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Monday, May 23, 2011

Review Tuesdays - Seek and You Shall Find

“Seek, and you shall find” said the translation of the title, the tagline. I sought, and I found beautiful poetry. I found poetry that was free, not bound by any form, not bound by any emotion, and not bound by any thoughts. I found simple verse, elegantly and eloquently executed. And yes, I found a friend. I’ve been perusing his blog since a while now, and I think it time that Review Tuesdays brought it out into the spotlight. Well, as much as we can anyways. “Cerca Trova” authored by Sam is where I take you today.

Searching for answers, as we all do, to questions in life, Samer (Sam) tries his best to find the answers. Some he has found, and to some, he’s still searching. Through Cerca Trova, he shares the wisdom he has found in his quest so far, and also takes us along further so we can possibly help in finding the answers to the unanswered. Sam through his “About” page graciously welcomes us to his little world of words.

Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder; to me, simplicity is always appealing. Sam uses the basic template offered by Wordpress, Twenty Ten, with a handful of widgets, like Recent Posts, Archive, Meta, Recent Comments, Subscription Box and Categories. The header reflects the search that is in the title and tag line as well. The focus goes to his poetry, which he has been sharing with us since July 2010.

Like I mentioned earlier, Sam goes for free verse. I’ve never read a formaic one from him. And his poetry in the simplicity has a lot of depth. I don’t have to go back long into his archives to find my favorite verse of his. It questions, and I had to read it twice or thrice. Very impactful is the poem, “Who isn’t a clown?” which goes so:

A red nose
A makeup smile
A funny hat
And coloured attire
Beneath it all
One truth prevails
When the curtains fall
And the laughter fades
When the show is over
We’re all alone
In this circus of life
Who isn’t a Clown

All of us can relate to that verse I think. We smile for the world at times when we are most hurt, just so our tears don’t bring out theirs. Yes, we’ve done that. To put that in such imagery, I really appreciate that. Keeping with the theme of introspection, I think the second poem I’d like to share is also one that most of us can relate to, though we may not agree to it at times. The poem “Until…” is that verse.

The time has come
To bid each other farewell
The stars have set our paths
I heard them tell
Yet with tears in our eyes
Our hearts beat in joy
Knowing that
To meet again
We have to say

I relate to this from a lot of perspectives, most with graduations and valedictory days. The tears of farewell as we split in different directions to chase the dreams we hold close to us… yet the beats of joy as we feel we’re growing up… That is beautiful indeed.

I hope to continue reading Sam in the future, and find more pearls of wisdom there. I stop here with my review. The only widget I found unnecessary in the blog is the Meta widget. Else all is fine. It was a pleasure to review your blog, and I hope I did your journey to the answers some justice.

Well, till I meet you all with another review next Tuesday, this is Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason. Ciao from the Review Tuesday Team.


Jingle said...

Sam, his blog is inspirational indeed.

So does Pat Cegan, these two are alike.

wise choice, Leo.

I bet he is smiling.

Jingle said...

Sam, his blog is inspirational indeed.

So does Pat Cegan, these two are alike.

wise choice, Leo.

I bet he is smiling.

Eclipse said...

Great choice Leo, Sam is one of my fav poets around here; His poetry really reflects a special talent of expressing the deepest - and many times hidden feelings that many of us can relate to....

Butterflies of time said...

Lovely to read more about Sam and his super blog.I really love the clown poem and many others in his blog.Wonderful review Leo!

sam said...

I'm overwhelmed by your review, and really can't find the words to express. Thank you Leo and thanks to each and everyone who follows my poetry, your constant support and encouragement is a great motivation.
With all my love and appreciation... Sam (Samer El Abed)

Fiducia said...

Jingle is right...Pat Cegan's blog is seriously inspirational..I wait to read her posts, by the hour..Amazing work.!!

Sam's blog is quite a find. Gonna follow his blog from here on..great, simple verses!

deep said...

Love the clown poem, congrats Sam.

Andy said...

Sam writes with much emotion. It's always a pleasure to get lost in his poems.
Congrats Sam!

Excellent choice Leo.

lynnaima said...

Kudos Sam. I always enjoy your blog :) Thanks Leo

Victoria said...

I've always enjoyed my visits to Sam's blog. Thanks for featuring him, Leo