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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Meet the poet on Wednesday

"There is something about poetry beyond prose logic, 
there is mystery in it, not to be explained but admired."
~ Edward Young

Hello Jingle girls and boys,
welcome to another Wednesday at Jingle Poetry.

I am Blaga and today I will introduce you to one of our very talented members,
Aleza Freeman from "Beyond my Window" .

Enjoy the interview ...

Tell us a little about yourself…

I live in Las Vegas with my husband, son, three cats, and an enormous goldfish that will probably one day rule the world. Seriously, this fish has super cosmic powers. He's most likely immortal.

I am a writer by profession and by hobby. I'm currently employed as an advertising copywriter, but I worked as a newspaper reporter and editor, and multimedia journalist for years. More about that below and on my website/online portfolio,  http://www.alezafreeman.com/.

Please tell us about your blog and what it means to you? How did you come up with the name?

"Beyond My Window" was a manuscript I wrote for a college poetry class in 1998. After I graduated in 1999, it sat in a box in a green binder in my garage until I found it during spring cleaning about 2 years ago and started reading through it. Having enough time to distance myself from the words on the page, I was able to read it more critically. I could see what I did well, and what I did ... not so well... and it inspired me to start my poetry blog, http://azfree.wordpress.com/ I didn't know, or even consider, if I would have an audience. I just liked the idea of creating my own space online to express myself and play with words. I had no idea there was such a huge online poetry community out there when I first started, or that this community would be so welcoming and encouraging.

There are times I consider deleting my blog altogether, but the amazing people in the blogosphere rescue me from the edge of pressing the "Delete" button time and time again. You see, I've always written, but for most of my life I've been a closet poet. I thought I was a poet hack, and -- seeing as I write for a living -- I didn't want to embarass myself by letting people read my poems. But one day I decided to stare straight into the fierce eye of my cruel insecurity. I gathered all of my fear and frustration into a mighty fist, and with a hop, skip and a jump, I punched him square in the face. He still pops in from time to time, but scurries off with his tail between his legs at the sight of my raised fist. It's purple and calloused. I call it Spike.

Can you remember writing your first poem?

Yes, I was in second grade. I wrote it for my homework assignment, and it was about the many practical uses a unicorn has for its horn, like to tie a shoe or lead a band. It was silly. It rhymed. I got an A. I was hooked on writing immediately. Even at such a young age, I felt more at peace when I was writing than at any other time. It just felt natural.

Is there a style of writing you prefer?

I like to rhyme. I know it isn't the classiest writing style in the world. But I get a kick out of it.

Do you write more than just poetry?

Yes. I have been a professional writer for almost 15 years. I've worked as a journalist in Northern California (under my maiden name Aleza Goldsmith) and Las Vegas (now Aleza Freeman), writing news, features and entertainment stories for newspapers, magazines, and websites. I've written on just about every topic you can imagine, from adult circumcision to Area 51, to solar power, to suicide bombings, to hate crimes to hotel reviews, to interviews with celebrities like Hugh Hefner, Howie Mandel and Carlos Santana.

I am currently employed as an advertising copywriter. I write copy for ads, signs, radio, and even television commercial scripts.

I am also working on an anthology of humorous poetry for kids along with my husband, Howard Freeman, for our publishing company, Big Doodle Head Books. It's called "Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy" and we were hoping to release it for sale this year. I'm writing. He's illustrating.

What is the favorite poem you have written so far?

Dirty Laundry. It's a poem for kids I wrote for "Candy Store at the Edge of the Galaxy," but it infuses a good combination of both kid and adult humor. 

Dirty Laundry

Up the stairs
down the hallway
through the bedroom door
I left my favorite
pair of jeans
lying on the floor
my shirt balled in the corner
my coat turned inside out
my underwear atop the lamp
my socks strewn all about.
Do you have a robe I can borrow
by chance?
‘Cause I’m not wearing
any pants.
If only laundry day
were sacred
I wouldn’t be standing here
cold and naked.

