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Sunday, February 20, 2011


Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members.  Your contributions from your area of the world, your activities, or your interests are welcome. Please forward them to Jamie Dedes of Musing by Moonlight at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. Contributions are subject to editorial discretion and space constraints. Feedback welcome.

ON THIS DAY: Henry James Pye was born in 1745. He died in 1813. He was an English poet. Pye was Poet Laureate from 1790 until his death. He was the first poet laureate to receive a fixed salary of £27 instead of the historic tierce of Canary wine (though it was still a fairly nominal payment ...  MORE [Wikipedia] 

by Henry James Pye
Danaë, with her infant son, Perseus, was exposed in a Vessel to the fury of the waves, by order of her father, Acisius.
As on the well-fram’d Vessel’s side
Impetuous pours the stormy tide.
Aloud the furious whirlwinds sound,
And foaming surges break around,
Danaë, while tears her cheek bedew,
Her Arm around her Infant threw,
And, ‘ah!” she cried, ‘what weight of woe
‘this wrtched breast is doom’d to knw,
‘yet calm my helpless babe you lie,
‘And blamy slumber seals your eye,
“Hush’d in this drear abode you sleep
‘Amid the horrors of the deep,
‘Now y the moon reveal’d to sight,
‘Now wrapp’d in shades of gloomy night,
‘Nor heed the howling waves tht spread
‘Tremendous o’er your shelter’d head.
‘In your warm robe you lie reclin’d
“Regardless of the raging wind.
‘ If all these fears to you were fear
‘My words would pierce your infant ear;
‘But sill may Sleep’s oblivious hand
‘O’er you extend it’s influence bland,
‘And O!may Slumber’s placi reign
‘Lull the rude tempest of the main,
‘Bid the dread scene of terror cease,
‘And give my tortur’d bosom peace.’

ANNOUNCING THE PUBLICATION OF LILLIANA NEGOI’S (Endless Journey) FIRST BOOK OF POETRY, SANDS AND SHADOWS: A long-time member of the JP community, Lilly has charmed us all with her precise and evocative poetry. Now we are pleased to congratulate her on the publication of her book and appreciate her time for an interview here.

JAMIE: When and why did you decide to go from posting to publication?
LILLY: I’ve been writing poetry for some years now, and went through different stages – first I used to write only in Romanian, which is my mother tongue, then I went to translating my poetry into English and eventually I reached the point of writing directly in English. After that it was only a matter of evolution. I posted my poems on various websites for a few years, and then in June 2010 I decided to start my own blog, which is called Endless Journey. It was also in June when I began to think seriously about publishing my first poetry book, after many of my readers and friends suggested I’d do so, which concurred with my own opinion regarding the writing level I had reached. That is how the SANDS AND SHADOWS project came to life, and now the book is expected to be on the market in April. One can check for further details regarding this project and also for an excerpt from it on the front page of my blog.

JAMIE: Are you self-publishing or have you found a publisher? If self-publishing, which service are you using and why? Are you pleased so far?  If you have found a publisher, what was the process? How do you feel about it and would you go this route again or opt to self-publish?
LILLY: Well, considering the fact that it was my first book, and that coming from a small country like Romania was not going to help me in finding a publisher that would have totally supported the expenses for the process, I decided to try a self-publishing service first of all, and I chose the package coming from Red Lead Press, which is affiliated to Dorrance Publishing. From my point of view it was perfect, because they moved fast and it was accessible, and I was VERY satisfied with what they provided, started with the cover and ending with the page layout. And I would go again for them any time for a self-publishing project, especially now that I’ve seen them at work.

JAMIE: In addition to our virtual community of poets, do you belong to any neighborhood poetry groups? What is your experience with them?
LILLY: I’m also a member of Poets United and of Facial Expression Poetry, but my time being very limited sometimes it’s very difficult for me to keep up the pace with all the websites where I have friends. However, from time to time I try to catch up with things that go on while I’m gone. I am lucky though to count so many people as my friends, or at least as my “poetic” friends, and my only regret is that I could never thank properly enough to all of them for their support!

Thank you, Lilly, for taking the time for this interview.

ADVICE FOR POETS AND WRITERS: Recently in Dispatch HERE, I interviewed the English poet, Myra Schneider, on writing poetry. Her advice was well received. Subsequently I interviewed her on writing in general and her writing specifically. You can read that interview HERE. I also reviewed Writing Your Self, which Myra wrote in collaboration with the poet, John Killick:

The subtitle of this book about personal writing is “transforming personal material.”  I think it is implicitly also about personal transformation. It always seems to me that writing and reading about life is a healing activity, a way to live hugely, and a way to empower ourselves and others. If we can do it well enough to engage others, whether our purpose is to leave a record behind for family, to set the record straight, or simply to share and entertain, the experience is rewarding. MORE 

WRITER’S DIGEST WRITING COMPETITION: For 80 years, the Annual Writer’s Digest Competition has rewarded writers just like us for their finest work. They continue the tradition by giving away more than $30,000 in cash and prizes!

Win a trip to the Writer's Digest Conference in New York City!  

GRAND PRIZE: $3,000 cash and a trip to New York City to meet with editors or agents. Writer's Digest will fly you and a guest to The Big Apple for the conference. While you're there, a Writer's Digest editor will arrange for you to meet and share your work with four editors or agents! Link
 HERE for more details.

CHEERS TO MARILYNN MAIR (Celebrating a Year) ON 1,000 POSTS: Visit her and say “Congrats!” She says, “124 of these post are poems– sonnets, decima, villanelle, rondeau, pantoum …” The lady rocks and rolls.

BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO: CyberLuz birthday, February 14. Please stop by her place to say, “Hi and Happy Birthday.”

KUDOS TO BILL COOK (Poetry Matters): One of Bill’s poems was selected for publication in the Spring Poetry Journal Up and Under, which is published in South Jersey, U.S.A. 

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Jamie, thanks for all the info's.. Will visit her to convey the wishes.. and Writer's Digest too..

Someone is Special

JamieDedes said...

@SIS Thanks! Happy Sunday ...

Jingle said...

Jamie, awesome news as always..

The interview is amazing, Glad to see Lilly get published...She is very supportive.

So happy Bill Cook has his poem published as well...

Happy Sunday!

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Jamie, thanks for sharing with us all the info's.
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Congratulations to Lilly and Bill. I was glad to get feedback about Lilly's experience with self-publishing. I think that's a strong option, especially for poetry. Good column.

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thanks a million times jamie for this wonderful post.

marilynn is a priceless treasure to all of us.


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Loved the news Jamie, as usual! few things got my attention more than others, the poem by Henry James Pye I liked the most. Congratulations to Lilliana for her book. Bravo to Bill and his published poem! And most of all well done to you Jamie, for gathering all the pieces to make Sunday very eventful!

Liliana Negoi said...

thank you Jamie for the interview :). and thanks to all of JP members!