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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Meet THE Poet Wednesday

Welcome to Wednesday Meet the Poet where each Wednesday we get to known a little more about the talented authors who contibute to Jingle Poetry. This week we get to meet Saravana Kumar Murugan, a.k.a. Someone Is Special!

Tell us a little about yourself.

I’m Saravana Kumar Murugan a.k.a Someone is Special and I love to be called so, as my pen name is a sweet dedication to someone special in my life.

Writing is my passion, and I am born in this world to express my dreams, I do so as poems and prose. I do prefer poetry as it helps me to rhyme what I love to, and attain peace.

Apart being a poet by love, I work as a Software Engineer and I live in Bangalore, India. I admire Mahatma Gandhi – the Father of India, Abraham Lincoln, Abdul Kalam – a light to youth India, A.R Rahman – the music storm, and a mad fan of Sachin Tendulkar - the God of Cricket. More than the names listed above, I love my Sweet Mother a lot.

More about me on my Facebook profile...

Please tell us about your blog and what it means to you? How did you come up with the name?

My blog is reflection of my life where I love with my pen, as it is a sweet dedication to “someone special” in my life. The birth of “Few Miles” was because of my close friend as she requested me to start a blog and chose pendownmythought from my list of ten, and I chose Few Miles as the blog name. Why “Few Miles?” It is inspiration from Wodsworth’s “Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abby."

It also implies the journey that took me here, made me learn what life is and reflects my love for poetry too.

Can you remember writing your first poem?

I do, in my school days, I penned my first poem for someone special in my life. That poem was titled Sorry!
Sorry to wake you up in your sleep!
Sorry for hugging you last night that deep!
Sorry to implant my lips on yours!
Sorry for tasting it for some hours!
Sorry to reveal those unheard words!
Sorry for wishing that not to be my dreams!

From that day until today, I love to write poems most of them being romantic ones as the source of wisdom being Romantic King ‘Wordsworth’ and the one who inspired being the sweetest girl in this world.. I write mostly on love, romance and friendship.

Is there a style of writing you prefer?

I do favour haikus a lot, because I can convey so much in 17 syllables. I also love free verse and rhymes because poetry is an art, music just feel it to enjoy the pleasure of it.

Do you write more than just poetry?

Of course, I do write prose of type 55-Fiction, Flash Fiction, Debates and Real Life Stories. I appreciate all my own work, but as per the readers’ choice, some of the most loved works are “Moment of Madness”, “The Untold Story” and “I love her.. But I hate”. I just simply love to explore different varieties of writing and I enjoy them.

I also sketch portraits and create wallpapers for friend’s birthday and for celebrations.

What is the favourite poem you have written so far?

Aww, if you ask a mother, ‘Who is your favourite child?’ she can’t answer and I am in that position after penning more than thousand poems in my dairy and almost hundred in my blog, to choose a favourite from them would be tough, but there are few close to heart as it is reflection of my life.

and of course the “Waters Series”,

When do you write the most?

Well, I prefer to write at night, particularly from 10 PM to 1 AM, the most romantic time in this world. Not only the time I prefer but also the environment, it should be romantic, musical and dim lighted. In such time, place I write even without thinking as the words flows from my mind like the stars in the sky and, I pen it down, may be not in my blog but in my diary.

Do you have a favourite poet or a favorite poem?

Of course, I love the romantic king, “William Wordsworth” and his magical poetry. I have a great collection of his poems as eBooks and my favorite poem also from his pen, “Daffodils”, a work I love to read billion times a day, and his other poems are sources of my wisdom.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read? 

I enjoy reading books and I prefer the genre ‘romance’ and ‘crime’ fiction a lot. Sidney Sheldon, Leo Tolstoy, Sherlock Holmes, Chetan Bhagat and recently Ismita Tandon Dhankher of ‘Love on of the Rocks’ are my favourite authors. How can one miss the name J K Rowling, I just love her imagination. If you ask me best it is difficult to answer, I would say the books I loved, ‘Eric Segal’s Love Story’, ‘Leo Tolstoy’s War and Peace’, ‘Sidney Sheldon’s Tel me you dreams’, ‘Sherlock Holmes - *’ and ‘Chetan Bhagat’s Three Mistakes of my life’

What poets in the blog-sphere do you like to read or visit most?

Well, I have many sweet friends in blog-sphere and I love all their works. I will read their poetry to convey my feel on their wonderful arts. But there are few poets whom I love to read on daily basis, they are “Vinay a.k.a Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason, Ji of Jingle”, and many more..

What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?

Well my inspiration is ‘Someone Special’ and I dedicate most of my works to this soul. I never know I can write poetry until I penned my first verse, and learnt who I am. The inspiration list grew as my friends inspired, the world around me, it may be my Dog (Mittu), a cloud pattern or any beautiful things that my eyes love to see. I write most comfortable in my living room at night and I prefer the environment to be romantic, musical, dim lighted.

