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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Meet The Poet Wednesday

Welcome to Meet the Poet Wednesday where each week we get to learn a little more about the wonderful artists / writers/ poets / bloggers who share their work here at Jingle Poetry! This week we get to learn more about Chimnese!

Tell us about yourself, Chimnese.

Most of my friends would say the girl who loves to dream, the person who would go after her goals no matter if it were a risk. So who am I? I ask that a lot. My name is Chimnese; I was born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa.

My profession is accounting, I work for a Property Management company. I have been at this position for five years. I am an only child and adopted most of my friends and their families as my own. I have a huge heart and I like to make new friends.

For the last 3 years I have been through a lot of changes in my life. As a young adult its sometimes a tough road once your parents isn’t the ones leading you anymore, when its time you explore this world, and explore I have. It was about 3 years ago I have found my religion and my Christianity as I grew more in understanding myself and also people. I have a gift by reading people’s emotions and minds, as it would appear in visions.

When did you start blogging?

In October 2010

What does your blog mean to you? The meaning of the name.

I write under the name Chim’s World of Literature, reason being its because this is my world where I can express myself however I can. The blog is part of my real name, which is Chimnese; the meaning surround the name is origin from a dragon by the name of Qilin a Chinese mythical figure that comes in pair.

My blog has different genres as you have noted if you’ve browsed through my work that I have from book reviews music lyrics, movie reviews, short stories you name it. It’s my little library online. I always was looking for a place to bring all the different worlds together. I have so many other sites, where I did my fictional writing & my poetry on another. On my blog I have brought it all together as one.

Do you remember your first poem? What was it about?

My first poem I have written was collaboration, “ In The Sugar Fields”.

Fingers run through dark thick hair
She felt his fingers running through her scalp
Claiming every piece one finger at a time
She can hear his breathing pitch higher
As he keeps his breath in far too long
Afraid this moment might be gone
They are both drunk by the scent of natural beauty

He will be mine
She will be mine

There eyes lock in a moment of pure passion
As blue on brown they stare burning the image
She feels the hand of her lover
Exploring breast inch by inch made for him

If only he can make her his from inside out
If only her heart was his and only his

He has explore her and knows every inch of her
Her soul he keeps safe in his heart
The heat of him taking her as his own

Her touch is beyond amazing as she lies in her lovers arms
As his keeping her from harms way.
Two bodies melting as one

The wave crashing over him sending him tumbling
Her body glistening covered by his muscled arms
Losing control in the mercy of the mighty waters

The pleasure of the moment still hanging
Fingertips grazing gently over her silky body
As they both succumb to the pleasure of intimacy
Both broken inside

Her heart and soul taken and nothing to be said
He waits for the air to came not giving up the fight

Do you write only poetry, a style you prefer?

No I write just about anything that my mind and imagination taps in. I have only been taking my poetry serious over the last year. I have tried here and there poetry forms, but I prefer free verse. I write also lyrics, short essays stories and fan fiction. That is where I have mastered my writing talent. I also do take part in poetry contest and challenges.

Favorite poem you’ve written?


My obsession with angels
started when my own wingz had fallen.
Seeing her crouch on her knees,
on shifting clouds.
Both her hands pushed to wipe the tears.
Tears that never seem to stop.
The wingz of a fallen angel,
sunk to the back.
God why is she crying?
Why isn't she the angel we
know she can be.
Devastation came one night,
lurking her to a place of sadness.
She gave up somewhere along the way.
That is when my obsession with my angel started.
It's how I received and patent my penname,

What inspires you to write?

What inspires me: Just different things, music, words, people and nature. Feelings moves me, emotions creates my creativity into reality. Basically most things I see and experience in life and the world around me.

Favorite books, authors?

Favorite book is Riley in the Morning by Sandra brown
Keeping you a secret by Julie Anne Peters. I also love them as a writer.

Favorite quote?

"I am strong...I am serene. I am a lion and yet, I am a gentle but powerful lion tamer. I control my passion...I listen to my passion...I recognize my passion and, when it is appropriate and healthy for me, I let loose my passion. I am at ease with the world around me and I am at ease with myself. I endure and I persevere for I am strong."

If poetry was a fruit salad, what one would that be?

A mix of all the metaphors and similes wrapped into a fruit bowl with cream and cherries on top. I know not very tasty.

If you could be the author of a best-seller book, what will the name and the story is about?

Titled: A spiritual journey through the mind of a visionary
The story: it will take place in this world like odyssey where there is this warrior, but in the form of a female. She would be passing through many stages and phases as life would give her challenges, but she would be this destined worrier to fight of the forces that attacks her spirit in this land of unknown. There are many challenges until she comes to her destiny. That is what id likes to write about. Life gives you many obstacles and it depends on how you face it.

What are the benefits of being part of Jingle Poetry community?

Firstly I want to thank the entire Jingle Poetry Community for creating such an amazing place for poets of all over the world. A fellow poet to check this site out and when I started to take part in the Poetry Potluck then Poets Rally referred me. The encouragement support by everyone from members to the officials. I have found some amazing poets/poetess on here and am following a number of blogs that I truly enjoy. Thanks Jingle for this opportunity. I hope that I will add something good in serving not just Jingle but the community with my new post.

Any advice for people who like poetry and write?

Don’t be frightened to do what you enjoy most. Take that chance you might never know how much it would help you in the future if you want to become a published poet/author.

Please visit and read Chimnese here:


Bubba said...

What, no link to Chimnese's blog?

Tisk-tisk! Somebody's been slacking!


P.S. from one dragon to another - awesome name, Chimnese!

Happy walker said...

walking here with a smile.. have a nice day ~ =D

http://www.lonelyreload.com (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

Jingle said...

love your first poem, Chimnese,

you are young, yet promising,
May you a beautiful future.


Thanks for the entertainment, Christopher and Chimnese.

The Unknowngnome said...

A worthy selection! Chimnese writes truthfully and beautifully.

Chim's World of Literature said...

Thanks to Christopher & Jingle for giving me the chance to show the world my works. esp the jingle community for there on going support and also the many other readers and poets that have come across my work.

Anonymous said...

Chim this was an amazing interview and Congratulations on the honor.
The quote I want you to start playing over and over ever day in your head. It is an awesome quote.
I love the storyline on the Book you would write as well as the title. have a Blessed Day.

Poetic Soul said...

Going over to check the blog.. interesting interview