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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Meet the poet on Wednesday

Happy Wednesday Jingle girls and boys, welcome to Jingle Poetry and Meet the poet. 
I am Blaga and today I will introduce you to Jessica D'Angelo.
If you're looking for a smile, for the place where the skies giggle with the clouds and the sun sets its laughter upon every tender soul, Jessica's blog is the best place. 

Have fun reading about Jessica! 
Who is Jessica?
Jessica is Jessica D'Angelo. I'm a postgraduate student of English Literature and Language at a college in Oxford, England. I share a rented house with two other female students. My parents live in London and I have a younger teenage sister, Amelia. When I'm not flicking through dusty volumes of literature or staring blankly at a computer screen I enjoy sports, walking, movies, theatre, shopping (mainly window!), travelling, reading, visiting graveyards, staring at the stars and wondering who's staring back at me, chatting to drunken friends, writing rubbish, dreaming of princes on horseback, playing with cats, and being horrible to my sis. (Oh dear, this is sounding like an application for an online dating service...not that I've ever...)
Tell me about your blog/s/, about the name and what it means to you? When did you start blogging?
I guess my first proper blog was on Windows Spaces Live. I think I started in 2008. I'd had a profile on Bebo before that but it was really for interacting with my schoolfriends. That first blog was more of a mix of postings. I put up a few stories and story openings, comments about my studying, things I'd found out in my work, and some 'dark' poems. Some of this material I've reblogged on 'Jessica's Japes'. When I came over to Wordpress in 2010 I was jumped upon by someone called 'Jingle' within 48 hours of blogging a poem - and the rest is history! Certainly I had no intention of writing so much poetry before discovering this community. To tell the truth, I actually prefer writing stories and other prose!

The blog on WLS had no special name, it was just 'Jessica D'Angelo', I think. But I started to use an image I found on Google of a cute, slighty threatening female jester as my background and I came up with the 'Japes' part then. I still use that image sometimes as my icon when I get sick of seeing my face staring back at me.

To be honest I have a love/hate relationship with my blog. Mostly I love it and am proud of what I have posted and the people who visit. But there are times when I want to just ditch it all. That's one reason why I occasionally miss a Poetry Potluck, just to regain control of my life! When I was looking for a new platform for my blog I had a lengthy discussion with another online friend about blogging and we agreed that you get to a time when there's not much point just continuing to blog and getting the same people saying the same comments over and over again. I would be genuinely surprised if 'Jessica's Japes' was still going in April 2012!
I've also started another blog, 'Jessica's Reviews', where I review films, books, etc. It was a Christmas vacation idea and I'm not sure if I have time to keep it going now.
 When did you first write a poem? Do you remember it?
It must have been when I was around 6 or 7 at school, we probably were given some kind of acrostic poem to write. I can recall a phase of writing slushy romantic nonsense when I was 13 and then dark gothic stuff a year later. Hopefully I destroyed it all during the last house move!
I can clearly remember writing a story when I was 7. It was about mice traveling to the Moon. Not sure where that idea came from - probably ate too much cheese the night before!
 Is there a style of writing you prefer? Do you write only poetry?
As I indicated above, my first love is writing prose. I like to try out different styles of fiction, some humorous, some serious, some just straightforward storytelling. I belong to two writing groups here in Oxford, one in the university and the other in the city. These give me a wonderful opportunity to try out my writing on people and get immediate reaction. I'm currently working with a group to create comedy sketches for an Easter show in my college. As these commitments have increased so my blog has become more a place for a laugh and a quick poem or two!
As far as poems are concerned I go through phases. Maybe rhyming couplets, then free verse, then a set metre, etc. Whatever!
Favorite poem you've written?
I wrote this one on a Friday afternoon after surfing the net waiting for the weekend to happen. I found a luscious photo of chocolate and the poem just formed in my head at once. I wrote it in 10 minutes, posted it and immediately had a few comments from fellow chocoholics. Later it was featured on another website and I entered it for a Poetry Potluck.
I want chocolate
I want a man called Chocolate
who takes me to the heights of
with one tiny lick

I want a man called Chocolate
who can excite me even when still
wrapped up
in his coat

I want a man called Chocolate
who can transport me to Heaven as he melts in
my mouth
so slowly

I want a man called Chocolate
who can come in so many
white, dark and milky

I want a man called Chocolate
who can be bought for so little yet is always
my prince
lying naked in my hands.
Inspirations! Where do you find them and what makes you comfortable writing?
Sometimes I like to use prompts, like those at Poetry Potluck, or someone may just mention something that sticks in my mind. Often I think of a title and then create the poem around it. I use this method particularly with my 'dark' poems. Sometimes I just get into a theme, like 'First Kiss', 'First Love', etc. (keep checking, I may get around to 'First Sex' sometime...). Many of my poems are written in the kitchen as I cook or help cook our evening meal. I rip down paper from the shopping list notepad on the fridge and scribble lines down. At the end of the evening I empty my pockets and hopefully there's a poem there! (Beware, one week my poem will just be a shopping list...)

