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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Imagination and Feelings (Imagination's Candle)

Imagination’s Candle, Imagination’s blog, at first glance gives off a comforting feel. The light cool colors and the cloudy image on top just give off this serene feeling that relaxes you. The light pink patterned background fades into a nice darker peach-pink background that almost gives off the comfort of a sunset or sunrise. Each of the poems also has a picture above it that help you to visualize it and feel the emotions emphasized into the poems.

The writing styles used by Imagination express the poems well. They drag you in, letting you relate to the poems rather well or at least feel the emotions being emitted by the poet. The words can let you feel what the poem is speaking about. For example, from Imagination’s poem, Rain:
“The sky holds secrets
clouded and forgotten
worn with wind and frozen with the cold
but when the night falls, tears of joy come falling
falling to the soft and gentle earth”

Also, poems like Quilt of Time, pull at your emotions and can give you this sense that you’re there. You can almost feel it tugging at your nerves, chilling your body. True feeling is definitely poured into these poems, I love the way this stanza from that poem does that:
“When will mountains crumble
at the touch of rain?
When will water melt
before the heat of fire?
When will daylight
be submerged in darkness?
When will dead hearts
come to life again?”
Over all the poem has a nice easy to navigate layout, with poems that are easily understood and related to the reader. The feelings the poems relate do well with the background and scheme of the whole blog. Imagination has been posting poems on their blog since December 2010 and has been doing a great job of it. I personally can’t wait to see more.

-Robin Elizabeth (Write.It)



Enjoyed the read Jingle, most pleasurable.

Have a good day.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

beautiful choice, Robin.

I know her for quite a while now.
enjoyed her poetry..