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Monday, April 18, 2011

Review Tuesdays - More Than Ordinary!

“Ordinary riches can be stolen; real riches cannot. 
In your soul are infinitely precious things that cannot be taken from you.” 
– Oscar Wilde

Yes, so true, but not many of us see the priceless things in our soul. To many of us, all is ordinary. Yet to some of us at least, there is “A Little More Than Ordinary”. We experiments to try to get that little more out into the open, to share the priceless treasures knowing that the more we share, more the treasure does become. For such a person, in my opinion, recognition means something but not everything. But we at Review Tuesdays wish to give him that recognition we feel he deserves, and we hope through this small review of his space, we can do that. We bring to you the poetic musings of Ramesh Sood this week through this feature.

Ramesh Sood is someone who is very passionate about life, and who loves to live it fully and enjoy each moment. RS (as I usually address him) wishes to move from ordinary to atleast a little more than that, trying to stay in his happy state and through his writing that flows, he shares with us his mind and its vibes.

Keeping to his ordinary style, RS uses the simplest default template offered by the current Blogger platform, “Watermark”. A soothing brown background in general and a creamy white post background makes a good match and a palette of black, dark brown and maroon fonts lend color to the Georgia font in use. The two sidebars, sandwiching the post area, host a variety of widgets like Archive, Followers, Visitor Flagcounter, Blogroll and Feedjit. The blog has 254 posts to date, and has been in existence since November 2009 as per the archive. He has 126 followers as well.

To analyze his poetry, at the first glance, we can all notice has an affection toward haikus. If he has six posts on his main page, then all six of them have at least one haiku in it if not more. And he pens them down with simple beauty. I never think writing haiku is easy, for it has to express a whole lot in three lines. RS does it with relative ease. He mentions in almost every post that he finds the post incomplete without a haiku. That emphasizes the passion. To quote my favorite haiku of his is quite easy for me, for it is one of his recent ones.

“Don’t lift curtains of
Illusions; let them remain
Life is fine dear”

So true, RS! Life is fine without us thinking illusions are unnecessary. Eloquently put. Now, there are more haikus for all of us to read at his space. How about a “Sudden Shower”? I’m sure for most of us experiencing the torrid summer; a rain shower would be a huge relief; as is his haiku for a summer mind. Now, I don’t think going on talking about his haiku talent would do his free form poetry justice. RS likes to just let go of his quill and let the words flow too without being restricted by seventeen syllables! And he can go on till his mind is content with what is expressed. Don’t get me wrong, the length of his posts doesn’t influence the quality of his words at all. Let’s get some of his wisdom right into the review shall we? His recent poem for a prompt, “Shackles” that he suggested for the meme OSI, it talks of the mind growing like a human tree. It’s not very long, but profound in thought and simple rhyme in execution. He shares:

O’ God from all the shackles,
Let my mind become free,
Let me grow in all directions,
Just like an old tree
Let me bear the fruits
Of knowledge in every season
And offer them to one and all, from
Every caste, creed and religion
Let my roots become stronger
To birds of love branches be the hosts
And just like dry dead leaves
Shed from my mind unwanted thoughts
Unwise men may try to betray
Or even conspire to destroy me
Give me courage and the wisdom
To live like a Human Tree…
O’ God from all the shackles
Let my mind become free...

RS, thank you for this mantra. For more of his free form creations, I suggest a visit to his above ordinary blog and perusing it. You can click on any link in my review to go to his space, or if you are a writer for memes like One Single Impression, Haiku Heights, Poetry Potluck, Three Word Wednesday etc., you might just find his link there week in week out. You’ll have fun and learn at his space, absolutely.

RS, as a reviewer, it was a pleasure to review your blog. I’m unsure if I did it justice, and it’s the first time I’m reviewing in this informal style; I hope it has come out fine. If I were to suggest improvements for your space, I’d suggest these points: Do label your posts by form or meme, so your readers can find your posts for a particular theme easily, and perhaps you can shift some widgets from the right sidebar to the left? The left one seems to be quite empty and the right one rather full. Otherwise, I quite find your blog balanced!

Your reviewer at Review Tuesdays, I’m Vinay (formerly Leo) of the blog I Rhyme Without Reason. SiS will be joining you next week, with another review. Till then, from both of us, it’s adieu…


Ramesh Sood said...

Dear Vinay,

First of all...I am having goosepumps all over...it came to me as a very pleasant and a happy surprise...I am awe-struck..my gratitude to Jingle Poetry and everyone there making a difference by encouraging the friends to go beyond 'ordinary' in whatever they do.. trust me, I am humbled..

My best wishes..and ggod luck..lets continue to stay in flow..

Love ...


Someone is Special said...

Dear Vinay,

I have read all your reviews posted here on JP but this is one of the most wonderful and beautiful review I have ever read... I was seriously hunting for the line, 'Here I am gonna review a poet who my co-review fears to review, as he is more than an ordinary poet' and so on... Hmmm... RS, you are an awesome Poet, many a times I have visited your blog, read your posts, Haikus, and peace was with me when I left your place. I stumbled for words to comment my views there and so now… Thanks for all the poems you have blessed for us till now. Keep on writing...

O’ God from all the shackles
Let my mind become free
! ~ By reading RS amazing poems ~ !

Someone is Special

Butterflies of time said...

Great review Vinay Loved reading more about R S ,whose poems I have always enjoyed and respected

Anonymous said...

Ramesh is quite talented, with so much to say and yes he loves Haikus but he does them so well, with flawless flair and skill.
Thanks for the review Vinay :)

Promising Poets Parking Lot said...

extraordinary review.

He is a diamond,

Glad to see the poet smile.


Anonymous said...

Hi Vinay,

Lovely post, lovely man! I try at best in describing life in these terms (Haiku) which till now has been a form I have not tried...funny, because this beautiful man's style is of such eloquence, softly written with such a gentle spirit, and a truth filled beauty all his own.

Thanks for everything you do and thank you for this lovely review.

JL Dodge said...

Hi Vinay,
Rs has been on our follow list for months now, love that you wrote such a memorable post about his lovely poetry !

Anonymous said...

Wonderful review for a wonderful man and wonderful poet.

Ramesh Sood said...

Goosebumps all over
Teary eyed, overwhelmed
I gather your love…

Spread in your comments
And your sight-marks on my page
I feel glow & warmth

Thank you everyone
As I promise to spill always
Seed of happiness, here..

Lets continue to practice happiness..

RS :)

trisha said...

ramesh is an outstanding poet. i read his blog regularly and his works are truly enchanting.

thanks vinay for this beautiful intro to a marvelous writer.

trisha said...

ramesh is an outstanding poet. i read his blog regularly and his works are truly enchanting.

thanks vinay for this beautiful intro to a marvelous writer.

RM said...

Thank you Vinay... I keep coming to his space, to re energize myself, to remind myself how blessed we are and to take away learnings, to me it's like turning to the answers page, when stuck for a long time at a problem, so that I can start solving the next problem with a relaxed mind. What I have posted below is something I had shared on facebook. Would like to quote myself here

"He is an awesome blogger. A guiding light. A person who has walked through life and could manage to gather all the learnings and all the sources of nectar for a beautiful , happy life, which he now shares with us, so that we don't waste an extra moment over remorse and look at every thing that happens to us like a wrapped gift of God, that is sure to bring us a smile when we unwrap it."


RM said...

Had to come again for the follow up comments :)