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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members.  Your contributions from your area of the world, your activities, or your interests are welcome. Please forward them to Jamie Dedes of Musing by Moonlight at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. Contributions are subject to editorial discretion and space constraints. Feedback welcome.

ON THIS DAY workers in some eighty countries around the world formally celebrate International Workers’ Day, also called May Day. In these countries, May Day is a national holiday. In other countries it is often still celebrated but in a less formal manner.  These events commemorate the international labor movement.  

The photograph is of the May Day celebration in Stockholm, Sweden where Socialdemokratiska arbetarepartiet (The Social Democratic Workers Party) march through Stockholm towards Norra Bantorget, the Northern Railway Square.

DAN ROBERSON (My Blog) is a poet many of us have come to enjoy for his gentle wisdom, long narrative (story) poems, and the snappy rhymes he leaves as comments on some of our sites. These spontaneous rhymed comments are so clever that I often go ahead and post them on my blog lest readers miss them. So here you have it: Dan Roberson in depth …

JAMIE: I know you’re an experienced writer. I believe you mentioned that you have written novels before and also that you were a high school teacher. Tell us a bit about both and how those experiences influence your poetry and blogging.
DAN: When I said I had written novels before I never mentioned that it was a process that took a long time.  I had written many poems for myself and sports articles for newspapers. Then I had several humorous articles published in two small magazines, The American Bee Journal and the La Leche League International Newsletter.  At that point I was a poet and a short story writer.  I joined a local writer’s group.  Their comments and questions prodded me into developing a short story. So the first novel, which was science fiction, began as a short story that grew up to be a novel.  The second novel, a horror mystery, grew out of dreams, places I’d been, and what happens when things go wrong.  My experiences as a teacher gave me reasons to write and express myself outside of the school environment. I was a single parent with three children.  Because I was teaching, coaching, and being a parent, I had little time for writing, but being aware of the surrounding world, people and their traumas and drama, as well as continually encouraging students in sports and in the classroom, gave me a chance to develop my own viewpoints and strengths. 

JAMIE: How long have you been blogging? What do you get from the experience? Has the JP community been helpful to you and – if so – why?
DAN: Two years ago I decided I wanted to write again.  I just wanted to have an audience.  I didn’t know anything about blogging.  My youngest daughter encouraged me to start a blog with WordPress and I began writing short stories and poetry.  I wrote a serial story about a train trip from Kansas City to Los Angeles, to Sacramento and back to KC.  I pulled that story after several people complained that I had portrayed them too well and in a negative light.  Jingle asked me to submit a poem to the Rally and I said sure.  I found the poetry simply awesome by the experienced writers.  The newer writers usually brought poems full of raw emotion and uncertainty, but were powerful.  With encouragement they became more polished.  Because I also thrive on comments embedded with encouraging words, I continue to grow.

JAMIE: You write wonderful long poems, delightful narrative stories. Please share some of your writing process with us. Also, I have the impression that some folks would like to write at length and have a difficult time with it any suggestions for them?
DAN: When I write long poems I take several steps.  In preparation, I do research on the location, finding places, names, etc.  Then I take stories of real people and begin putting them into place, wondering what they need to do in order for them to be true to their character.  I always have more information than I need for the story.  I write a short story and then morph the story into a narrative poem.  I write several exploratory verses and chop and cut until the story fits the form. Sometimes the story is incomplete or needs more information so I read the story aloud several times and adjust it.  Voila tout!

JAMIE:  Having said that you write long poems, I also know you write short rhymed poems exceedingly well. I receive them as treasured little gifts when you leave them on my site. Presumably other do as well. Are they as spontaneous as they seem?
DAN: Often I’m inspired by the poem or post and I break into song or a poem.  Short poems become my comments. 

Two rhyming lines very lonely look,
So I add a few more without writing a book
What people say inspires me
And I get locked in and want to play. 
My comments should be short
But when I try to abort,
I’m reminded that life on the go
Is really something I know.

JAMIE: From an educator’s perspective, what is the role of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction in our lives?
DAN: As an educator I always encouraged young writers to write about things that were real and made a difference to them. They should read other writers.  They should write about what they like.   Always experiment and have fun. Write from different points of view. Do your research and your writing will always be real to your readers.  Stretch your imagination.  Above all, do not let a writer’s block stop you.  Go over the obstacle, around it, or let it rest while you write other poems or stories. Last, seek other encouraging writers.  Creativity breeds creativity, and there will be a river of words.  And the very last of all, don’t ever forget that your voice is powerful through what you write.  Be gentle with what you say, unless there is a worthwhile cause in your way.

JAMIE: In addition to writing and blogging, what else do you do to keep busy in retirement?
DAN: Although I’m retired, life is still real and earnest. I keep myself active. I have two businesses for which I write poetry and prose that I don’t post on my blogs. One is Savings2Envy and the other is Prepaid Legal Services. I have two beehives to keep myself aware of all the blooms in my world. I still play chess and love puzzles, bake pies, train dogs, and read.
Thanks, Dan, for a fabulous interview.

I ASKED VICTORIA CERETTO-SLOTTO (liv2write2day) for an update to share here.

