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Sunday, May 29, 2011

POETRY POTLUCK- Thunderstorms, Floods and Water fury

MEMORIAL Monday!!! Time for our Potluck!!!

We (Olivia and Kavita) welcome you all to another fluid week of Poetry Potluck... This week, be prepared to get submerged under the force of "ThunderstormsFloods and Water fury"... So swim in... and have some FURIOUS fun!!

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using InLinkz below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!! Once you are done with this, visit other participants (at least 6), read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!! Of course, you can always submit any poem of your choice as well...

Remember: Every week, InLinkz will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8pm (CDT). So you will have 72 hours to share your poem with us...COOL huh?!! Also, if you aren't new to Poetry Potluck, please note that we may not send you weekly reminders. So, it would be awesome if you could add us to your Blogroll or Favorites, so that you can stay updated with the happenings on our site!!

Flash Forward!! Whew!! If all the water logging has gotten you tired, don't you worry! Get "Inspired by a song"... Think of a song.. your favorite song, least favorite song, its lyrics, its tune..whatever... and write a poem while you are getting inspired by it!! Sounds like fun, eh!? BUT... let's save that for next week! That way, you will have one entire week to prepare your poem for this theme.. :) And if you are unable to submit a poem ON the theme, relax... Send in an older poem you would love to share with us...

Now LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Enjoy the VIDEO here and write on... Thanks for joining in and supporting your fellow poets here at OUR favorite Poetry Potluck!!!

"The Saints"
(by Sheri)

We are from water and to water we return
True believers baptized in the muddy surge
The water gives, the water takes, our children learn
We build our homes, we catch our food, respect we earn
The waters come, our land, our lives,our hopes submerge
We are from water and to water we return

Tears are cried, rain pours from skies, the waters churn

Both saint and sinner taken in unholy purge
The water gives, the water takes, our children learn

Displaced, divided, in our dreams of home we yearn

Diaspora upon us from this watery scourge
We are from water and to water we return

Persephone dragged back to Hell, another spurn

But come another spring and surely we'll emerge
The water gives, the water takes, our children learn

Our eyes reflecting flames, we watch our water burn

God or man, upon our land the fates converge
We are from water and to water we return
The water gives, the water takes, our children learn.

Thank you, dear Sheri, for honoring us with such a beautiful poem... this one's real special, my friend.. 


Luke Prater said...

Great to be back! Got two in there this week... look forward to reading some great poetry.

Greets to y'all

Luke @ WordSalad

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Welcome Back, Luke...

Happy Sunday to You.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic write Sheri, it was almost like a dirge. I look forward to some very fine readin' opportunities!

Jingle said...

Mouth Dropping (Shei) is super productive poet.

Glad to see her poem featured here...


have fun!

Happy Potluck to You All!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to you for taking the time to do this for us all

My link is here



The Poet said...

Yay, It's Potluck!

Thanks for hosting this week Olivia & Kavita and Jingle Poetry for their tireless work in bringing this forum to us week after week. You all are THE best!

I concur with abthomas...Sheri's poem is like a beautifully written dirge. Thanks Sheri.

I still cannot view any of the videos here. Don't know what's up with that! If anyone has any suggestions for viewing, please let me know here or at my blog (I'm #25).

Happy Potluck All...I'll be reading throughout the week.

Anonymous said...

Nice theme!
Beautiful poem Sheri, it somehow reminded me of THE BROOK by Alfred Tennyson, the line 'men may come and men may go but I go on for ever'. Both poems highlight the grandeur of water in our life.

My poem captures the wrath of water. Here is the link

Anonymous said...

Beautiful write, Sheri. "Both saint and sinner taken in unholy purge" is such a strong line. Thank you for sharing with us.

~ Cheryl

Anonymous said...

Pass the poetry peas please.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Good job, as always. Thanks! Here's my Moody Limerick which also serves as a Limerick-Off challenge.

Judith C Evans said...

Awesome poem, Sheri. Heartbreaking yet lovely. Looking forward to reading many wonderful poems this week.

