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Friday, July 15, 2011

Saturday's Poem of the Week, from week 43 of Poetry Pot Luck's "Life in a Free Verse"

Welcome to another week of Saturday Poem of the Week!! Wow!! I have read so many good poems this week! It was great to see so many 'free style' poetry from Monday's Pot Luck! How yummy it's been reading all this talent! It amazes me how we all can use the same words and love to write and yet all be so unique and creative. I have truly enjoyed getting to know many new poets this week! :)


I have chosen,
Shaded Memories, By: David- 1MereMortal. I admire much of Davids work and when I read this one, I was breath taken. The flow and passion behind each word pulled me in so much... it's like I could feel his emotion with each word read."Faint moonlight - Casts a beacon - Pointing the way - Past the aftermath" I loved those four lines. I read it again before I moved on to the next. I am sure many of you will enjoy this poem as much as I did. Happy Reading and continue writing with passion! Congrats, David on a beautiful artistry!

Shaded Memories, By: David (1MereMortal)

Resentment spiraling
A night in disarray
Passion draped against
Thirsty lips dehydrated
From a body deprived
Fingers trail along
The lines of absence
Essence hides behind
The cover of excuses
Relinquishing control
To spontaneity
Middle of the night
Stumbling in the darkness
The taste of wine lingers
Marinating with a
Heavy migraine
Faint moonlight
Casts a beacon
Pointing the way
Past the aftermath
Shaded memories
Clouded judgments
Unfulfilled the desire
To forget
Leaving a deeper wound
In a heart mutilated
By repeated betrayal

About me:
I am a girl in the world titling all the untitled moments in my life, one post at a time. I have a passion for art, and writing poetry is right up at the top. I have been 'flying' with WordPress for just over a year. It has been my first attempt at blogging and have found a home among wonderful writers. The encouragement of other blogger's has amazed to me. As I travel through this stage of my life... it has blessed me to know that other blogger's and writers like yourself can inspire and encourage each other. Keep up the encouragement! What a home we have here at JINGLE! Thanks for all you do!

** I have enjoyed filling in this week and was touched by many great poems! Get ready to post Monday for Poetry Potluck week 44 now :) I'm looking forward to reading!



Jingle Poetry said...

awesome choice, well done.


G-Man said...

Jingle Belle...
G-Man misses you

Fountains said...

Absolutely loved this one! Beautiful.

Jingle said...

Sorry for missing your Flash Fiction 55 in the past week.

Will try to attend in the future. G-Man!

Anonymous said...

beautiful! a wonderful choice!

Victoria said...

Enjoyed your poem, David.