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Sunday, June 26, 2011

SUNDAY RALLY DISPATCH: JP News, Views, Interviews, and Events

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... in 1817 the British poet and painter, Branwell Brontë, was born. He died in 1848. He was one of six children in the family and one of the four who survived to adulthood. The three other survivors are the better-known Brontës: Charlotte, Emily, and Anne. Branwell was forever being dismissed from his jobs, the last dismissal being the result of his infatuation with Mrs. Robinson, the wife of the minister for whom Branwell worked. Branwell returned to his family home after losing that position and, grieving for his love, became a serious alcoholic. He eventually developed an addiction to laudanum (tincture of opium). Here is a snippet of a long, despairing poem written after the break-up with Mrs. Robinson.

Penmaenmawr by Branwell Brontë

I knew a flower whose leaves were meant to bloom
Till Death should snatch it to adorn the tomb,
Now, blanching 'neath the blight of hopeless grief
With never blooming and yet living leaf;
A flower on which my mind would wish to shine,
If but one beam could break from mind like mine:
I had an ear which could on accents dwell
That might as well say 'perish' as 'farewell' -
An eye which saw, far off, a tender form
Beaten, unsheltered, by affliction's storm -
An arm - a lip - that trembled to embrace
My Angel's gentle breast and sorrowing face
A mind that clung to Ouse's fertile side
While tossing - objectless - on Menai's tide!



DONNA SWANSON, copyright 2011, all rights reserved

There have always been creators. To us creating is a display of God's image in the world. Creating is an ache in our spirit; a compulsive reaching out to those who share life with us. We can no more not create than we can not breathe. Though there is a longing for our creations to be affirmed and applauded - anyone who denies that is lying to you – there is a deeper hunger to do the act of creating. The feel of a brush on canvas; the weight of a pen in the hand; a particular word that completes a poetic phrase. These are to our souls as oxygen is to our lungs. Though no one responds, still we must offer. Perhaps the next painting will invoke a response; the next book, the next poem, the next song...

And success? Now, as I look back over my life, I have a much different perspective than I did in my youth. I see those things I created, and they are good. I know they have blessed the few people they have touched. And now I can put them to rest where they belong; in God's hands. If there comes a time when He wants them widely known, they will be. If not, they were infinitely satisfying in their creation.

Again, as I look back over my life, I see the successes that mean so much more than any amount of fame could supply. I asked God to give me acclaim and the praise of my peers. He gave me good children who rise up and call me blessed. I asked God to make me financially successful. He gave me a beautiful home set amidst towering pines given by those I loved. I asked God to make my name known. He gave me a husband who knows me and loves me just as I am.

Our family has never been abundantly wealthy, but we have never gone without food or clothes or a warm fire. We did not have expensive indulgences or travel to exotic places, but we've had those small blessings that mean most because they were a surprise or a loving gift.

Success is relative. Success is fleeting. Success is a carrot leading a donkey down many a rocky road. Success is okay if it happens, okay if it doesn't. It's the road one takes to get to the destination that builds the soul. The road has been worth it.

Thank you, Donna, for this piece. It is truly a gift to us, putting life and art into perspective.

Connect with the multi-talented Donna at the links below:




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A number of you already read and comment on the Wordsmith Wednesday article that features writing how-tos for both poetry and prose. I'd like to expand this weekly post to include more discussion so I'll be soliciting your input. I believe we all have our areas of expertise when it comes to writing--whether learned by experience or formal education.

Please consider visiting and joining in these efforts by submitting your links in the Monday Morning Writing Prompt comments or adding your advice to Wordsmith Wednesday. Thank you.”

MIA LUMBARDI, a.k.a. Luna, (Luna’s World of Beauty, Hopes & Dreams) announced the publication of her first book entitled Survivor last week. Says Mia, “If anyone is interested in having their poem included in my next book, please visit my SITE for details.”

SEASON’S FAVORITE CHALLENGE to be hosted by Blaga Todorova (BrokenSparkles) begins July 2:

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Each post has to contain your favorite: word, quote, poem, book, song, movie, town, animal, flower, food and image related to each season. For the last post on July 30, it should contain your all-time favorite. Link HERE for more the details.

WRITERS' ROUNDUP is a new feature that begins today on Jamie Dedes’ Musing by Moonlight. It includes information and resources for writers and poets to hone their writing skills, keep up with contests and opportunities, and make their way through the evolving world of publishing. Link HERE today. Musical Monday and Tuesday on the Light Side will continue as always. Enjoy!



As always, many thanks to Jingle and to officials past, present, and to come for lending their hard work, support, and talents to this formidable effort at community building. Today we feature, Blaga Tordova (BrokenSparkles).

JAMIE: You've been blogging and writing for some time now. How has your work changed over the past year?

BLAGA: I've been blogging since September 2010 and yes, the writing and the format of my posts has changed. I've met many people through the Jingle Poetry Community, most of them with much more experience in writing than me. Communicating in this way does allow you to learn new things, to improve by association, and by reading the blogs of others and gathering the best out of all.

JAMIE: Tell us about the work you do behind the scenes for Jingle Poetry.

BLAGA: I do Meet the Poet on Wednesdays. Reading poems here and there helps to explore people and when I like someone's writing I make the request for an interview. My job is to ask question the poet to be featured and then post the interview. I also include the poem of the poet that I like the most, which involves browsing through that poet’s blog. I'm thankful to all people that I've featured in Jingle Poetry, Meet the Poet, for their patience, time dedicated, and quick responses on my requests.

Thank, Blaga, for all your hard work and dedication. Job well done …



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Jingle Poetry said...

rich and delightful news.

I am thrilled to see NEW talent in.

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every single feature of this post is perfect, Jamie.

love your interviews with Mindsinger, Victoria, and Blaga..

Hope to have fun with their writing memes/challenges.

Good Luck with your new feature, Jamie,


Anonymous said...

Thank you, a job well done as usual. Happy Sunday!

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You will be missed Jaime! excellent post! :)

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Another fine post, Jamie. I enjoyed "meeting" Donna Swanson and learning about the Bronte Brother. I was surprised that Blaga has only been blogging since 9/2010...she's amazing. As are you and all the past officials and participants here. Thanks to Jingle and everyone for their dedication. And thanks for the promo for Monday Morning Writing Prompt and Wordsmith Wednesday.

Aynsley said...

Who names their kid Branwell? It sounds like a disgusting cereal. Thanks for the shoutout!
Great post!

Blaga said...

Jamie! So many wonderful highlights, again! Thanks for including me! Loved Bronte's poem.