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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Review Tuesdays - Bloggin'WithAmanda

Review Tuesdays today features a blog with a simple title, yet poetry that is exquisite in its simplicity. The blog in the spotlight is Bloggin’WithAmanda, authored by Amanda G Moore.

Who is Amanda Moore?
Amanda is a passionate poet, blogger, loving wife and mother to two teenagers. She’s also a B.S in Criminal Justice with emphasis on Psychology, an amateur photographer and radio operator, and a passionate reader of true crime stories. She also likes to write prose. She is the hostess of Musical Mondays as well.

What does Bloggin’WithAmanda look like?

Having an own domain, there is a lot of choices in Wordpress.org for templates. Her site uses the Clear Line theme, white post background with a single sidebar that disappears when the post is being read so as to emphasize the poem or prose. Customized fonts like Lucida lend the reader a calming feel as well. The sidebar hosts features like Tweet This, Follow on Networked Blogs, StatCounter etc and the bottom bars hold Recent Posts and Comments Listing. I couldn’t find an archive as such, but the countdown widget in her blog intimates that she’s now into her third year of blogging. The Google Connect widget is recent, and she has 19 followers there, 33 on Networked Blogs.

Now to the poetry:
Amanda is a poet who likes to explore formaic poetry and free verse both. She’s an avid writer and her passion for writing is evident from her words. If you look at her recent posts, you can see that as well. In her last ten posts, many forms are present like haiku, cinquain, loop poetry etc. Her most favored forms are Acrostic and Haiku I feel, coz those are more present in her archives, and she’s regular at the meme sites that offer inspiration for the two forms.

To share a few of her recent works as “must reads”, I think her recent cinquain for Hollow is one I loved. It expresses sadness in 5 lines, few syllables and also it prompts readers to think of a scene that could follow her visual piece. Another I liked was her post on Sarcastic, which is a form called Minute Poetry. It was previously unknown to me, and it is an interesting style to which she has done justice. Among her haikus, the best I’ve read so far is Wings, where she writes about the wings of dancers; a unique take to the prompt for which first thoughts tend to waver toward birds or butterflies or such.

Amanda writes for many meme sites like Haiku Heights, Acrostic Only, One Single Impression, Poetry Potluck etc. Her enthusiasm toward writing is something I personally admire.

I love the page and its design as such. I don’t think you should, even in the future change that. However, if it’s possible, could you add a widget to search by tags or categories? It’ll help readers to read posts of a particular form easily I think.

Who am I?
I’m Vinay, formerly known as Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Simplicity doesn't have any rivals I think. You've a beautiful space on Blogsville, Amanda. Continue to amaze us as you do now. Thanks for the opportunity and honor, and do let me know if there was anything wrong in the review.


Anonymous said...

nice to meet you amanda the criminologist poet haha lol.. i just bought a book introduction to psychology out of curiosity and find the first few pages very interesting indeed! anyway happy blogging and good job vinay for your assessment!

Lisa said...

Wholeheartedly agree with you about Amanda. I am a follower of her blog and her work is AWESOME! Something I didn't see mention that I believe is one of her strongest traits is that she is a great follower herself and leaves very thoughtful comments on others work.

CONGRATULATIONS Amanda! You deserve this!!!!!

Unknown said...

Wow, thanks to this review.. I found another wonderful site to read.. :)

Yeah, Amanda, nice meeting you and your blog is just simply lovely.. :)

Jingle said...

beautiful pick, Vinay.

I always enjoyed Amanda's poetry.

she is fabulous company to have.

Bless your day, all of you reading this.


Vinay Leo R. said...


point noted and wholeheartedly agreed upon too. she's a wonderful reader as well :) but I was reviewing the blog mainly, so I tht more spotlight to the blog.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

I'm a big fan of Amanda and I always enjoy her poetry. She's also a wonderful Facebook friend.

Congratulations to Amanda and to you on your excellent choice and fine review!

Amanda Moore said...

Wow I am honored. I will create that search, thank you for the suggestion. I use the clean line type theme simply for the reason you mentioned, because I can leave sidebars out of the post, no distractions just my writing, there are many WP theme that do that. I have my own domain for one main reason Java. on free WP you cannot use Java like you can on blogger.
I am tremendously honored that anyone would highlight my blog my appreciation extended far beyond words.
Many Thanks,

Butterflies of time said...

Loved reading more about your blog Amanda .And congrats Vinay for a great review.

Anonymous said...

Vinay, so glad you featured Amanda--a special lady who writes wonderful poetry.

Judy Roney said...

I love this blog. Well deserved accalaides to Amanda and her work.

Anonymous said...

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