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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Review Tuesday - A New Journey (Citra Sasmita)

The blog Journey To Eternity ~Poetry For The Soul~ seems to be just that. The author of this blog, Citra Sasmita, has done a brilliant job of capturing the feeling of a journey, and it does indeed reach to ones soul. From the layout of the blog to the poems it holds, this blog definitely holds well to it’s title. Even more so because Citra has stated in the side panel that she is “still beginner in writing poetry, especially in English.” She also says that she loves feed back for her work. It is a journey one takes when they take up poetry; to become a poet, and that is what she has been doing.

The blog’s layout and color scheme gives one
a calm and relaxing feeling as they read through the blog. The shades of pink-peaches, reds, teals and blue-greens help very well with connecting the reader to the blog and it’s theme. The lovely artwork and imagery incorporated into Citra’s works makes them feel almost more relatable. Also on her side panels, she has awards she has received and links to places and things such as Jingle Poetry. Altogether her blog is a very neat and organized blog, very pleasant for ones eyes and easy to understand.

Citra’s first post on her blog was on June 2nd of this year. The intro to the first poem, A TALE OF HANAKOTOBA [1] CHRISANTHEMUM has beautiful poetic flow,

They speak silently
Through whispering wind
Tells the mystery
About what’s hiding behind their beauty”
The rest of this poem is also very lovely an
d is a great poem to read. The rest of her poems are also really good and do great at capturing one into their emotion and their story. Some of them leave you a tad curious while others fill you with longing or awe.

Some of her poems fill you with a feeling that is hard to describe, like her poem Abandoned,

“When I have to bear guns and blood
Dreaming of your tender touch
when I fell down on hard ground
And your sweet kiss will keep
Although the exact feeling is hard to sum up in one or two words, the feelings are well conveyed through this bit of poetry. The whole poem fills one with longing one feels for their love. She also writes other poems in different styles, such as her acrostic poems. The poem Tsunami is one of her acrostic poems, which she does quite well with.

Over all I’d say her blog and her poetry and brilliant and beautiful. As I reader I thoroughly enjoy her blog and love the connected feeling it gives off. I would like to say to Citra, nice work and keep it up. The more you write the better you are becoming and the better you are bound to come, even when it feels you’ve reached a climax.

Journey To Eternity was a fun first blog to have reviewed and I look forward to reviewing more blogs as time comes. That’s all for now,
~Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)


Jingle said...


perfect choice, she is a new talent, yet super impressive on poetry.

Glad to see you highlight her blog here.


Register website domain said...

You had reviewed very nicely. I like your blog. Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

there is no other words except, "Thank you very much!"
for Jingle, Robin who review my blog, and all the reader with their comments and suggestions for me. such a huge motivation for me and great award that I had never expected....

Jingle Poetry said...

well deserved honor,

thanks for gracing JP with your soaring talent.

keep it up.

Victoria said...

Lovely review, Robin and a poet I look forward to visiting.