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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Poem Of The Week - 5 th March 2011

I am honored to be a part of Jingle’s Poetry Community and to host this week’s Poem of the Week.Welcoming all on broad , we at Jingle poetry are happy to read the Monday Poetry potluck entries which has many well-written poems on the theme " Cartoons,Sci-fi and Super Powers". All the poems depicts the artists talent in many ways. Choosing one among a dozen pearls is very difficult.With that task of selecting only one , we present here one such entry for this week's Saturday Poem of the week " Wordsalad's Ouroboros".

Wordsalad in his poem takes us into a world of mysterious symbol used in ancient cultures what he calls  as Ouroboros.Ouroboros is a symbol where in it consists of a snake biting its own tail, forming a circle, and like other circular motifs , symbolizing  unity or the cyclical nature of many aspects of life.Sometimes it is also referred as joining of opposites, similar to yin-yang, half light and half dark, day/night...etc suggesting that opposites not only coexist but are also related in a cyclical manner.

You can note how he starts the poem with a prayer  ,goes deep within it spinning around  and finally comes out  of it through his eyes with a prayer.


prostration in body-prayer
without the folly of blind faith -

tentative, to avoid vicarious
half-life percolated through
a soul not worn at the heel

reeling Ouroboros like
a front-loader on spin cycle -
each raiment a lifetime,

each undergarment a moment
of contact multiplied manifold
with every whirring revolution

veneration in body-prayer
eyes open

I hope you enjoyed reading the above poem .Visit the poet 'WordSalad ' who is experimental and has in depth meaning in his poems.

Honoring the Notable Youngest Talent : Gaurangs' Poems for the theme Super power.In his poem,he writes about saving trees questioning and reasoning  all along the poem ,

The beautiful nature, created for being killed
Can we save the extra water we spilled?
Try to understand it is out turn to change the earth
Otherwise no longer there will be human birth

Oh! God Why can't you explain?
That we are giving mother nature pain
Just killing it and sitting it watching it die
And what I tell is the plain truth not a lie

I have tried but I can't do it anymore
Even a tree can be saved by a group of four
Nature being killed for land
But understand why we should not kill a tree with our cruel manly hand

Earth was beautiful and now it is heating
We have to stop it! Unless we want to stop breathing
A major topic to talk about
Green cities in, Pollution Out!
-Gaurang Rao  

Now on the final take,

Myself Uma , owner of Inside My Poem Book , is happy to take part in the Poem of the Week themed "Cartoons,Sci-fi and Super Powers "in Jingle poetry.Meet you all soon in the coming weeks with much more amazing poems 



Dave King said...

A poem with a lot of arcane power, I think.

Jingle Poetry said...

neat choices, uma...

Glad to see you shine with wisdom...


Iwrite4u said...

@dave..yes,if you keep reading his poem twice there you can lots are said within a few words ....
@Jingle :)

Luke Prater said...

Thanks Uma and Jingle for Ouroboros being chosen as poem of the week, great honour. Glad you liked it.

Thanks again my friends

Luke @ WordSalad

JamieDedes said...

Thanks to Uma for a fine post, Luke for an excellent poem, and Victoria for her ongoing commitment to this effort.

Peace -

Anonymous said...

Uma...wonderful first post. Luke, you are one of my favorite poets and I've learned a lot from you in just a few months time. And Gaurang, it always thrills me to read your poetry and know that young people like you will be there to keep poetry alive. Excellent choices Uma.