I must add here that most of my poems and other writings are purely created from my imagination. I get people commenting on my darker poems and even some of the lighthearted ones where it's clear they think I am writing from personal knowledge or experience! It's like an article I read recently with an author who was accosted at a book signing by many fans who demanded to know how he could possibly write about his character taking part in the First World War since he, the author, clearly wasn't alive then. The author was quite amazed that his readers didn't understand how he had researched the situation then used his imagination! Anyway, don't worry about me, whatever I write about!
Favorite books? Authors?
It may sound like an easy choice but it has to be Charles Dickens. It was reading 'Great Expectations' and 'A Christmas Carol' at school that really switched me onto literature. His characterisation is just unbelievable and his storytelling perfect. 'Bleak House' is my overall favourite.
If poetry was a dessert, which one would that be?
It should be a strawberry cheesecake, making you drool at the very sight and melting in your mouth as you devour it. Sadly it can also be an overcooked treacle pudding, a glumpy indigestible mess!
 If you could live in a book, which one would that be?

'Alice's Adventures In Wonderland' by Lewis Carroll. I am Alice, you see, and you are all just characters created by my imagination... And, hey, I get to play with Johnny Depp's Mad Hatter all day long. And hopefully Johnny all night long...
Being part of Jingle community, what are the benefits?

Well, the obvious one is that you can get lots of people to visit your blog! More seriously, it's great to meet other writers, of all ages, backgrounds and cultures. It's like having a whole new university literally at your fingertips! I just wish I had more time to study their blogs thoroughly.
Any advice for people who would like to write poetry?
Just have a go. Anyone can write poetry. If it's just for fun you won't worry what people think of it, join something like Poetry Potluck and meet lots of people, some take their poetry seriously, some don't!
I am Blaga and I wish you a lovely day with my favorite poem from Jessica

You can find more of her amazing writing at 

First date

He’ll be coming around eight,
I hope he’s a little late!

Now what on earth shall I wear,
Skimpy and short, do I dare?

Shall I show off my assets
Or reveal my massive debts?

Should I impress with gossip
Or cocktails sexily sip?

Shall I stagger on high heels
Or hope boring flat appeals?

Should I eyelashes flutter
Or simply stand and mutter?

Shall I wiggle my cute butt
Or take trouble with my strut?

Should I laugh at all his words
Or yawn like early morning birds?

Should I layer on lip gloss
or just take care with my floss?

Shall I drink like a dry newt
Or sip and simply look cute?

Should I blush at words ruder
Or swear like an old trooper?

Shall I cling as a limpet
Or network like a strumpet?

Oh no, the sound of his car -
I’m still in knickers and bra!

© Jessica D’Angelo 2011


Peace & Love ...


Eric 'Bubba' Alder said...

I've been reading Jessicasjapes for a long time. She's a clever wordsmith with romantic tendencies.

(And super cute to boot!) :)

Everybody should check out her writings - and become a Follower!

becca said...

new to your blog and i'm loving it

Jingle said...

This is great,

very thrilled to have Jessica in.

beautiful job, Blaga.

LeahJ.Lynn said...

thank you for the introduction to new poets with different styles and subjects.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Blaga for asking me to write this!
And now, Eric, I know who my mystery stalker is...

Blaga said...

Thank you everybody for stopping by and appreciating Jessica. Jessie, keep spreading smiles :)!

Jessica Prescott said...

Jessica's poetry is often fun, and event the dark stuff is quite good. Great interview!

Butterflies of time said...

Lovely to know more about this young Poet. Wishing her all the best. Wonderful interview Blaga!

Victoria said...

Such a fun interview with a delightful, talented poetess!

Anonymous said...

I truly enjoyed reading about Jessica and knowing a bit more about her... She is a very skilled poetess!

Anonymous said...

sweet!!! you are cute as a button JJ :)