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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Poem of the Week -Saturday March 19

The weekend has come for our relaxation.The best relaxation after good sleep is indulging in good foods and drinks .With our theme on "Food,drinks and Indulgence" this week ,we had many talented writers making poetry out of the main ingredient of our life and linked them to Poetry Potluck.

Now ,coming for that one selection- Welcome all on-broad .As always,choosing one among a dozen pearls is very difficult.With that task of selecting only one , we present here one such entry "Cocktail - Pink Lady ". 

Mary Magdalene Krislin Neo, Ting (S.Pike) ,the author of Tingtasy blog loves seeing and expressing topics from a controversial scope, capturing 'stories' in each picture she sees.She is a wonderful writer from Singapore.You are welcomed to her blog with lovely BG music.Now for the Poem of the week, she gets her poem displayed on Jingle Poetry .

Cocktail - Pink Lady

Immersing in soap,
It seemed I am getting in
Nothing of fatal,
(But) of something soft, gentle and sweet

Cheery seated, smiling
Would I ever be as it?
Unsweetening sweet pumping itself in me,
Historical secrets flashing as I sip my drink

Sipping in the soapy taste,
As though my inner I, am bathing
Found myself lying in a bathtub with bubbles,
Surrendering myself to where this bath will take me

Pink Lady, Pink Lady,
The same name as others used to identify me
Was I this soapy like this glass of cocktail?
Like the cherry in this cocktail drink (Pink Lady),
Dispensable, my existence is….

About Me
I am Umamaheswari Anandane ( Iwrite4u) ,the owner of Inside My Poem Book , feels honored to be a part of the Jingle poetry with the work of selecting  poems of the week in accordance with the week's themes .




Jingle I can never get to submit a poem as I have trouble getting through, having said that

I thought this poem wonderful and congrats to the winner,


Maggie said...

Yay, Ting! Good choice, Jingle. : )

Maggie said...

And, Umaheswari. : )

Anonymous said...

Nice choice, Uma and congrats to Tingstasy. Happy weekend, everyone.

ds said...

Wonderful choice! Thank you.

Uma Anandane said...

@all Thank you.
Hope all to have a wonderful weekend!

Unknown said...

Oh my... THANK YOU... *lost for words*...

I am surprised and of cos, honoured to be selected for this week..

Thanks, Uma...You have no idea how much this had made my weekend.. and Jingle for bringing me into this wonderful poetry community...

Thanks Yvonne, am glad you enjoyed this simple cocktail.. :)

Thanks liv2write2day...Tingtasy is indeed delighted and honoured to have her name up.. :)

Cheers, everyone, and have an enjoyable weekend.. Maybe you guys can have a glass of Pink Lady.. *wink*

jamieDedes said...

I particularly enjoy this poet. A fine selection for this week. Thanks, Uma. And thanks to Ting for sharing her gift.

Well done and happy Saturday, ladies.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

outstanding choice,

very sweet work, Krislin,

wow, Glad to see you smile, you are hard working..

Happy Sunday.

Unknown said...

Thanks jamieDedes.. for delighting in my gift of simple writing.. :)

Thanks Jingle.. Without you, I won't be here and let alone able to know so many wonderful poets.. :)

Yeah, my smile, everyone here made it possible..

Anonymous said...

wonderful krislin and am happy for you.. :)