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Monday, June 6, 2011

Review Tuesdays - Let's talk

“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.” - Voltaire

Let’s walk a little, talk a little, sing a little and rock a little about a poet’s poetry, stories and musings. It may be little but when we talk or sing about poetry even a little will leave us smiling. Today, I review the blog of a poet who writes @ ‘Poetry, stories, musings’ under the pen name ‘indiwriter’.

About indiwriter

Alaka Yeravadekar, writing under the pen name of ‘indiwriter’ is a writer, trainer, consultant and blogger from Pune, India. Her poems, writings, and photographs have been published in various prints and online magazines. Her interests are ‘photography’, ‘nature rambling’, ‘music’, and ‘arts’.

Her about me column says, “More or less like you, I guess!

and she loves to identify herself as “an avid birdwatcher and naturalist, who enjoys music, writing poems and occasionally blogs on food, and dabbles in art.

She owns six blogs,

Poetry, stories, musings ~ http://alakaline.blogspot.com/
Urban, flora and fauna ~ http://punebirding.blogspot.com/
Sudden Bytes ~ http://suddenbytes.blogspot.com/
Nature Photography ~ http://hawk-lady.blogspot.com/
Life amazes ~ http://lifeamazes.blogspot.com/
Food from India ~ http://food-notes.blogspot.com/

and if you wish to contact her, you can via her mail, indiwriter

About 'Poetry, stories, musings'

‘Poetry, stories, musings’ is a poetry blog reflecting herself, and to express her love for the world around her. She walks, talks, sings a little of the nature she love to ramble.

The ‘Travel’ template reveals her theme, and it comes with a simple header, single sidebar that houses a neat display of widgets right from a welcome message, followers, labels, copyrights, inspiration, friend’s blog, popular posts and last but not the least, ‘About Me’ and a footer with the copyrights info. The readers can also register their moods on her poems from the listed reactions as well.

About Poetry

It is her world, and no one can define how sweet her poetry world is. Her words have the power to express deep thoughts with simple words reflecting her mood.

Well aging more than five years in blogging, she has a penned numerous posts in all the genres...

When it comes to poem, I do like all her poems, and from her recent poems, ‘When it rains’ & ‘Monalisa speaking’ are my personal favorite.


indiwriter, it would be cool if you create a page to your blog in Facebook and in Network Blogs to help people reach your blog easily. Take good care of your footer as they most of the readers love to know more about you in your footer.

About Me

This is Someone is Special, the author of Few Miles, hosting Review Tuesdays along with Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason. Enjoy the beautiful creations of indiwriter as I do. Stop by ‘Poetry, stories, musings’ to enjoy her poetries. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


indiwriter said...

Saravana, what a wonderful surprise! Am quite overwhelmed.

Thanks for featuring my blogs. Will certainly have a look at the suggestions.

warm regards,

Jingle said...

a brilliant pick,

Glad to see you shine, SIS.


Nelson said...

Hello!My first visit, will visit you again. Very well written...pleasant read, well done... a brilliant pick... thanks for sharing. I would love it if you would visit my blog and follow me back at http://nelsonsouzza.blogspot.com
I hope you have a great day!

Butterflies of time said...

Going to visit her soon. Wonderful review SIS.