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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Review Tuesday - Random Beauty - (Blitzken, Dock Ellis, High Priestess Kang, Miss Kitten, Moozey and Shark)

Today I am going to be reviewing a blog called Random Misanthrope. First of all, we all know what random means, but misanthrope, who knows what that means? I find it an ironic contrast to the first poem I happened to read on the blog. It means the
general disliking. After further investigating, however, the titled may have and probably does have, deeper meaning. There is not one, but several authors to this WordPress blog. The collective authors of this blog are Blitzken, Dock Ellis, High Priestess Kang, Miss Kitten, Moozey and Shark.
Though the layout it clean, organized and altogether appealing, I think the depth of the site is more than it’s outward appearance. After reading the about section, you definitely get a more clear view of the blog. It is a risen remnant so to speak of a previous, by the sound of it, larger community. The about section as just as interesting a read as some of the poems are. It gives a great feel for the blog and encases you much as a poem should. It lets you feel a part of their strive to rebuild and reclaim themselves.

This blog has been running since about April of this year, but apparently took several years to surface itself after the diminish of the original site where these authors came from. Their poetry skills are quite amazing and are easily relatable, I enjoyed the poems quite well. I don’t believe there is a whole lot more to be said than the fact that this blog should be read. To the authors I have to say one thing, keep writing and you will go far.

~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


Jingle Poetry said...

I certainly enjoy this blog a big deal, Robin,

what a delicious choice.

way to go.

Jingle Poetry said...

Miss Kitten and Blizken are already active in our communities, welcome rest of the teams join us soon.

Bless The Blog and Robin!

Center Shocker said...

Yeah the Blog's nice..


Miss Kitten said...

On behalf of all RM members, I'd like to thank you for featuring our blog and writing such a favorable review. We are truly honored.

The Random Misanthrope name came about when we decided the original name "Project Mayhem" was simply too common. There are a number of project mayhems on the web, so over a week or two we investigated several name ideas and decided on Random Misanthrope.

The "random" part is because we wanted a site that had no theme, no limits. In other words: totally random. The "misanthrope" part was due to the idea that we're pretty much all misanthropes. Basically we're all moody misfits.