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Friday, July 8, 2011

Poem of the Week

Hello. This is Luna and I am delighted to bring you this weeks Poem of the week based off of this weeks theme:  "Siblings, Cousins and Friends" I chose this paticular poem for the emotions that it wrought in not only myself but also in that of my family who  I always read my top five poems to. Everyone including my husband, cried. ( but lets not say anything about that shall we?) hehe.
 It has perfect rhythm and flow and it truly is a remarkable poem. 

Let me introduce Kay Salady's JOEY GET YOUR ARMY MEN.

Joey, get your army men, so we can go play war!
Daddy, when you were ‘over there’, what was all the fightin’ for?
Yeah, bring your jeeps and tanks and trucks; we’ll play out in the mud.
We’ll paint our faces with camouflage and use some make-up blood.
Now, dig in deep, let’s make a trench, so they don’t shoot us down.
Pow-pow-pow-pow! I got you now! All your men fell to the ground.
Call for the medics to fix ‘em up, and send them to the front.
I’ll win this war, like I did before, if you keep pullin’ that kinda stunt.
You shoulda put ‘em in the back, so your injured men could heal.
Oh, where is Cookie? It’s time for all my men to have their meal.
Army rations are what on shingles, or are they beans and rice?
What did you say? I’m tellin’ Mama!  Oh, that’s not very nice.
You threw a grenade into my trench, and now I fell down dead.
My goodness, Joey, you’d do that to me? What’s gotten in your head?
Mama’s calling, and wants us to wake Daddy up after we play.
No, I’m too scared, your turn this time. I woke him yesterday.
He kicked me clean across the room, when I pulled him by the toe.
He screamed so loud, and when I cried, I thought he’d never let me go.
I don’t wanna play war no more. Let’s clean up our back yard.
Let’s pick up all our army toys and show Mom we worked real hard.
Then, we’ll play marbles on the cement. That’ll be much better.
I don’t want bad dreams like Daddy, no, not me, not ever.
Joey, get your army men. We can’t play war no more.
Let’s toss ‘em in the garbage can. What’s all this fightin’ for?
Mama’s callin’, it’s time for dinner. Let’s cover the trench with dirt.
Joey, I’d do anything not to see our Daddy

For those of you unfamiliar to “Kay Salady please take the time to go to her blog at http://kaysalady.wordpress.com/
I am sure that you will enjoy her poems. Until next week when its FREE WEEK PEOPLE! This is Luna from Luna’s word
Saying bye for now and write on. http://lunawitch15.wordpress.com/


Weston D Fosdeck said...


Poetry Potluck said...

amazing choice.

both of you, Kay and Mia.

Anonymous said...

wonderful... easy catch, but hide moral value.... ;)

Kay said...

Kay Salady is a member of the ONE.Org, Gandhi in Action Network, the ONE Movement, Save the GIRL Child, Earth Force United, along with Global Peace and Universal Brotherhood. She is well known as an activist for peace and unity. All of her poetry places a distinct emphasis upon Ahimsa -- "non-violence".

Victoria said...

Touching poem and review. Thanks to both of you.

Andy said...

I actually found this poem quite sad and the message was very clear.

Thanks Kay.

Wonderful pick, Luna!

Bekkie In Wonderland said...

Sad yet so true and to the point. I can only imagine how many kids feel this way with so many moms and dads away fighting wars that only our governments seem to deem so important. This is not against our proud soldiers making the sacrifice...I'm just so sorry they have to! In history so many bad ideas have been put to rest. Why not something as negative as war? What does this really say about us as a people? (Good choice!) ♥

Fyodor Lewis said...

This poem is brilliant you totally painted a story with your words and you had me at your hook. Great job.

Poetry and Icecream said...

Good choice. A very touching poem.