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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet the poet on Wednesday

"You will find poetry nowhere unless you bring some of it with you."
~Joseph Joubert

Hello Jingle girls and boys, welcome to another Wednesday at Jingle Poetry.
I am Blaga and today I would like to meet you with Reena from "Butterflies of time@.


Tell us about yourself?

I am Reena from India, Mom to two lovely kids. You know me better as "Butterflies of time". I love reading, writing, listening to music and also photography. Poetry is a passion and a way of life for me and I can't imagine a life away from words and nature. I believe strongly that a poem should be able to stand independently as a complete experience. My daughter who will be 'lovely 8' soon, shares my love for the written word and even enjoys poems. My son who is at 'naughty 6', is a great inspiration for me & I have a God's blessing in the form of my supportive and sane better half.

Tell me about your blog, about the name and what it means to you? When did you start blogging?

"Butterflies of time" is my blog, very much dear to me. I wrote a poem called 'Butterflies of time " two years back and realized that Time is never harsh. It brings changes little by little, never intruding or forcing itself on us. But it changes us for the better even when we want to keep clinging to the past. Time has gentle, butterfly wings, to soothe pain with its beauty.

I set out to write prose - about peace and hope in the world but poetry seeped in and I realized that it was my only calling. I live in my poems and they are my greatest teachers and best friends. I started my blog two years back but did not start posting my poems before September 2010. After that I haven't stopped.

Do you remember your first poem?

Yes, I do. It was in 5th grade and written for my school magazine. It is called "Dream house".
Very simple poem, rhyming and full of references to nature. To tell the truth, I find that I haven't changed much from that style yet. I had some of my poems published in school and college magazines and quite recently had three of my poems in an anthology called "Change" published by http://www.poetriesonline.com.the/ . I also had the opportunity to do the preface write-up for this book.

Is there a style of writing you prefer? Do you write only poetry?

No, I write whatever comes flowing on the page, never bothered to actually conform to a particular style. Haiku's are something I am still learning. But I find that my poems almost always rhyme even when I am not conscious of it. Rhymes make me happy, but I love reading any kind of poem of any style. I do only poetry as it comes naturally to me. I do occasionally try to write short stories only to have them take on a poem's shape, complete with rhymes.

Favorite poem you've written?

There are many but I will share a special one ...

Good night

Sleep easy tonight, my darling
The wind no longer knocks at the door
Soft are the wave’s whispers
Arising today from the ocean floor.

Sleep in peace, for it is twilight
The play ground is empty tonight.
No leaves rustle in the breeze
Even the birds are eerily quiet.

Sleep like a baby, on angel wings light
Safe, for a mother holds you tight.
Let gentle dreams carry you to your destiny
on an ethereal, sojournic flight.

Sleep for eternity ,my love, never fear
For its only death, come in sleep’s disguise.
Sleep in the darkness of tired eyelids
till the soul reaches yet another paradise.

I still don't know the inspiration behind this one but it made me sob while I was writing it
and I couldn't change a word of it.

Inspirations! Where do you find them and what makes you comfortable writing?

Nature, kids, animals esp. cats, pictures, love, sorrow, words, other poems, music,….the list is endless. I am inspired by almost everything around me, even by my own imagination. I keep a pen & paper hidden near me when I sleep and also everywhere I go, so that I can note down the verses as and when they flow. I am most comfortable writing when alone or in places where no one takes note of me doing it.

Favorite books? Authors?

Too many to say. Emily Dickinson, Thomas Hardy, William Wordsworth, Shakespeare, Jane Austen Georgette Heyer, PG Wodehouse, Vikram Seth(A suitable Boy), Arvind Adiga (White Tiger), Stephen King

I love Emily Dickinson's poetry and can identify with many of her lovely poems. I read anything and everything even labels of food containers and grocery bills if there is nothing else to read at the moment.

If poetry was a fruit, which one would that be?

It would be a Coconut for me, sometimes looking tough on the outside, but softens as you crack it open, the purity of its white flesh is the beauty of the words and the sweet water inside is the nectar of emotions that flow through you as you reach the soul of the poem. The coconut trees grow in places full of natural beauty and the ambience is thus set.