WyomingDiva said...

Been waiting all day for the link to come up to post - thank you for all your hard work!

Kathe W. said...

blogger issue-no link showing up...where is it?

Ms. Queenly said...

I might post another one going with the theme, but current isn't with it.

I'll be trolling for good reads later!

Just Another Observer... said...

Hey cant seem to find a place to link my works... No avenue to link, appears... Can anyone please help?

You can view my latest works at hhtp://soundsofsubtlety.blogspot.com/

Khushboo R. Gandhi said...

it's always fun 2 participate here :D

Anonymous said...

Hi! I was willing to participate but inlinkz doesn't support (free wordpress service) ...I got the link with cross mark... any how I've attempted the poetry on thunder storm and water fury...tried to give an different dimension ...hope you people visit and grace me....


Unknown said...

have added 2 so far not related to the theme ...hope to find time to conjure something up relating to it ...many thanks

Eclipse said...

Nice theme, thanks,
Great new look here :)

Poetry Road said...

What a great topic considering all the weather events that have recently occurred. I couldn't help but write about Joplin. Hope you enjoy!

Unknown said...

managed one, kind of on the theme ...very different for me thanks for the challenge !

Christa said...

Here is a link to one of my older poems written after the oil spill in the gulf. Enjoy!


Manicddaily said...

A lovely poem. Very like a villanelle except a couple of extra lines at the beginning. Good luck.

Kathe W. said...

whew- finally found the link-
thank goodness....now I have posted and can go read others poems! Here's my link:

Judith C Evans said...

Just posted another one I wrote a couple of weeks ago. I'm enjoying all the wonderful reading this week!

Victoria said...

Sheri's poem is incredible. The form, the use of repetition and content all add up to powerful, effective writing.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Thanks for the support.

Will start commenting NOW.


Happy Memorial Day!


Rachel Hoyt said...

Happy Monday everyone! :) My Top 5 BBQ Wishes

Anonymous said...

yey its reading time!
will start reading asap!


Liz Rice-Sosne said...

Thank you again ... love the theme, but we have definitely had enough storms for a while.

Lisa Kramer said...

I love the repetition of "The Water Gives, The Water Takes".

I wrote my submission the day after the tornado destroyed Joplin, MO (which is about 2 hrs. away from me)

Anonymous said...

Lovely poem posted!! Trying to remain active within the poetic community and having fun with it. Thanks Jingle!!!

Isabel said...

looking forward to reading everyone's poetry. posted a poem but its not abt the topic. wrote it abt the ocean

Unknown said...

Thanks for providing these opportunities together. I really love the sense of community I've been finding in the poetic community on-line. Anyhow, can't wait to jump right in and experience what's been shared. Thanks again

The Poet said...

WoW! So many different interpretations of this week's theme.

Finally got to watch the video. The destruction is overwhelming, BUT the ending really got to me...so very sad.

Ginny Brannan said...

Thanks for reminding me to come by! Sharing an Octain, actually a double octain, a format devised by Luke Prater (thank you Luke!) on the tsunami in Japan. If it seems familiar it was posted previously at One Stop Poetry. I thought it fit this week's theme quite well. Looking forward to reading the other submissions!

~L said...

First time:)

psychebubbles said...

Great initiative!
I happen to write a poem on this a while back, linking it in here.

An overwhelming set of entries in here, let me start reading then! :)))

Brownpaperbaggirl said...

So many fantastic entries as always! Love reading them.

Lolamouse said...

Thank you all for the kind comments on my poem! So sad that after I sent it off to Potluck, another storm ravaged Joplin. The poem could apply to them as well.

Anonymous said...

Hey you guys!
I'm so happy to be back. The poem I've chosen to share is all about my philosophy on life and the beginning of a new style of poetry for me. Enjoy!


I can't wait to read other people's poems

Poetry Road said...

Jingle, thanks so much for keeping me on your email list for all of your fun events! They keep my writing fresh and challenging!