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Sunday, March 6, 2011


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ON THIS DAY: the American Pulitzer Prize winning poet James Ingram Merrill died in 1995. He was born in 1926. His poetry falls into two distinct bodies of work: the polished and formalist (if deeply emotional) lyric poetry of his early career, and the epic narrative of occult communication with spirits and angels, titled The Changing Light at Sandover, which dominated his later career.

The Changing Light at Sandover is a 560-page epic poem. Sometimes described as a postmodern apocalyptic epic, the poem was published in three separate installments between 1976 and 1980, and in its entirety in 1982. Already established in the 1970s among the finest poets of his generation, Merrill made a surprising detour when he began incorporating occult messages into his work. MORE

By James Merrill from Collected Poems

Again last night I dreamed thee dream called Laundry.
In it, the sheets and towels of a life we were going to share,
The mil-still bibs, the shroud, each rag to be every
Trampled or soiled, bled on or groped for blindly,
Came swooning out of an enormous willow hamper
Onto moon-marbly boards, We had just met. I watched
From outer darkness. I had dressed myself in clothes
Of a new fiber that never stains or wrinkles, never
Wears thin. The opera house sparkled with tiers
And tiers of eyes, like mine enlarged by belladonna,
Trained inward. There I saw the cloud-clot, gust by gust,
From, and the lightning bite, and the roan mane unloosen.
Fingers were running in panic over the flute’s nine gates.
Why did I flinch? I love you. And the downpour laughed
To have us wrong white, gnarled together, one
Topmost mordant of wisteria,
As the lean tree burst into grief.

Scott's instrument
TOUCHING AND QUOTE-WORTHY FROM SCOTT (SoberNuggests). “This morning, I sit in one of my favorite haunts, a nice little small town coffee shop with a great post-industrial, eclectic writers vibe, poised to put fingers to keys and create something for this week's Thursday Poets Rally. A lot has changed with me in the 15-plus years since I had my last drink and drug. One of the major changes has come very slowly and has manifested only recently. My desire to write has returned with an amazing amount of energy. I know I've had stuff to say, and I know God gave me the voice to say it. But it took me getting sober, having the courage to blog about it over the past five years, and the kindness of a few bloggers who write creatively, before I could let that voice out. I'm grateful beyond what words could adequately express. Sometimes that gratitude comes across in my pieces, at least I hope it does in one way or another. Last week I was blown away by the fact that ten folks from our online poetry community think enough of my writing to list me among their favorites. That's a powerful experience for me! Wow!

I thank you all for coming around and for sharing yourselves through your writing! Thank you for welcoming me into this community!” MORE
Thank you, Scott. We love you too!

ADVANCE NOTICE OF LEO’S SUMMER SALAD CHALLENGE: “This is a year of challenges I think. January dawned with WordPress offering the Post-a-Day and Post-a-Week challenges, and then February had SiS throwing the Haiku Challenge. I completed the latter but not the former. I’ve been wondering when to host another challenge, and I’ve decided that I’ll announce them now itself. With Cloaked Monk hosting a challenge in March, and then Lee’s A-Z April coming up, the first vacancy for me was May and I’ve decided to make full use of it. I’m not one to base on forms much, and so it’ll be a free form challenge again. May is the last month of summer here in India. And after Monk tosses her challenge in March and Lee Tossing It Out in April, I’ve decided I’ll be hungry for a Summer Salad. So in May, I say let’s ‘Toss It Up’”. DETAILS AT LEO’S PLACE. 


JAMIE: When did you start blogging and why? Is the blogging experience meeting your expectations?
UMA: I started blogging on 2010 in order to publish my long written poems on Internet. Though I was aware of blogging long before, I came into blogging world entirely only on 2010 starting my first blog named Inside My Poem Book which is dedicated only for poems , followed by my second blog Perpetual Thinkings, for my other writings which also includes Vedic Maths. The year 2010 was the year wherein many poetry blogrolls on Internet appeared and it boosted my blog by interacting with other bloggers of same kind making my blogging experience much more fun and interacting

JAMIE: What is it about writing poetry that engages you?
UMA: I am a person who loves fantasy, dreaming away from this world. I weigh my thoughts, reasoning myself with many things I face in life. I do believe in positive thoughts since it inspires me to move on when my mind is clogged. I manage to bring my fantasy and positive thoughts into my poetry so as to make my blog a much more like my conscience to whom I can share and talk. It’s like a mirror into which I reflect upon and learn.

JAMIE: Tell us about our poetry book.
UMA: Yes, publishing my own book has been there in me for a long time and recently I had the opportunity to make that dream come true. I chose the name Inside My Poem Book as the title and Out of the cocoon into a colorful butterfly as the subtitle meaning the book has poems with some learning experience in it. And I ,an introvert person came out from the cocoon shell into a colorful butterfly by making one of my dream come true

My poetry book consists of twenty-one different poetry forms with more than one-hundred poems including the best of both published and unpublished ones. I made it into kindle edition and published in Amazon with all the necessary files uploaded for navigation and also in Pothi.com for sale.

