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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Review Tuesday - Short Poems

In this world of modern technology, we find that we can all bind and come together as one through the power of words. We weave together and we understand that words explore us through a journey. Age has no authority over our imaginations. This week's Review Tuesday shows us that our love and our passion for poetry is what is so amazing, I take you through the mind of young inspired poet Short Poems & blog authoured Marinela Reka .

About Her

Marinela is a 15 year old girl, it doesn't state from where she is. Her love for poetry grew at a young age of 6. It began as something she would practice her writing and spelling, however after the time she realized how much she enjoyed it to write what's on her mind. After years she learnt poetic skills, she also writes in various forms. Not all her work is about her own feelings and emotions, she writes about situations in life and other world issues.

"After opening a webpage, I soon discovered that the people all over the world were also enjoying my poetry with me. This inspired and motivated me to write more. Over the years of writing I have been lucky enough to publish two books. (One at the age of 8 and the other at the age of 11) Also, some of my poems have been published in 6 anthologies along with other young writers. I believe my poetry is a gift, and I would love to pursue writing in the future."

Marinela subscribes what you will find on her page: In my web page you will find poems of all sorts, like: Short and Sharp Poems,
Scary and Funny, Family and Friendship Poems, Father and Mother Poems,
 Freestyle and
Seasons Poems, Animals, Haiku, Cute,Cinquain, Limericks,
Mask, Teen, Love and
Heart Broken, Alliteration Poems‏, Quatrain Poems,
Pantoum Poems, Acrostic Poems,
War, Nature Poems, Rhyming Poems,

Onomatopoeia Poems, Pet Poems, Imagination
and a lot more...

The Blog

Her Blog/Website is in her own domain, this author really has put alot of work into her design as she chosed a NoteBook Template. She also have tag notes on the right hand side with her labels in under different categories. Also on the page you will find that Marinela has also written two poetry books which is also show cased on the right side of her page.
There is also an article on her being one of the youngest poets out there. I love the quotes that was made due to her talent.

On Her  Book: "A Little Whisper"

“Poetry is a different type of music. Words and verses
create pictures in our mind and stir our emotions. Marinela’s poetry

does this brilliantly. She captures and expresses the moods, the emotions,the feelings and the situation of the young, as well as the young at heart,be it her reflection on a tree or “Looking out my window” : or realising“I don’t know who I am”. “A Little Whisper” has a wide range of feelings and moods, be it the weather, the seasons or what possibly could lurk beneath our bed or the secret life of a pet! As a long time author of fiction, I do recommend this book of poetry to everyone of every age
. Dr Paul C Doherty, B.A.,D.Phil (Oxon) F.R.S.A”

This girl certainly have talent, I have been enjoying her work for the past six months. I also learnt from her as much where forms comes in. She truly is an arising star.

I would like to take this moment to introduce myself I write under the Blog, Chim's World of Literature. As many know Leo & SiS two of my favourite poets and their Tuesday Reviews has always lead me to new poets. I'd Like to thank Jingle for giving me the chance and hopefully we will get many more wonderful bloggers and introduce them to the community." Jingle Poetry Rocks."


Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

love her work.

what a fantastic blog review, and book review.

way to go.

keep it up, Chimnese.

Ramesh Sood said...

Thanks for a fantastic review of a lovely writer ... Marinela was among the first few with whom I got acquainted immediately on starting my own journey in blogsphere... her writing inspired a lot and I have been a regular visitor to her page.. she writes in so many forms.. and I loved it when she started writing HAIKUS too..my favourite form... having learnt from Leo another master here in this space..

Well thanks again for this wonderful review..

Chim's World of Literature said...

Thank Jingle..she really is an amazing poet.. i love her work.

Anonymous said...

it was awesome to learn more about her! great work :0