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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Poem of the Week -"Sketches, Images and Impressions"

The Saturday is the day for selecting one out of hundred Potluck Entry for the prompt " Sketches, Images and  Impressions" .As usual it had many wonderful submissions from many creative writers in Jingle Poetry .This day I am presenting one such selection  Molly Monet 's Indelible Impression .

The writer says that she wrote this lovely poem along with her busy schedule .Yet she managed to bring a story tied in her poem .It's more like the impression of her life .The final line she has written brings beauty to the whole poem "... growing tall and proud" .I liked this poem and hope you too will like it

Indelible Impression

I spent the day cleaning

On my hands and knees scrubbing
My dirty hardwood floors
Really they need re-sanding
But I am trying to revive their luster
With elbow grease and quick shine
Yet I feel like Lady MacBeth
Futilely attempting to erase a psychic stain
Out, damned spot, out
I can clean up greasy fingerprints
And sticky sweet spots
I can even attempt to remove the
Trails of our steps
Back and forth through the kitchen
But I cannot erase the indelible impression
That this house has made on our lives
Jonah spoke his first words here
Layla was conceived under the sunlit picture window
We parted ways here
Yet it has also been
The site of our family night dinners
My ex still does his laundry in our basement
This is our home
It has been with us for better and worse
And better yet again
I can sell it and move on
But the memories, the love
Will always remain
Just like our anniversary gingko
That continues to grow tall and proud
* * * * * * *

About Me:

I am Umamaheswari Anandane ( Iwrite4u) ,the owner of " Inside My Poem Book ", feels honored to be a part of the Jingle poetry with the work of selecting poems of the week in accordance with the week's themes .


Umamaheswari Anandane: (http://umaspoembook.blogspot.com/) 

Meet you all again in POTLUCK !


Maggie said...

I love this. I have experimented with this theme, also, but, this truly conveys what a home means to us.

Thanks for sharing. : )

Rebecca said...


My Life

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

awesome choice.

Glad to see a new talent discovered.

Liz Rice-Sosne said...

This is a wonderful "life-story." One could feel all of it. I got to chuckle, I felt sad and I was comforted.

Li said...

Really lovely and evocative. I like the phrase psychic stain" best.

Anonymous said...

I was really taken by this poem. Great choice! Absolutely beautiful =)

Butterflies of time said...

Fine poem -so simple yet profound.