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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Sholess Poetry - Review Tuesday

Today I am going to reviewing Shoeless’s Walk Your Own Path Poetry. First of all, I would like to note that the background seems to have a feel that fits the name well as well. It just seems to belong and match.

The first poem I read was the one he posted most recently, which at the time of the review was Rainy Season. I especially liked the second stanza:
“Words of silence
Are carried by the breeze
As is the shade of the clouds
Letting the sun do as it does please
Beating me down so I will burn
Oh rainy season bring me to ease”

Shoeless has had his blog up since February 2010 and has been writing well since he’s been up. Like all poets Shoeless’ work has progressed through his writing. He is definitely going places with his poetry. I suggest giving Sholess a read. I wish I could say more but his work speaks for itself.


Jingle Poetry said...

neat choice!

Jingle said...

always loved his poetry,

Thanks for featuring it.