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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Review Tuesdays - ASH BEE ZONE

Not many people can steal your hearts with just 17 syllables but this poet stole my heart in ‘The Haiku Challenge’ when I read his first Haiku.

Got something new
Way to evince my thoughts well,
My First Haiku rose.

From that day onwards I became a follower of this wonderful poet and today I am here to review the ZONE he lives, “Ash Bee Zone” of Ashish Bardhan a.k.a SPIKEY.

About Ashish

Ashish Bardhan is a creative blogger from Delhi, India, studying B.Tech Information Technology student at N.S.I.T who is fond of Music, WWE, Programming, Gaming and Blogging. In his ‘ABOUT’ column he says that he is neither a TERRORIST nor a damn HIPPOCRATIC, not even so PATHETIC carrying something ARTISTIC, sometimes becomes BALLISTIC and ultimately OPPORTUNIST.

He owns the blog,
ASH BEE ZONE: http://ashbeezone.wordpress.com/

and you can follow him FB: Ashish Bardhan or via Twitter: http://twitter.com/ash_bee_yard


ASH BEE ZONE derived from ASHISH BARDHANEE ZONE, The Universal Yard of Blogging. This blog spreads smiles in a special way; say if you are a lover of poem then you can enjoy his poems, if you are a lover of sketches then you can enjoy his sketches, if you are a lover of WWE then you can enjoy his theme, I have to say that it is a package of smiles.

With Modularity Lite Template as base, he has designed his blog with background as “If you smell what the ROCK is cooking” Picture, and dark colors. The template supports all the features that WORDPRESS would support, so it is a wise decision to choose such kind of templates.
He has a very good collection of widgets like ‘CATEGORY CLOUD’, ‘TAD CLOUD’, ‘CALENDAR’, ‘ARCHIVE SECTION’, ‘RECENT POSTS’, ‘TOP RATED POSTS’, ‘RECENT COMMENTS’, ‘BLOG STATS’ and a awesome footer too, ‘Wow! What a collection!’

Most importantly ‘NETWORKED BLOGS’, ‘FACEBOOK’ and ‘BLOGLOVIN’ made following very easy. Also he has enabled the sharing features in post too.

The archive of his blog says that he pens down from September 2010.

About Magical Poetry:

After mesmerized by his poetry I am happy to say I don’t have words to describe his poetry world and his sketches. He is a versatile poet, (Haiku, freestyle and rhymes to name a few) and he has shown excellence in very short period.

His poems are soulful, creative and they are from his heart. In a short span of six months, he has penned 94 (Poems, Sketches) in total. His poems touch the soul of the readers wanting them to come back for more. From his recent posts, ‘The Ultimate Success’ is my favorite; as he conveyed a lot within 17 syllables.

He writes for Poetry Potluck and Thursday Poets Rally as well…


Well, I really don’t have any suggestions for Ashish. If you wish create a page for ASH BEE ZONE in FaceBook to reach as many people as possible.

Special Words:

The words you pen down are precious and I love your magical poetry world a lot.

About this Romantic Verser:

This is Someone is Special, the author of Few Miles, hosting Review Tuesdays along with Leo (Leonnyes) of I Rhyme Without Reason. Enjoy the beautiful creations of ASH BEE ZONE of Ashish as I do. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


Anonymous said...

great to get to know you better ashbee haha ! stay cool..


This was great , loved the read.


Dave King said...

You have certainly left me with a strong desire to know more. Great post.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

smart take, someone is especial..

she is a gem ..
always supportive and cool.

Happy Tuesday.

Rajlakshmi said...

thanks for introducing him to us... will check his blog

Louise Gallagher said...

I learn so much from these reviews!

Thank you.

JamieDedes said...

SiS, I have been on his site and totally agree with you. Outstanding selection. Thank you! and Thank you, Spikey, for sharing your art and humor.

Blessings all ...