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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet the poet on Wednesday

Welcome to this wonderful Wednesday at Jingle Poetry and Meet the Poet. I am Scent of my heart and today I would like to meet you with the honey of Jingle community - Olivia. Always ready to help, to leave a word to cheer your heart, Olivia is a blessing to be around. Talented and beautiful soul! Enjoy!

Tell us a little about yourself.

In fact, I have a lot to. Anyone wanting to know more about me, I suggest please read this

Please tell us about your blog and what it means to you? How did you come up with the name?

I couldn’t choose to keep the ID with my name alone. It was taken, so I decided I might as well say something that would give an insight of the blog too!

Can you remember writing your first poem?

Mom would keep the paper away no sooner she discovered that I have scribbled something. Those were always hidden away by her. She would think I would turn into a maverick scholar and take to wanderings! I don’t know if I have been anywhere close to being a scholar or any much left to become a maverick, I do lead a life of a wanderer.

I had attempted to do limericks when I was 6. The book that introduced me to the form was taken away with a warning.

I have been writing poems on and ooff; some maybe still lying in my old cards folder. I have uploaded few of those at my poetry site. I loved doing quotes for greetings. I used to do the greeting cards, both for my girlfriends and their boyfriends!

The one I remember was written for my 1st crush. Technically he wasn’t my boyfriend- since we were only 12! At my time, 12 was considered to be a childhood.

Forget the past n forgive your friends
Begin your New Year with new trends
Ignore what happened, love your friends
You’ll reach a treasury of happiness

Is there a style of writing you prefer?

For poetry, there are none. For prose- Witty, descriptive n as much realistic as possible. Actually that goes for poems too! I haven’t tried to do fiction yet.

Do you write more than just poetry?

I write about my dreams in the same blog. I have put up my sketches n handicrafts images too in there.

I have been compiling my biography on a different site. I have dared to bare it all. That one also includes my “brooding” portion. I have captured my home pics. Everything you want to know about me, that’s the blog.

For some time I had written for BellBajao.org. It’s a NGO working against Domestic Violence. So I do write about things that need to go and change in our Society- separately though in my yet another blog.

What is the favorite poem you have written so far?

That’s a tough one! I can only be a critique to my work. I barely am able to appreciate myself.


If you wish to stand up tall,
You’d be up there all alone..

The breeze would often slap your face,

The Sun would scorch your tender skin!

How you sustain yourself,
‘d then be written as a theory.

Your lifestyle would become;

An enlightened state of that of the Buddha!

Wish me luck,
So I remain where I’ve reached-

Without any companion; devoid of all relationships;

Singing songs to myself and dancing upon those..

..Remaining consumed in an Eternal Bliss!


When do you write the most?

Here’s to my favorite part. Things strike my mind when I am sleepy. That’s right. I have written most of my work just before dozing off- chanting like a mantra so I remember it in the morning. Yet some of those are Early morning realizations- when I am yet to say- Morning!

Do you have a favorite poet or a favorite poem?

It would have to be Oscar Wilde. I was so moved reading his little Nightingale that I wrote one of mine too. I have posted that in my blog now
I still chose Nightingale to be since I sing too; often I was compared with the chirpy feathers by the school teachers and class mates.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read?

Yes I do. Well I love reading the subjects related to Occult Science.

Autobiography of a Yogi
Hindu Gods n Goddesses

What poets in the blog-sphere do you like to read or visit most?

I love them all! It would be wrong if I single out any name. I do hold a few names close to me- but not for their blog- but how they have been to me! As they read it here- they would know who they are.

What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?

Don’t laugh at this one. On my bed! I don’t do it often. But the fact remains my muse hit me only then.
Inspirations could be anything.. Just about anything. I write about myself often. My poems are reflective of my mind; i.e., exactly how my things are in real life .

If you could live in a fairytale and could be a character from one, which one will that be?

I guess I would love to be in Beauty and the beast since I'll earn the riches and a lovely man both! Very much my idea of romance. But how I am and have always believed in, I would want to be the little mermaid. That's the only fairy tale that has ended in a way I like to foresee things. I discovered the actual "ending" only a couple of days back. I wrote my thoughts in a post here-  
Thinking about all the planets in the universe, where do you think would be the best alien poetry?