You have been a part of Jingle Poetry Potluck. What are the benefits of participating in it? Are you a member of any other poetry communities?

I was unknown as Someone is Special until Jingle visited me on Friendship Day with three awards that helped me to land on Thursday Poets Rally. From that day, Someone is Special became visible to this blogging world. My first poem reaped me an award, “The Perfect Poet”, and also earned me a respectful official position in Jingle Poetry. I found many new friends and loved reading their wonderful arts. I have to thank Ji a billion times and also Vinay a.k.a Leo, for their constant encouragement and blessings.
Poetry Potluck is absolutely a dream place for a poet; I always love to be a part of this wonderful place and wish to thank all the officials of Jingle Poetry for their wonderful works. What more can I say?... SmileS..

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a poetry blog? 

“Poetry is the music of the soul, and, above all, of great and feeling souls.” - Voltaire
Just hear what your heart says because poetry is a music that everyone rhymes in his or her heart for someone special in his or her life.


Jingle said...

what a fantastic interview...

Someone is special is very thoughtful and talented,
It is a great honor to have him grace Jingle Poetry/Thursday Poets Rally...

Thanks for the shout out, Christopher....

Way to GO!
Have A Blessed Wednesday...

Glad that you like Jingle blog, SIS...


Anonymous said...

and good to get to know you better sis haha! carry on writing!

Anonymous said...

Just wondering, amidst the Erich Segal's 'Love Story' and your love for Gandhi (a true prophet), where Adolph Hitler fit in. He was not a poet, nor was he a good writer in any sense of the word. Were you joking, or just seeing whether or not we were paying attention?

Sincere on this. Hitler was mad (as most poets are), but he was also a genocidal maniac. Would appreciate some thoughts on this from the poet, and thanks.

Peace, Amy Barlow Liberatore
(Sharp Little Pencil)

Deepika said...

u are a wonderful writer, poet and person sis!

Ramesh Sood said...

Good to know about you SiS... continue to evlove..and learn..life is an extraordinarily beautiful experience...one thing I liked is that you are in love with yourself too which I have always believed to be the first essential requirement to become eligible to love anyone else.. God bless.. keep writing..and sharing..by the way..Tell Me Your Dreams is my favourite too..among the best of Sidney and Deffodils stayed pasted on wall in my earlier house for years and years..

Someone is Special said...

@ Ji,
What else I need other than blessings, you are always there for me to bless.. and So I am shinning Ji... Thanks a lot Ji.. SmileS...

@ Chris,
Buddy smiles and thanks...

thanks a lot for your sweet wishes.. and I am sure I will stop by your blog soon...

first thanks for your sincere words here.. and my thoughts on 'why inclusion of Adolf Hitler', is because of his writings, 'Mein Kampf' - when you read this book you can find why I included his name... hmmmm.. SmileS, thanks a lot..

@ Deepika
Thanks a lot Deepika, Pleasure to have frends like you in blogosphere.. SmileS...

Someone is Special

Someone is Special said...

@ Rameshji..

Happy Man, and ofcourse life is an extraordinarily beautiful experience, SmileS.. Glad you too love 'Tell Me Your Dreams', and of course Daffodils is a wonderful poem.. and Glad it stayed on your wall for years and years.. SmileS Rameshji...

Someone is Special

JamieDedes said...

What a fine interview of our dear, SiS. So many friends in common too - Wadsworth, Tolstoy, Holmes. Wonderful. And ever since I "met" SiS, I've been impressed by his indefatigable commitment to poetry and his grace and appreciation for other members of our community. Admirable.

Chim's World of Literature said...

great interview i always love reading SIS, poetry....

Uma Anandane said...

Nice to know more about you SIS..you know what , at first I thought "sis" means sister and you are a female...as days went by, I got to know more about you and your blog in this virtual life of ours..today here ,I can easily visualize who this sis is! Good journey! keep it up

Anonymous said...

All good thoughts your way, but I have read Mein Kampf (wondering why you assumed I hadn't) and it was based on the blueprint for the extermination of Armenians by the Turks. The cycle continues today with so-called "ethnic cleansing," or genocide. So now that you know I indeed read what I criticise, please explain? Sorry to be a pain, but this really spoiled an otherwise wonderful interview, and I'm surprised more didn't mention it. Amy Barlow Liberatore

Someone is Special said...

@ Jamie

Happy Man Jamie, so sweet of you and happy to the things in common.. SmileS... Thanks a lot once again for all the blessings you gave.

@ Chim's World of Literature

Glad and happy man you know.. SmileS...

@ UmA..

hmm, as you had already told me this, SmileS.. and hope now you can easily know about me...

