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Friday, June 3, 2011

Poem of the week

Hello This is Luna bringing to you this week’s Poem of the week based off of  The great theme ThunderstormsFloods and Water fury" After being swept away in a flood Of wonderful poems that were posted this week I chose Tickly Turtle’s Poem, Titled ‘A sea captain Recalls’.

I chose this poem not only for the lovely flow and expressions here, but also because Since the dawn of ships at sea there have been ships tossed by the wreckage of Mother Sea. We all see the wreckage of what She can do on land, But I think many of us forget what it is like for those at sea. At least it is that way for myself. I hope after reading this Great poem we all will see what This Captain does. Please Enjoy:

A Sea Captain Recalls by The Tickly Turtle
It rocked against her
And tossed her like a
Ragdoll is tossed by
A child expressing a
Tantrum due to being
Dissatisfied with something
Not going in the direction
That can provide it
With happiness.
It raged!
In all my years
I’ve never seen such
Anger! Such fury
On these,
The high seas!
I sailed for years!
I captained this vessel
With all my heart
And soul.
I was loyal to her
And loved her like a
Gem is loved by a
Jeweler who inspects
It with utmost
Never did I expect
Such a horrible fate
To come upon her…
Never did I think
That mother nature
Would express her anger
Against my cherished
Ship, Aganthia.
She beat her almost
To death with her
Waves of fury and winds
Of change that were
Not meant for her
On this day.
I, a captain,
Held at the mercy
Of her anger,
Prayed not to lose
My ship because
Of the divine mother.
To this day
I still remember
The wrath beheld
By mother nature.
Her waves, like towers,
Slamming against
I escaped with my life
And what was left
Of her.

Thank You Tickly Turtle for this wonderful poem.
If you would like to read more From this Poet, you can find them at; http://ticklyturtle.wordpress.com/
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This is Luna from Luna’s world saying “Write on and see you soon.”


Jingle said...

what a tickly turtle poem..

you are so very patient and sharp in discovering his talent.

way to go.

Awesome poem.

Anonymous said...

I, The Tickly Turtle, am honored. :-) Thank you very much.

Anonymous said...

Really awesome...Amazing talent...All the best friend:-)

Butterflies of time said...

Congrats, Tickly turtle--this does deserve the Poem of the week status.Enjoyed it .Such a vivid description-I was almost sea sick!
Thanks Luna -for picking a gem !