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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meet the Poet Wednesday

Welcome to Meet the Poet Wednesday where each week we get to learn about the authors / poets / writers / bloggers who make up the Jingle Poetry Community. This week we get to meet Paulami Guha Biswas!

Acotacion al Margen: http://ifdreamswerefireflies.blogspot.com/

Kitchen Sneakers: http://kitchensneakers.blogspot.com/

Bluebell Books: http://bluebellbooks.blogspot.com/

Snooze Abuse: http://snoozeabuse.blogspot.com/

Please tell us a little about yourself:

I am your normal girl from just anywhere. Geographically though am from India. I just finished my post graduation in English literature and would like to do a doctorate if I can get through somewhere. Apart from that am your anything and nothing in my writings, poetry, prose or otherwise. You can find the bits of me in them.

Tell me about your blog(s), about the name and what it means to you?

Well I have two personal blogs and am part of two other group blogs as well. “Acotacion al Margen” is my personal blog. It means “a note in the margin” in Latin. The last or the penultimate chapter from “The Motorcycle Diaries” by Che Guevara has the title as Acotacion al Margen and I instantly fell in love with it. And what I write is a note in the margin from my perspective, henceforth the title of my blog. My other blog, “Kitchen Sneakers” is dedicated to food as i am a big foodie. It is about random recipes at times and majorly about reviewing restaurants and other such eateries nearby. “Snooze Abuse” is a group blog where we come and write stories and “Bluebell Book Review” is part of the Jingle community where we review books and host short story contests as well. Do visit the blogs sometimes

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging in 2007 when I had a different blog altogether. It was known as “Deja View” but somehow I gave up on it. I started my current blog last year February and have been pouring my heart out here ever since.

Your first poem, do you remember it?

Well my first poem is a tricky one because I think I wrote it in class 7 and have no idea where it is right now. What I have now is the first poem written for my current blog known as “Reflections”.

I am my own other.
The fragments, the revelations of the past and the present.
The rise of the untamed and I walk alone.
Alone, its bleak.

Its way past midnight and I stroll the empty streets.
Only to be bothered by the shadow that I've created.
Only to be left behind when its the shadow which leads you.
Tormented, you go to sleep.

A revelation.
The shadow catches up with you and feel strangulated.
The throat is all parched. You scream.
A nightmare.

Is there a style of writing you prefer?

I think writing is a mode of expression of our thoughts; it may be our inner thoughts, the day to day gibberish or any artistic creation of literary value, what is important is how you voice them. I use lower case alphabets in my poetry because I don’t want to be bound by the conventions. That is one of the ways in which I like to write. You may or may not call it a style. And I believe in free verse, in the lyrical value in prose and haiku catches my fancy now and then.

Do you write only poetry?

No I write prose as well. Being a literature major I do have to write long assignments, prosaic of course. Except those I like travelogue writing and I love creating my own stories. I have to admit though that prose was my forte.

Favorite poem you've written?

I think my whole section of summer love poetry 2011 can be said to be my favorite. And out of it the one I love the best is “Season’s First Rains”

after the rain and the fresh mud

under the drenched trees and masked flowers

in its perfume and shine, of dew

i take your leave for another avenue

as the last of the clouds faded into the twilight sky

i thought it would be easy to hide those tears

as your hand gripped mine tighter

i realised it was hard to miss

numbed and benumbed by the austerity

we still took the road most often taken

I smelled you in the night sky

I touched in brevity under the shaky mango tree

I kissed beneath the twilight sky

and cried alone, at times, forlorn

i can still smell you in the rain

i can sill touch you in the unripe summer mangoes

you are in me through the rains and throughout the rains

Inspirations! Where do you find them and what makes you comfortable writing?

People. They inspire me, their stories do. If you will read through my poems, most of them are dedications, because they are the people behind my poems and stories, breathing more than life to them. And of course experiences. We live by them and through them.

Favorite books? Authors?

Oh well that will be some list. But if you want to know more about it then follow my 30 day book challenge on my blog Acotacion al Margen. And if possible join it as well. Though of late I have to admit that am enamored by the postmodernists and try to read whatever they have been writing. Murakami, Vonnegut, anyone of their kinds.

If you could live in a book, which one would that be?

I would definitely love to live in Harry Potter world, in Hogwarts precisely. Childish or whatever you may say but I grew with the harry potter series and I love every bit of it. Living through it would be awesome if you ask me.

Being part of Jingle community, what are the benefits?

The best part is to meet so many amazing poets of our times. And Jingle community tries to bring out the best in all of us. Though am new to the community, being part of the novel section in the Bluebell Book reviews, I feel honored interacting with the amazing people of the community as well as from outside.

Any advice for people who would like to write poetry?

Start. I think nothing can propel you more than your own experiences, live with them and give them your expression. I believe you are the only person who can do justice. So just start. Where you end up is not important but the journey definitely is. As they say that it is not what you have got but what you do with what you have.


Jingle said...

way to go.

Paulami is one of the best book reviewers and super talented poet/blogger.

Glad to have this special talent here.

Thanks for posting, Christopher.

Old Raven said...

I enjoyed reading this ... and loved the fluid lines of her poem.

Chim's World of Literature said...

Paulami is one of my faves aswel, her poetry is amazin & expresive...

Anurag said...

Enjoyed going through those lines.

ashwini said...

What a breath of fresh air! Great poetry! Thank you Jingle poetry!

Jingle Poetry said...

lovely interview.

Paulami said...

thanks a lot everyone.. i try my best. and thanks a lot to jingle poetry to focus on me this week. kudos to you all.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for a very insightful interview! I have never come across anyone by the name of Paulami before!