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Friday, April 8, 2011

Saturday Poem of the Week

This week’s prompt of Photos, Nostalgia and Memory prompted many submissions dealing with loved ones, painful memories, strong emotions and snapshots of days gone by, lives well-lived and simple things.

The poem that I’ve selected by K. Shawn Edgar demonstrates qualities that make poets, poets. It’s easy to see that K.Shawn has honed his powers of observation. He has captured a moment from an ordinary day and reproduced it with clarity, much as a photographer does with camera and high-powered lens. Note the details he shares that bring the reader into the picture, allowing us to be present, to visualize, listen, touch, emote along with him.

I also like Edgar’s ability to use active verbs to enliven the narrative: tucks, camp, twitch, leap, sway…to name a few.

Duplex Days

High window in the bathroom
I see a spider living there
Above our shower and tub
Its corner web framed by the windowsill
Each silky line, milky white, collecting sunbeams
And storing moisture from the shower head’s waterfall

In the bedroom, Sebastian is sleeping in a rectangle of light
It’s his early afternoon spot on the bed
And he tucks his nose under a warm polydactyl paw
And his snores sound like a tiny muted sonar
His breath is linked with my heartbeat
For he was there when I was not complete

From the couch I watch for the good people
But don’t see them on the TV show
Mr. Pants is camping on the dryer in the sleeping bag
Twitching legs and whiskers show, he’s leaping in the grass
Trying hard to bite a squirrel’s ass
Even deep in the aether of dreams his large talons are out

The music plays and Jack Johnson sings the positive words
I dance a crazy dance on our kitchen floor
Bare-toed feet, stick-leg pants, my hood pulled low
Hands up, loosely swaying, eyes down, nearly closed
My bone-toe shuffle mixes banana pancakes over the linoleum
As my mind memorizes each conspicuous bundle of swirling dust

K. Shawn participates in a collaborative blog Carbon Noise Poetry at http://kshawnedgar.wordpress.com/2011/02/19/duplex-days/
 and hosts his own blog at

This is Victoria Ceretto-Slotto posting for Poem of the Week at Jingle Poetry Community. Due to conflicting schedule issues, this will be the last week I will be contributing to Poem of the Week. I leave with mixed emotions but will continue to stop by Poetry Potluck and serve up my poems and graze the talent offer at this poetic buffet. I hope to see you next Monday where the prompt is Evolution, Environment and Survival

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto: http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/
Uma Anandane: http://umaspoembook.blogspot.com/


Anonymous said...

what a true delight to read...he truly paints with his words.

UmaAnandane said...

All the best Victoria ! Enjoy your writing

izzy said...

This is a great piece! Thank you for introducing us.

Jingle said...

fabulous pick..

thanks for being so sharp and focused..

Bless your day.


kshawnedgar said...

Thanks again, Victoria! It looks really good, and your commentary is excellent. I love the way you write. I'm happy you chose my work for this feature. Please, keep in touch. Enjoy the road ahead.

Sara said...

Really beautiful.
Very well written.

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

One great piece, I missed out reading it and I am so glad you guys picked this.. certainly not to be missed.. *thumbs up*