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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Meet the poet

Welcome to another Wednesday at Jingle Poetry and Meet the poet.

I am Blaga and it is a pleasure to be with you!

Today our guest is Kavita Rao. Her poetry is like a flower blessed with light,

like a stylized lily/ fleur de-lis/ symbol of purity and talent.

Enjoy the interview!

Tell us about yourself, who is Kavita Rao?

An incessant dreamer, a crazy eccentric, a pragmatic poet, in short, a paradox of sorts - that's how I (and some of my closest friends) would describe me.

When did you start blogging?

I started blogging somewhere in 2006, staying low (and private) till some time last year.

What does your blog means to you? The meaning of the name?

My blog is my insurance against some form of amnesia! I have already beseeched my husband to point me to it in case I am to ever lose my memory.

Really, it's just another side of me, the side that portrays otherwise hidden emotions, the side that can get a little too verbose at times (sigh), but then again, the name of my poetry blog (How I write, is mine.. How you read, is yours..) is EXACTLY how I feel about it. After all, I may write what I wish, and you may interpret it how you may wish.

Oh, and the meaning of my name… Well, "Kavita" in Hindi means "a poem". I know! Too darned poetic, isn't it?

Do you remember your first poem? What was it about?

I remember that I had written my first poem when I was 12, and I think it was about love. I also remember that when I had read it out aloud to my friend, he had asked me "Where have you flicked it from?". It had taken me a while to convince him that I had written it myself. Alas, I lost the scrap of paper I had written it on. (sob sob)

Do you write only poetry, a style that you prefer?

I write! Period! These days, I see myself writing a lot of poetry. But really, I have no preferences as such. I write it the way I feel it, I guess. Form, no bar! Oh, but I do LOVE rhymes! I like to think they come naturally to me. But then, that's just me thinking aloud.

Favorite poem you've written?

Sure! This is a poem I had written when I was moving from Dallas to New York some time last year. The night before I had to leave, I just couldn't sleep and the shadow of a tree outside the window had cast this amazing shadow on the wall of my room. This poem is dedicated to that shadow on my last evening in Dallas.

A mural once told me

Guided by the moonlight
And the lamps below
I bounced right off treetops
In through your window

You can but stare at me
I stand, a proud shadow on your wall

I smiled, waited for you
While you tossed and turned
You then looked towards me
Slumber you had burned

You can but stare at me
I stand, a handsome shadow on your wall

You tried hard to catch me
Flashing low and high
Slyly did I dodge you
My home's in your eye

You can but stare at me I
stand, a cunning shadow on your wall

You blinked at me in awe
And gazed at my face
My branched and leafy form
Like patterns on lace

You can but stare at me
I stand, a mangled shadow on your wall

You spoke and you laughed
Happy as can be
Then I saw a teardrop
Hide beneath your glee

You can but stare at me
I stand, a kindly shadow on your wall

You may leave tomorrow
Or decide to stay
But I sure will love you
Through all night and day

You can but stare at me
I still stand, a mere shadow on a wall

What inspires you to write the most?

Anything and everything! Sometimes, it could be a thought lying low in my head. Sometimes, it could be a mundane object I see lying around, it could just be ANYTHING! Shopping carts too can be inspiring, ya know?!

Favorite books, authors?

I am a mystery lover! Agatha Christie has been, and will continue to be my MOST favorite author! But I also adore the works of Ayn Rand, Paulo Coelho, Robin Cook, Ken Follett, my my my! The list is quite endless!

But if I were to pick ONE SINGLE book as my favorite, I would choose Fountainhead.. Many of the ideas in it were, imho, totally wow, and aligned with mine!

Favorite quote?

"Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth." - Sherlock Holmes (oops.. I mean Sir Arthur Conan Doyle)

If poetry was a dessert, which one would that be?

Fruit salad with custard ice cream. Sufficiently healthy, warm, sweet, cool, sinfully delicious and a SIMPLY-MUST-HAVE!!!

If you could be the author of a best-seller book, what will the name and the story be about?

"Suburbian chronicles" - the unusual (but mysterious) lives of the usual folk.

What are the benefits of being part of Jingle Poetry community?

A chance to "bump into and know" a number of fantastic poets all over the globe, read their poetry and well, simply be inspired! I honestly believe I have come across some awesome persons/friends/poets here.

Any advice for people who like poetry and write?

Gee... advice? And me? All I can say is, if you think it, feel it, and have a word (or two) for it, WRITE IT!!! You won't regret it...


My favorite from Kavita ...

Eternity of a moment

Ten aeons
Nine dreams
Eight notes
Seven seas
Six degrees
Five senses
Four knocks
Three sighs
Two hearts
But only one breath
To say

And while a shy moonbeam
caresses my windowsill,
I am still lying in wait
for that one breath
from your lips
meant only
for my

That would be all from me- Blaga and Kavita. Thank you Kavita for your time!

Don't forget to visit her at "How I write, is mine ... How you read, is yours"

Stay tuned for next Wednesday!

Peace& Love ...


Reflections said...

A fabulous interview... love what she does with a few words and a tender moment.

Short Poems said...

What a beautiful review.
"Kavita Rao. Her poetry is like a flower blessed with light" so true I love her writing!

Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I first read Kavita's work about a year ago, as a participant in Jingle's Poetry Potluck. It's nice to see her talent being appreciated here.

Kavita said...

Weee....Blaga sweetie.. thank you so much for thinking for me for this interview... LOVVVIIIEEZZ!!!

And my dearest friends, thanks a HEAP for reading me and appreciating my poetry... it's your love and support that keeps me going.. cuz sometimes, even my muses ditch me .. *sigh*

Love y'all loads!!
Have a wonderful week ahead!!

Andy said...

Thanks Blaga for highlighting Kavita.
I've only just recently discovered her blog and have enjoyed what I've read so far.
This is the first time I'm seeing "Eternity of a moment"...real nice!

Great interview ladies!

~L said...

What a lovely way to meet poets! The poem above gave me chills with the talent:) so nice to meet you... I am going to be stopping by your blog to check more of your work out;)

kaykuala said...

A great interview. This the same Kavita who's responded from jingle to us? Enjoyed her verses. Will continue to follow. Thanks for sharing!


Olivia said...

Kavita, your work amazes me always- I have said that so many times..

Going private..? Now I see how you could spin those dark ones! Thought as much.. Stay cheery- that just so compliments you.. :)

Much more love n success awaits for you..

Blaga, you are a sweetheart!