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Monday, July 11, 2011

Deadly Butterfly Betrayal (Riika)

“Butterfly isn’t just an insect but a sacred being of meanings that only those who truly understand will see it a different way…”

If there is ever a place more creatively designed by different shapes & colors. this is one blogger/poet/writer/artist I have been amazed by her creative genuis side how she has an eye for color and drawings, the minute you click on her blog you can be certain to be enthralled into the mystery of many sides of this blogger. This week I introduced Jingles very own Tech Support/Official riikainfinityy and her blog Deadly Butterfly Betrayal .

About Riikainfinity

Riika is a 20 year inspiring artist & writer from Singapore. she has created Deadly Butterfly Betrayal in June 2010. She had self learnt and explore Photoshop at the age of twelve to present while going through her education in Hong Kah Secondary School and later Singapore Polytechnic (GD Option), she will be in Digipen Singapore to study for her degree, Bachelor of Arts In Game Design this coming Sept 2011. Riika had started her first project for personal interest since Apr 2010, it is a semi-graphical novel series called “Tributes of Sonia” which had been given an average rating of audiences. She also started exploring the world of digital painting on Jan 2011. 
About Deadly Butterfly Betrayal

Riika is not just an artist, writer and a programmer or a gamer, she is also one that loves to create from a different view and that is why Deadly Butterfly Betrayal existed.
On her blog you will find amazing poetry and also she has created her own images that fits perfectly with her poetry. She has Self Published her book, " Tributes of Sonia" .

Her Books

Tributes of Sonia, the six-winged angel :

This is the first semi-graphical novel series RiikaInfinityy had ever created for her interest. It is spread across 7 parts of the whole series. It is a legend about a girl who traversed many dimensions of this universe in search for a purpose so mysterious, so unknown. She would many times come close to what seems to be the very answer she seeks, but only to be disappointed as each step only opens her to a whole new world of mysteries. Join her on her epic journey to discover her true self and the Tributes of Sonia.

Tributes of Sonia – The Five Heavens (5th Series):

It had been 2,000 years ever since the events in Wish Upon A Fall, a new dimension called Celio surfaced upon in World. A mysterious race, Merus is the creator of the dimension as well as the five heavens that are inside the dimension, they are Aurora, Aricos, Icarus, Veiss and Trinità. Rei En, a princess of Aurora was set up in a political marriage with the King of Aricos to bring peace to the two heavens after a chance of meeting in the Aurora Palace. Thus, Rei En and her guardian, Kun Lun began their journey of a new live in Aricos, as she found herself and people around her getting involved in the game that the Letters and the Oracles are playing.

I will suggest you guys go check this blog out and click on the Jade Oaks Book Santuary, definutely worth buying & checking the mystery out. I am sure I will get myself a copy.

About Her Poetry

Mysterious, Suspense its like her own thriller she has created. I find her work very intriguing especially knowing where the mind can go & what doors to open to reach these creative artistic writings.
One of  my favorite is , please read the rest of this poem, it describes what the meaning of the name for her blog is :                                       The Deadly Butterfly .

I will never betray you,
till the end of the world,
I will stay by your side,
till the day my existence dies.

Another of my favorites i remember reading this one day & i could relate to this emotion:

If I have a choice
I wish I will never
let go of your hand
only to know everything
is too late now
as our worlds
had decided to
split us apart
It all begins
with a fateful meeting
when you asked for my wish
I thought it was a joke
and ignore your presence
I had made a terrible mistake
Our worlds started to
tear apart our fate
as I begin to
fall in love with
someone who never experience
feelings and love
If only I have made a wish
I will not have regret
Until the day you become
a statue of eternity
and sacrifice for my sake
Will I be able to see you again
when I bid farewell
in sadness and tears?

About Me

I am Chimnese, the author of My Poetry & Writing hosting Review Tuesday along with Robin, Write It .  Till next time & wishing you all good week ahead.


Jingle said...

stunning choice, Chimnese.
Riika is a true artist/poet.

Caroline said...

Awesome !!

indiwriter said...

Great choice!

Chim's World of Literature said...

@Jingle thanks she is a real great artist/poet....i am amazed at her creative abilities.
@caroline thank you dear.
@indiwriter...im glad it was a good choice im sure all will love it.

Reflections said...

A wonderful choice. Her pieces are fabulous.

RiikaInfinityy said...

wow i didn't know this, it is definitely a wonderful honor to be reviewed :) Thank you Chimnese and everyone :)~

Victoria said...

Fine review, Chimnese--Riika is such a talented member of our communities.