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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Meet the Poet Wednesday

Welcome to Meet the Poet Wednesday where we get to learn more about the artists/writers/poets/bloggers who make up the Jingle Poetry community. This week we get to learn more about Melissa R. Bickel!

Tell us about yourself

I want to write something clever and witty, but the truth is I'm a work in progress. I've accomplished a few baby steps along the way. I've had the pleasure of winning a state hosted poetry contest for my area of Oklahoma. I've been published on line and have taken delight in helping others find their muses.

Right now I write for a freebie site on tips and ideas for frugal living and include the occasional recipe which is quick, easy, and frugal as well. Recently I was honored to accept a job offer for writing reviews on products as well. I've also reverted to my tried and true job "ironing" for a living. With a bit of writing and ironing mixed together I can afford to buy a loaf of bread.

Writing and poetry are my passions. You got to love anything that has to do with words or the creation of words. Oh, regarding poetry, I'm crazy about it.

Poetry has seen many changes. These changes are reflected in new forms of poetry, even the lessening of constraints in form poetry. I usually travel the road of free verse myself.

I find myself lingering in free verse because it allows for free movement of

words and expression. Still I try to hold on to a steady rhythm and grace,

which is so much a part of any poetry.

I hope within my penned lines here and articles, you too will linger and see what it is about life, self, and love that moves me to write.

Tell me about your blog, about the name and what it means to you?

I have several blogs, but Poetic Ponderings is what the name says, ponderings from a mind which revolves around poetics. I've had this blog for over two years now and it holds a piece of my heart and soul.

Don't get me wrong, there are true pieces of crap poems here that I jotted on the run and never got back to, but that will come with time. Sometimes I sit on a poem and eventually its true form comes to be.

When I see words or phrases, really anything, I think about how they'd work inside lines of poetry. To give words freedom of expression in poetry is my goal. Thus Poetic Ponderings came to be.

When did you start blogging?

I've been blogging for many years now. One could say it's an addition. I needed some place that was my own, a place where I could leave my poetry as if in book form, but no quite. A place where if someone wanted to, they could offer thoughts, comments, and critiques of how my words affect them.

Your first poem, do you remember it?

My first poem was called "Blossom" and at the moment I can't recall the lines word for word,

but I remember what it felt like to see it in print! It was freakin awesome. I didn't care that it was printed by a vanity place either, it was in print and it was mine.

Is there a style of writing you prefer? Do you write only poetry?

I'm a free verse writer for the most part. I love the uninhibited lines which don't follow one said meter or rhyme. I personally feel poetry should be free to move in and out of thoughts without the restrive counts of syllables, lines and so on. There is a place for all forms of poetry, but for me it's the free style writing I enjoy.

Poetry is my passion, but I earn money doing freelance writing. I"m able to incorporate some of my creativity into it at times. I also enjoy writing humor, flash fiction, and on occasion short stories.

What inspires you the most to write?

Life, what better reason is there to write than life. The good, bad and ugly phases of life. It could be an illness, a marriage, birth of a child, a piece of trash blowing in the wind, the after effects of a storm or the storm itself. Life is just exciting, and the topic never runs dry.

Favorite books, authors?

I've four main books I love. The Bible, whose author is God, Cyrano, To Kill A Mocking Bird, and Pride and Prejudice. Each are written about topics I'm interested in.

The Bible: Everything I want to know about from Creation to Why I'm Here and What's to come in the Future I find in the Bible.

Cyrano: The ultimate in sacrifice, the sacrifice of love. This is really a play, but it holds the best lines of poetics I've ever read.

To Kill a Mocking Bird: This was written about a time in our history when race, discrimination, and unfairness prevailed, however there are times when justice won and those wronged were set free.

Pride and Prejudice: Ah, how easy it is to judge another because of their social station in life. Sometimes we assume things when they aren't even true of another, losing out on opportunities which could have made us happy, this book makes a person stop and think about wasted time and misplaced thoughts.

If you could be the writer of a famous best seller book which one would that be?

It would be about my ponderings through poetry and writing itself with little quirks and quotes. It would also include thoughts about people who've influenced my style of writings along the way.

Favorite quote?

"Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words."

~ Robert Frost~

What are the benefits of being part of Jingle poetry community?

The ability to share yourself with so many of like mind. Too it's a good way to get feedback on your poems, that is when ones are willing enough to say truly what they think about your poem.

A poet can't grow if they are willing to take the good with the bad. In the real world a poem is never finished, it can always evolve. That is why critiques are important.

Any advice for people who like to write?

Don't be afraid of rejection! Look at it as an opportunity to fine tune your craft. Mostly don't stop writing because some don't like what they read. When it comes down to it, we write for ourselves, but try to fit it into mainstream readers.

Too when you write something, be willing to set it free so it can grow and become better than what it was in the beginning. If we hold our words to close to heart we can be wounded and poetentially be so hurt we stop writing all together, so once you've set your words to viewing, by others, divorce yourself from the personal side of it.

Propositions from Within:

Keep it real. Be yourself, and be willing to grow.


Anonymous said...

Glad to have met you Melissa....I really liked what you said about writing and feeling good about what we write!! Great work with Poetic Ponderings..:)

Jingle Poetry said...

Glad to know you, Missy.

fabulous responses.

keep it up.

Missy said...

Thank you so much for the nod! It's appreciated.

Anonymous said...

Great job sis. TRS

Anonymous said...

Great job sis. TRS

Anonymous said...

Another great interview about an inspiring writer!

Missy said...

Hey bubba, what are you up to!! Thanks for stopping by it means alot

Susan - thank you for your comment!

Ramesh Sood said...

First thanks Jingle Poetry.. It is because of them that visited your page and found it very interesting.. liked it a lot..

Well, will keep visiting..I invite you too Melissa...to visit mine.. keep writing and inspiring..