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Friday, August 12, 2011

Poem Of The Week -History and stories

Poetry Potluck of this week's prompt "Historanstories" by Shashi as usual had many wonderful submissions from many creative writers  from around the world .We at Jingle Poetry strive to brings poeters together ,encourage them to write and interact.This week Potluck goes to Photodiction , poem named "Aging Gracious".I liked the way how the author got  struck by the architecture and wrote a poem depicting the beauty in the mixer of the  old historical buildings with newer modern ones. As I see this picture ,I can see how a photograph becomes beautiful when both the old and new append together bringing in a unique look.And maybe the photographer was inspired to write a beautiful poem as below  ,

Author &Photograph : Mario Cerroni

there's harmony
in city streets
where buildings old
see no retreat

and new facades
do show respect
to companions
some would reject

they reap
a mutual benefit
their different age
a complement

embrace the beauty
they still possess
each full of stories
we should address

for much they've seen
where they still stand
both happy times
and wars at hand

and now i ponder
as you and i
hand in hand
on life's path wander

when I too
am marked with age
and storied lines
cross my visage

will you look
upon my face
and hold me dear
within your space

where i might sing
my soul's refrain
that by your side
i will remain

for i long to be
like these old places
ignoring time
while we age gracious

About Me:

I am Umamaheswari Anandane ,the owner of Inside My Poem Book and Perpetual Mind , feels honored to be a part of the Jingle poetry reading and selecting poems from amazing writers from everywhere.

Tomorrow  is 'Sunday  Rally Dispatch ' wherein you get to know what is happening in the poetic world all around you.The memes, the contests , the new comers and the achievers are highlighted for your notice .See you all next time around .


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Jingle Poetry said...

love it,

solid and constructive piece.

Thanks for the wise pick, uma!

Poetry and Icecream said...

A great choice and a well deserved Poem of the Week :)

PhotoDiction said...

Thanks so much for picking my poem as the poem of the week. You guys and gals do a great job of supporting the community of poets that frequent your site. Cheers!