On a very different end of the spectrum, I wrote a more adult piece about the harsh realities of the economic recession and foreclosures in Las Vegas. It's short, but also one of my favorites:

American Dream

What ever happened to the
American Dream?
The economy crashed,
smashed my
white picket fence
like the Hulk on a
rampage, indignant
and green.

When do you write the most?

I write just about 24 hours a day! Even in my dreams.

Do you have a favorite poet or a favorite poem?

Dorothy Parker, William Blake, Dr. Seuss and Shel Silverstein.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read?

I don't read nearly as much as I should, although a friend of mine and I are in the process of starting a book club. My all time favorite book that I can read again and again, over and over, is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.

What poets in the blog-sphere do you like to read or visit most?

My blog-sphere poet list increases everyday. There is so much cool stuff out there. But I am quite faithful to many of the blogging friends I met when I first started out, especially Jaymie Thorne http://jaymiethorne.wordpress.com/ and Blissbait http://blissbait.wordpress.com/

What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?

I will write about any topic, anywhere, anytime, on anything. On the back of my hand. On the bottom of my shoe. On a rotten banana peel. I can't always decipher what I've written, but at least it's written.

You have been a part of Jingle Poetry. What are the benefits of participating in it? 

The encouragement of other writers is extremely powerful. It's also a lot of fun.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a poetry blog?

Do it! Make it yours. Write away! Write on!! :)


I will end this post with another poem from Aleza that I love very much.
All hail the drama queen

A drama queen?
Why, what do you mean?

I’m merely a princess
who’s making a scene.

My royal desire
spreads like wildfire
(doused in gasoline).

Wishing you happy and inspirational days.
Stay tuned for next Meet the poet on Wednesday with Christopher.
Peace& Love


Anonymous said...

great to know you better through this aleza.. hope you do well in your childrens book thingy..

trisha said...

i too loved the poem you pointed out blaga. i love aleza's works very much too.

Butterflies of time said...

Well done Blaga, A great interview.Aleza ,you come across as a fun loving, down to earth person with a huge poetic streak.
"May you always have your muse around
To keep you blessed with its ever rhyming sound."
lots of love
Another rhyme-lover


Well done on some excellent poetry.


Olivia said...

Aleza Dear,

Since I have read all these poems at your site, it felt I know you more :)

Lovely interview indeed.. Hugs xxx

Someone is Special said...

Aleza is an amazing talent.. It is great to know about the novel and humor.. SmileS.. Yet another great interview by Blaga..

Someone is Special

bendedspoon said...

I will write about any topic, anywhere,
on anything.
On the back of my hand.
On the bottom of my shoe.
On a rotten banana peel.
I can't always decipher
what I've written,
but at least it's written.

Even your statement sounds like a poem to me! Aleza, you rock!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

super inspiring poems, Aleza, I visited your Big Doodle Head web, it is cool...

Blessed to know you and your hubby, his illustration is very cool..

Hope that Your husband and You make the best seller list soon in children book market....

I have read every single word, enjoyed it very much.

Have A Smiling Day.

Anonymous said...

WOW. Amazing job Blaga and thank you, thank you, thank you everyone for your awesome comments. You have made me feel like a rock star for the day!!!!!!! Truly, I am honored and touched.

Anonymous said...

You are the star here Aleza, it was a pleasure to do this interview! Thank you everyone for stopping by! Greta day boys and girls!

Kavita said...

Sweet ..sweeter...sweetest!! :)
What a fiiiiine interview, Blaga... yaaayyy!!

And Aleza, you first wrote while in the 2nd grade?? MY OH MY!!! (holy bow)

heheh.. I loved "dirty laundry".. I mean, the poem ;-)

Oh.. and "All hail the drama queen"... MY all time fave by Aleza!! And we both know why!! heheheh

A huge thanks to you ladies for this cooool one!!


Unknown said...

I enjoy Aleza's work and am pleased to see her featured here. Nice interview, too. Great questions and revealing answers. Thanks., guys!

wanderer above the mist said...

Very nice. Great to see fresh poetry