness when somebody reads and comments my work, and equal amount of joy when I enjoy reading others. You are a beautiful platform. Thank q!