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Friday, May 6, 2011

Poem of the Week

Hello this is Luna, and I am bringing to you this week’s Poem of the Week.
This week’s Rally theme was on, "Doubts, Fears, Inhibitions and Hesitations"
After reading all these wonderful poems posted this week, I choose this one,
Because I felt that it embodies everything that this week’s theme has stood for.

  This poem will make you feel all of the above as you journey through this piece.
The Author describes themself as “A full-time dreamer on the path through reality” and they do a fantastic job with this poem creating great rhythm and perfect timing.

So without any further ado, let me present, Eclipse of the moon’s; “Happiness on The Stake”.

Like in a bad dream
the fear
is back
As a reminder
of who I really am

My strength fails me
the colors are blurred
The weakness
Lurks behind the corner

Perhaps it is true
I am not able
to live
beyond the ruins of my life
Not without
hurting everyone on my way
I will never
how to hold the precious heart
that lays in my palm

To hold it without losing the grip
letting it
and be crushed
by my constantly darkened mind
that burns this happiness
at the stake

My silence is full of answers
that will never
the threshold of my lips
All about a fear
that corrodes me
behind my smile

If I only could possess
the blissful ignorance of a stone
and just be
into the soft shade of oblivion
into the endless hole of indifference

But my treacherous heart
beats another story
Unable to
tell lies
it just bleeds
in a desperate desire to keep
this love within

The love that will finally
slip away
tired of my unhappy thoughts
because of my unexplainable gloom

Perhaps there’s no cure
against the curse
The curse is me
Afraid of the darkness
yet constantly
of the light

You can Find Eclipse of the Moon At, A Broken World; Darkness & Light at http://eclipseofthemoon.wordpress.com/ , Where many other Delightful poems await your senses.

Next week’s theme is on "Color, Spring and Rainbow", and I can’t wait to see everyone there.

So this is Luna from Luna’s World http://lunawitch15.wordpress.com/ saying, “Write on!” and we will see you soon.


tarunima said...

beautiful poem..
"my silence is full of answers that will never leave the threshold of my lips.."
just loved it..
thanks jingle for sharing this lovely poem..

Jingle said...

beautiful choice,


a job well done, the way she composes is indeed very unique.

bless both of you.

Jingle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jingle said...


I general don't make the decision, the choice relies on the official, Luna (Mia) who has her link shown above, read her if you wish.

bless you.
Thanks for the comment.

Devilzangel said...

well-penned :d. i can relate 2 it.

Reflections said...

Excellent choice! The stark realities felt within the words... the desperation and yearning to let oneself step beyond the fear is so real. Fabulous piece.

Eclipse said...

I am so honored...thank you Luna, thank you Jingle, and thank you all for your kind comments
Love to all from the bottom of my heart/Eclipse

Victoria said...

Thanks for introducing to me to a poet I haven't visited before. Well done.