If you could live in a book, which one would that be?

The Secret Garden by Frances Hodgson Burnett. I believe we are all like the little girl Mary Lennox, till we find a secret garden of our own, which changes our views, perspectives and makes at look at the world in a different way. It is a charming book about friendship, determination and perseverance. Poetry is The secret garden for my soul.

Being part of Jingle community, what are the benefits?

I used to keep my poems to myself till Jingle gave me the confidence to share my innermost feelings with a truly supportive community. My amazement never ceases when I think how easily all of us can bond over a wonderful poem, crossing all man-made boundaries of country, religion, faith and language. The amazing poets in this community are an inspiration and the comments are a joy which brighten up any bad day.

Are there particular blogs you enjoy visiting?

There are many...

Siddhartha Mohapatra's -Tales of a twisted mind
Reetam's -Thoughts of Rain
Wandering Gypsy's -Coffee Beans And Dry Flowers
Blaga's -Broken Sparkles
Vishwas Anand's - Provoking Hearts and Minds.
Sonam (deadpoet88)- Inside the mind of a lunatic
Jamie Dedes-Musing by moonlight
Olivia,Vinay, Rekha, ……...

and many more blogs which are part of Jingle Community.
Their writings just make me coming back for more.

Any advice for people who would like to write poetry?

Poetry will always be there in people's hearts. Let us do all we can to make it come alive. Write what comes naturally to you and your writing will become your muse and your Guru.(teacher).


I am Blaga and I wish you a lovely day with my favorite poem from Reena.

You can find more of her amazing writing at
http://harivarasanam.wordpress.com/ - Butterflies of time.


The vanishing flower

Ruby red, her petals spread,
She blooms alone in the virgin glade
Five tongue -shaped beauties come alive
to protect the glittery dust inside.

Yesterday too, I passed this way,
No leaf moved, no wind blew.
The grassy dell lay mischievously still
hiding in their blades this elusive jewel.

Kissed by butterflies with kohl-rimmed eyes,
she stops my tracks as I stray
into these woods for a breath of life
Charming my soul with her divine play.

Her stem stood proudly upright
holding aloft the ruby crown.
Heart shaped leaves gently fluttered
A queen’s demeanor, nectar of delight.

Night has sprinkled her tear drops few.
Quivering on the petals, the lovely dew
gently showers on my feather touch
Gone are the pearls, to my deep regret.

Curiosity took me for a walk
to discover more beauties in my path.
Finding none to match, I soon returned
Only to find my flower gone!

Why did I stray, where did she go?
Her glittery dust covers the ground.
Eaten by a goat or plucked by a hand
A mystery – here no souls abound.

A creation of my deprived imagination or
a mental masterpiece to fill a visual vacuum.
In these deep woods, I somehow know
she bloomed the other day for my eyes alone!


Stay tuned for next Wednesday and Christopher's interview with another talented poet!

Love and peace ...


Celestial Dreamz said...

I have always loved her writing ... so good to see her, here.

The Poet said...

Always interesting to learn more of our brothers and sisters.

Great interview, Blaga.

I'll be paying Reena a visit soon.

Boonie S said...

Thanks for another fascinating interview. You do bring the best out of your guests.

All the best, Boonie

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

she write lovely poetry.

Glad to see her here.


Butterflies of time said...

Thank you Blaga and Jingle for this opportunity to be featured here.It is a pleasure to be associated with this lovely site and its readers.Have a happy day and a good night!

Helena said...

What a fabulous idea - a blogger in the 'spotlight'.

Anonymous said...

Such a lovely interview of a lovely poet. When I see a butterfly, I always feel blessed as I have in this interview.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe I missed this one! It was so nice to learn more about you, Reena! :) I am pleased that Blaga did this interview. I loved both poems on here - I think I liked "Good night" just a little bit more but they were both full of rich imagery and wonderful thoughts! So nice to "meet" you!

Sreekumar said...


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