JAMIE: When is your new novel coming out? What can you share with us about it and where can we find it?
UMA: My novel is written in my mother-tongue TAMIL and I am thinking of  putting it in print. My novel is titled as Ennai Kandupeedi Paarkalaam meaning Find me if you can in English. I have the script ready. I'm typing it in my mother-tongue. I can’t conclude the date of publishing since typing in Tamil is a tremendous job for a complete novel. I hope and try to make it ready by next year if everything else goes well. And when I am done, I am sure to put about my experience in my blog.
Thanks, Uma, for your time and effort on this interview. Your work on Jingle Poetry is appreciated.


JAMIE: Did the acceptance of your essay on writing by the National Gallery of Writing help affirm you to yourself as a writer? Did it give you a boost, in other words? 
CHERYL: Definitely! The boost came in the form that my writing was being recognized or taken seriously. Of course you receive feedback from family and friends that love anything you write, but to have it recognized by the National Gallery of Writing was a special treat. It said to me, not that I had made it, but that I had made a tiny dent in to work my way through in the writing world. 

JAMIE: How is blogging working out for you? What are you getting out of it? I note that you started with a commitment to blog once a week and were having some difficulty with that. Now you have blogged several times in one week.  
CHERYL: Blogging is truly a new venture for me. I've always done some form of journaling and have tons of journals filled with various types of my stream of consciousness but it has always been personal. I find with the blogging I am open to a whole new world of people and they respond to my writing just as I respond to theirs. Some of our fellow bloggers are such deep, insightful people and there is so much to learn from them. I love the community feel that I think is so important because writing can be such a solitary effort. What I get out of blogging is not just the ability to stick to a goal of writing once a week but I have met a lot of wonderful people who have encourage me and see my writing as a gift. That is mind-blowing to me and makes me want to not disappoint them. I also hope that in some ways I inspire and encourage them as well. So even when I am having a bad day or can't imagine trying to write something, I do it anyway because I feel that maybe my writing will touch someone else just when they need it as many writer’s work has touched me. I've had the pleasure of reading various blogs and the words have indeed made me feel better at times. Writing is powerful and I love the craft as well as the difficult process.

JAMIE: What is your preferred writing form?
UMA: When I began I was trying my hand at fiction but have hit an unbelievable wall with my novel (I'll spare you the details). Since I've been blogging and writing poetry the feedback I receive from it has been phenomenal. I never considered myself a poet but others seem to think I am (laughing). Blaga, from Scent of My Heart, introduced me to the wonderful Poetry Potluck and she has been nothing short of amazing in her encouragement. I know nothing of the poetic form so I’m investigating writing and learning more. I just write from my heart, no matter what I write, I write from my heart. As a writer, you have a keen ability to see beyond just the thing in front of you. You see all the nooks and crannies of everything and it makes the words just sing. Though I am still working on a novel, right now my focus is poetry.

JAMIE: What is the inspiration for your desire to work with low-income populations? What is your goal?
CHERYL: My inspiration is that I don’t think people get enough chances to be creative. We trudge to work everyday but we don't get a chance to tap into our own personal creative source. I think this is especially true in low-income populations. Young people and even adults are not encouraged to let their creative side shine in whatever way they can. I truly believe that the rage that is always brewing beneath the surface in our neighborhoods can be channeled through writing. I believe the pen is far mightier than any weapon. My goal is to present to community centers, schools, etc., a workshop that will teach young people to use that rage, pain, and even joy, to write something beautiful; or even something ugly if that is where the writer’s heart is at the time. I think writing gives the opportunity to let the imagination go and work without boundaries. If I can achieve that I would have accomplished something great by introducing new writers to the world. And I think that is a good thing.

By way of further introduction, here is a short poem by Cheryl, Untitled.
I swallowed a piece of the sun today

it warmed my insides and made me glow

Funny how it reminded me of you
Thanks, Cheryl, for a fine interview and continued good work and good fortune.

SALAMANDER COVE: My (JamieDedes) poem Imagine is in the March collection of this fine online poetry publication where Other Mother’s Children was also published last year. Both of these poems found homes elsewhere including Poets Against War. I’m pleased because the subject is important to my heart. Check out the magazine HERE for some other fine poems and poets who may be new to you. 

LITERARY AGENTS: If you feel ready to begin exploring this topic, you’ll find a good introductory piece on Poets & Writers HERE

CONGRATULATIONS SiS (FEW MILES): on passing the 200th post benchmark. Hooray!


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Thank you Jamie for the birthday wishes. Nice interview with Cheryl!

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