The idea of life- forms in other plants itself is quite appealing- you just set me thinking. We could host posts inviting other planets to invite in. Your popularity meter would show how many planets you are known across. Oh yeah, that would be fun. Before that, our Computer intelligence would have to be developed further to tap their signals. I do believe there are forms other than human in other planets as well. Then again, any day it happens, I would be out of this planet- I love to explore. I am totally into sci- fi possibilities. Oh well! I wonder they would want to sit back writing poetry. Maybe they would compose message in signals! Their form of poetry could be like signal or mantra affecting the surrounding or the one who recites like a spell. Digital poems. I can't stop you see. 

Although I haven't tried fictions or drama; I believe sci- fi things make me go too technical. To my advantage and everyone's benefit, I would want to believe that we make the best of these until our computers provide some data for me to read otherwise.

You have been a part of Jingle Poetry Potluck. What are the benefits of participating in it? Are you a member of any other poetry communities?

I work as an official with JP just like you do. It has both its merits and demerits. I have met some really wonderful people and poets- you included. The demerits, I know so many of them that I keep losing track to read them back. That’s what I have been doing since a fortnight now. 

Most of my week I am occupied with reading the poets I know that it becomes difficult to even post to my own blog. If time permits, I would definitely want to spread myself over.. 

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a poetry blog?

Ouchh! I am not sure if I should give any at all excepting my best wishes.

That was all for today girls and boys, I hope you had fun being here.
You can visit Olivia at  

oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com (Biographic sequence in Prose)

oliviasmindlymatters.wordpress.com (Biographical excerpts in Poetry)

Stay tuned for next Wednesday and an interview with Christopher and another talented poet from our community.
Until then I , Scent of my heart, will wish you a good day and will offer you one more of Olivia's poems. 
I (am) Liv
I am big n can touch the sky,
The horizon lies at my arm’s distance!
My wings sense the clouds-
Their flutter creates the wind!!
The sun shines when I wake up,
The moon comes up when I sing!
The stars are my joys that never end.

I spread my love through Falls n flowing water-
Seasons are my change of whims,

Weathers are my expressions..

I spell the Calamities to announce my judgements-

I rule the entire Eternity around Me!

This Universe has become my home..

I LIV in the ether.



Anonymous said...

its nice to read about you olivia thought its a bit brief haha~ :)

Olivia said...

Blaga Girl,

I am floating and gloating!
You have done a wonderful job. let me fly a little more around before I sit down to write again..

Sending huge portions of Love xx

Chim's World of Literature said...

hi Olivia i have come across ur work here and i enjoyed the poetry..i hope to read more..
great interview

Dave King said...

Always interesting to hear the thoughts of other poets. Helpful questions.

Bubba said...

Three cheers for Olivia! I'm glad to see her in the spotlight!

Lolamouse said...

Great to see you in the spotlight, Olivia! I have enjoyed getting to know you through your poetry and blogs. You have a big heart, an open mind, and a great spirit.

Louise Gallagher said...

Great interview -- wonderful insights into Olivia and her creations.

Anonymous said...


It is so nice to get to know you. You are such a lovely person and I consider you one of my favorite poet colleagues. Keep writing and may life continue to unfold its beauty to you.


Olivia said...

@ JP,
I know this. You have been reading since the very beginning :)
I appreciate your patience- lolss

@ Louise,
Blushing.. Thank you!!

@ Lolamouse,
Oh well, little pampering isn't that bad- excepting that this is such huge compliment.. Thank you :)

@ Eric,
Hey, Thanks.. Cheers!

@ Dave,
Thank you !!

@ Chim's World of Literature,
Thanks, will do some reading myself too :)

@ Fiveloaf,
That was intentional- I didn't want to kill you all reading through ;)

I am so honored reading such encouraging and kind words from all of you :)

Love xx

Jingle said...

a rocking post.

smiles, Olivia, and Blaga..

Happy Wednesday.

Anonymous said...

great interview on a great person! I enjoyed the read!

Kavita said...

Awww...this is the sweetest!!
LOVE both you gals, B and O !!! mwaahhzz!!

Anonymous said...

Fun interview on a dedicated poetess. I love how small the world is with this blog.

Olivia said...

@ Ji:
Thank you!!

@ Abthomas:
Gee- Thanks :)

@ Kavs:
Love right back at ya.. ;)

@ Victoria:
I am glad you feel that way.. Indeed, world is a small place with some really nice people around :)


Anonymous said...

Olivia I'm glad the feedback is so positive dear friend! Lots of love from me it was a pleasure to make this post!

Olivia said...

Blaga, it was you who did this :)
So many Thanks of gratitude..

Love xox