@ sharplittlepencil

First, thanks for all your smiles, I didn't assume so, I said what can be the reason for me to mention and I am sure you would have read the book. the simple reason could be the self confidence he had in the entire book, the situations and many.. sometimes I feel good in bad in a different perception... may be that could be a reason.. hmm, so sweet that you came back to read my replies.. thanks thanks thanks...

Someone is Special

reena said...

Hey Someone is special, always appreciate your comments in my blog and loved reading and knowing about you as a person and a poet. Great interview , loved your answers . All the best to a good

reena said...

human being and a special poet.

RA said...

I enjoyed reading your inspirational interview. Congrats!

Amanda Moore said...

Good thing I saw a link to this on your FB page or I would have missed it! I appreciate your honest sharing, I cannot believe you remember your first poem! I can't remember what I wrote yesterday LOL!
Congrats on a great interview

Someone is Special said...

@ reena

Hi reena, Happy Man to read your sweet words here.. Thanks a lot and happy to be listed as special poet.
Thanks and wish you the same..

Someone is Special

Someone is Special said...

@ Rosidah Abidin

SmileS, happy man... and Glad to have you here...

Someone is Special

Someone is Special said...

@ Amanda Moore

Glad, and thanks for your sweet comments on the new feature of Blogger.. SmileS..
It is close to heart that makes me remember it always.. hmm..

Someone is Special

Celestial Dreamz said...

you deserve every appreciation that has come your way. you are an wonderful writer. God bless.

Someone is Special said...

@ Celestial

So sweet and Happy Man..

Someone is Special

Tigerbrite said...

I had wondered who someone is special was. Now I know. A young man who does not know what Hitler did. He may have been an artist and a poet but he was a man who wrought holocaust and mass murder. A split personality like Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

Someone is Special said...

@ Tigerbite

Thanks and I with to love good things in people, it is as simple as that, starting appreciating and loving good things in each soul, then you can have several reasons to smiles.. SmileS..

Someone is Special

Anonymous said...

It was nice "meeting" you SIS, I swear you were a woman lol, ah! the joy of assumptions. It is so lovely that you would dedicate your entire blood to a loved one :)

Thank you for pushing me in writing more Haikus and I so totally enjoyed that ride!

Thanks to interviewer and interviewee :)

Anonymous said...

SiS, you are one of my favorite poet bloggers and that "Special Someone" is lucky. Got to agree though that the Hitler thing bothers me because it seems so out of character for the loving poetry you write. But it gets down to the fact that we all perceive life differently and that's okay.

Anonymous said...

SIS, I have to stick to my beliefs here. It's easy to say you love everyone in the world. I'm Christian and I know Jesus taught us to love our enemies. But he also took the powerful to task when they were unjust. The humiliation, pain, bloodshed, that Hitler endorsed, beginning with Mein Kampf, has no place in a loving world. I appreciate that you admire his confidence as a young man, but there are a lot of confident people who have caused a lot of pain... and if you put George W. Bush, Osama bin Laden, and all the CEOs of multinational corporations together, that might begin to equal the blight on humanity that was Adolf Hitler. He found the very worst in people and encouraged them to act on it. He staged book burnings! You're a writer... how does that show love?

Tigerbrite said...

Hitler was a black magician.
There is not much good in that.
Black magicians feed on the light that comes from others. Watch out he is probably steeling yours.

Someone is Special said...

@ lynnaima

Pleasure to hear this from you lynnaima.. Thanks a lot and happy to hear that you love for Haiku is great..

@ Victoria

Glad I'm in the list Victoria, and I agree to fact perception differs.. and seriously thanks a lot for your wonderful smiles you gave me whenever you visited me...

@ Amy

First thanks for your wonderful mail.. I like people who take care of things when I go wrong.. I know about HITLER as I have read about him in Social Studies book and after I reading his book I liked the confidence so I always considered him the fact, if he would have taken non-violence then it would have been a differenet story.. fine smiles.. after your mail I gave a second thought and I agree to remove him from the list and also in my mind.. Thanks for the light..

@ Tigerbrite

Probably he won't be hereafter.. SmileS... and thanks for everything..

Happy Monday

Someone is Special

trisha said...

this is a perfect intro to a more than perfect person. SIS is priceless person and writer. his poems and stories both are terrific.

thanks christopher for sharing these new things about him.

all the best SIS!

Anonymous said...

How nice to meet you, SIS. I enjoyed learning more about you. What a wonderful person you are with a big heart.

Someone is Special said...

@ trisha

Happy Man Thanks a lot trisha for your sweet and encouraging words.. and I thank christopher for this help.. SmileS..

@ bodhirose

Happy Man.. Thanks a lot for all the smiles you gave me..

Someone is Special