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Monday, April 4, 2011

Review Tuesdays - Moonlight

“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.” - Voltaire

Having our dinner under the ‘Moonlight’ is a pleasant feeling during our childhood days. The same feeling you could get if you stop by the blog, ‘MUSING BY MOONLIGHT’ of our dearest Jamie.

About Jamie

Jamie Dedes is a blogger, freelance feature-writer, publicist, and columnist from Redwood City, California who is fond of Music (Yo-Yo Ma Bach Chelo Suite), Sketching, Jewelry Design and Cooking. She emphasis more on poetry, fiction, creative non-fiction and memoir. She has writing experience more than my age, winner of NaNoWriMo (2008, 2009, 2010 and ….) and it goes on… She supports ‘SHARE OUR STRENGTH – CONNECT FAMILIES WITH FOOD’, if you wish too, then please…

She owns three blogs other than ‘MUSING BY MOONLIGHT

INTO THE BARDO: This blog is a creative collaboration of Robert Rossell, Ann Emerson, Jamie Dedes, and occasional guest posts.

BROOKLYN: This blog tells you about people, places, food, and memoir.

THE CAT’S MEOW: This blog is a collection of sweet, savory, and funny posts.

and you can follow her via Twitter: http://twitter.com/JamieDedes or contact her via mail id, Jamie Dedes


MUSING BY MOONLIGHT’ is a celebration of life dedicated to her son and daughter-in-law. She says ‘the blog is a flagship blog, a potpourri of poetry, memoir, feature articles, music, and book reviews’. I say if you are lover of ‘English’, ‘Poetry’ or any of those mentioned above then you have to stop by her blog to enjoy the smiles spread via her pen.

Unlike most of the bloggers, she owns a domain for her, ‘musingbymoonlight.com’ and with DePo Masthead Template as base; she has designed her blog awesomely. This template supports all the features that WORDPRESS would support plus special features like ‘Author Box’ as well, so it is a wise decision to choose this template.

She has a very good collection of widgets like ‘CATEGORY CLOUD’, ‘ARCHIVE SECTION’, ‘RECENT POSTS’, ‘TOP POSTS & PAGES’, ‘BLOG STATS’, ‘EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION’ and ‘LIVE TWEETS’ too.

Also she has enabled the sharing features. So don’t forget to share the loved ones via Twitter, Facebook or any sites you can.

The archive of the blog says that she pens down from November 2008.

About Musing

Reflections of life are always treasured as sweet memories and we cherish at any point of lifetime. Such reflections are always mesmerizing to read and if it is presented as poems then a single word can’t describe, so I’m wordless here to describe about Jamie’s poetry.

Her poems are right from her heart, soulful, and creative. Her poems touch the soul of the readers wanting them to come back for more. From her recent posts, ‘THE MAN WHO LOVED’ is my favorite.

She writes for Poetry Potluck, Thursday Poets Rally and other memes as well…


Jamie it would be great if you create a Facebook page for MUSING BY MOONLIGHT in FaceBook. In addition, Network Blogs will help you to reach people easily.

Special Words

Jamie the thoughts you pen down are precious and I am an ardent follower of those thoughts.

About this Romantic Verser

This is Someone is Special, the author of Few Miles, hosting Review Tuesdays along with Vinay (Leo) of I Rhyme Without Reason. Enjoy the beautiful creations of Jamie as I do. Stop once by ‘Music by Moonlight’ then you will never stop to stop by it. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


Blaga said...

So nice to see Jamie featured here! Great blog that I visit everyday and sure is one of my favorite! The musings by the moonlight are indeed lovely! Good job SiS!

Olivia said...

My Dear sweet Jamie- moonlight has to be you!! great to see you featured today.. I can always use some extra musings..

Hugs xox

Jingle said...

wow, 4 blogs,
I thought she has THREE...

She is a gem still half buried in the woods, hope more poets start to love reading her beautiful poetry, enjoy her amazing friendship...

When she comes to my blog and makes 4 or 5 comments in a row, she makes me feel truly honored and encouraged
with her perfectly fine tuned kindness and wisdom.

Way to gO!

Jamie, Bless You Day!

Keep it up, Someone Is Special!

trisha said...

jamie is a priceless person, poetess and writer.

I look forward to her posts too, here and in musings.

thanks SIS for this priceless tribute to a priceless person and writer.

Anonymous said...

Jamie's blog, Musing By Moonlight, has been one of my favorites since I first started blogging.

She has such talent and a wide range of interests that she shares regularly. She's awesome!

Anonymous said...

I feel like I've known Jamie for years and her poetry (and other posts) never fail to delight. I'm so glad you featured her! She is a gift to our blogging communities.

Anonymous said...

Impressive. I feel very fortunate to have "met" Jamie in blog-world. She is a gem and I'm glad to get to see her featured here. Well deserved, and great write up on her.


JamieDedes said...

Wow! What a surprise to log on tonight and find this. Thank you so SiS for this and for fine suggestions. And to Blaga, Olivia, Jingle, Sam, Victoria and Trisha for such kind and supportive remarks. I'm touched. Okay, tissue box now ...

Olivia said...

Well Jamie,

I already ENVY your readers list- lols. Someday, I would want to see myself there..

Love x

Anonymous said...

hi jngle, always making tremedous efforts , well done, visit my log toknow the cause of my long absence. www.wordwand.wordpress.com