JAMIE: We know you had to cut back on JP activities in order to finish work on your second novel. How's it going?
VICTORIA: At present, slowly, due to some personal issues such as my mother's health and preparations to travel. When I return home next week, I have a twofold action plan:

• In February, I realized that nothing was happening with my first novel, Winter is Past. I e-mailed my agent, asking for an update. She told me that her focus has shifted from the secular market to the Christian market. That is not a fit for WIP. We agreed to part ways so now I am able to explore other options. I need to decide
o Do I query other agents or publishers?
o Do I go ahead and self-publish, and if so, which type of format? I’ve recently read so many articles touting the future of e-publishing. Print-on-Demand (POD) or traditional self-publishing venues, which are no long viewed as a cop-out. The publishing industry is undergoing significant changes and publishing as we know it is, in a way, waning. I would appreciate any suggestions from those who read this interview, especially if you’ve had experience with any of these options.
• As far as the second novel (The Sin of His Father) is concerned, it has been “gestating” for almost a year. One of my writing buddies, a former editor, has reviewed it and I’ve carefully tucked her comments into a file box with the manuscript. I don’t think it will take care of itself and I confess--I’ve been using my blog as an avoidance to buckle down and rewrite. That’s why I’ve had to cut back a bit. I want to get moving on the revision process.

JAMIE: What's the next step for you after this?
VICTORIA: I would love to publish some poetry—either chapbooks or books. An idea for a third novel is percolating, but I think I better work on the first two before I tackle that. And, of course, I plan on remaining in “blogdom” by participating in selected poetry communities. If needed, I’m happy to be a back-up for JP where I’ve made so many wonderful friends. This has kept my creative muse in good shape! I also plan to continue posting the Monday Morning Writing Prompt and Wordsmith Wednesday.

Thanks, Jamie, and all at JP for your interest and on-going support. I love you guys.
Thank you, Victoria, for another fine interview.

FOURTH NATIONAL ANTHOLOGY SERIES “CHANGE” BY INDIAN POETS WRITING IN ENGLISH announced on Thursday that our own Reena Prasad (Butterflies of Time) has been awarded third place in their writing competition, BEST POETS OF 2010. For the year 2010, Dr. Parvathy Warrier, was the judge. Dr. Warrier completed her doctorate in Anglo-Welsh Poetry and an M.Phil in Modern Poetry. She served as a professor of English in a reputed college from Palakkad district of Kerala state. She is a member of the Writers' Union, Ranchi and a fellow of World Poetry Society.  She has published her poems in many anthologies and journals. Apart from poetry, she is the president of an institution of Art called “Avishkara”. The 2011 National Poetry Drive is Indus Valley. Link HERE for more information. Look for a comprehensive interview with Reena on Jingle Poetry on Wednesday for Meet the Poet.

THE OFFICIAL GRAND OPENING OF BLUEBELL BOOKS is tomorrow, Monday, May 2. This is the go-to place for community members to promote their books and to find books of interest written by colleagues. The breakdown for categories is: Biographies, Children Playground, Cooking Books, Novels, Poetry Paradise, and Short Stories. Also look for Sunday Interviews and News Releases and Short Story Slam.

CORRECTION ON THREE WORD WEDNESDAY MEME announced last week as part of Trisia’s blog (Sharmishtha Basu) . Trisha is a participant, not the host of this meme. The host is Thom Gabriukiewicz. Each week he posts three words, which you use to write something. You link yourself in with Mister Linky.  You will find complete information HERE if you care to participate. 

UPDATE 05/02/2011 FROM SiS (Few Miles): I would like to invite poets to write for Blog-a-Ton, an online marathon of Bloggers... ...where WE decide and WE write! This month the image suggested by our Vinay (Leo) won the maximum votes and finalized as Image of the Month. So poets get inspired by the image, and publish a poem or prose as you wish on (May 7 00:00:00 – 23:59:59 IST). For more rules and info stop by Blog-a-Ton HERE.

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Be sure to stop by and wish them a happy birthday…


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Anonymous said...

I adore Dans blog, I don't get to visit often, which is why I subscribed to his rss feed. his poems are hartwarmimg, deep, and wonderful.

Congrats Reena that's awesome news!

see everyone later today :)

Maggie said...

I'm a fan of Dan, as well. A very nice choice this Sunday.

: )

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Dan is super supportive and talented poet.

Glad to see him here.

Happy Birthdays....Poets who are May babies...

Enjoyed this dispatch very much.

Beautiful job, Jamie!

trisha said...

thanks for the marvelous post jamiel. loved victoria's interview. it was beautiful.

have a beautiful week ahead.

Olivia said...

This is one more delightful Sunday Dispatch! It's like reading through a weekend glossy.. such is the excitement and the stuff covered!!

Congratulations peeps on your achievements and birthday celebrations..

Many Hugs to you Dear Sweet Jamie!

Anonymous said...

Very much enjoyed Dan's interview--his blog is always a delight to visit. And thanks for including mine, as well. You always do such a fine job, Jamie. Victoria

Butterflies of time said...

Lovely Sunday Dispatch! Kudos to you Jamie. I am a fan of Dan's poetry and value his lovely comments on my blog . Thanks for featuring my award in the writing competition! It seems more awesome when I read it here! All the best to Victoria for her book and to Bluebell books!

Butterflies of time said...

Thank you Luna, for your kind wish.

Anonymous said...

Nice and thanks!