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Friday, February 25, 2011

Saturday Poem of the Week

In this week’s Poetry Potluck, you addressed the theme of home, temple, sanctum in a variety of way—digging into memories of your childhood, addressing issues of homelessness, considerations of a spiritual nature and more. One of the poems that caught my attention is that from Kellie Elmore on her blog “Magic in the Backyard” in which she invites us to journey with her into her childhood.

The poem comes alive through means of a sense of place that she creates with vivid sensory detail. You can smell the cooking and maybe a little bit of musty air, hear squeaky hinges and taste that cup of coffee. Her incorporation of hues paints a watercolor of the past.

Another technique that Kellie uses to achieve her purpose is enjambment. Her sometimes unexpected line breaks draw you into the unfolding of the poem.

Corner of Dead and Gone
by Kellie Elmore

Light permeates
through yellowed sheers
on a loosely draped picture window,
clinging to floating particles
and gently trickling
over dust covered frames,
that still hold happy smiles
and blinkless stares,
permeating me.

Standing here now,
in this musky room
the worn hardwood cracks,
and whispers memories
of days when this house lived
and breathed laughter.

When the natural smell
was a home cooked meal-
My head begins to spin like old film,
as gray hues begin to imbue
in remembrance.

That squeaky screen opens
to a never locked door,
and your raspy voice
welcoming with a cup of coffee.
Oh the smell-
of biscuits on sunday morning.
Sighs of full bellys
and satisfaction.

Ghostly echoes resonate
of children running-
In and out
In and out
That squeaky screen door.

Muffled conversations erupt into laughter,
and grandma sings a gospel hymn
as she watches hummingbirds
feed outside her window.
While Sheba purrs at her ankles,
she smiles with contentment.
I feel her joy
as it moves across my skin,
waking the hair on my neck.

I feel her,
and for a moment,
the walls seemed to inhale.
The train blows through town
delivering reality,
slapping my face and screaming,
“You are alone”

Rose colored memories drown,
taking their last breath
absorbing sepia tones,
and saddened hues
as gray spills over the emptiness
chilling the air once more,
and the reel stops.

I hope you enjoyed reading (or re-reading) this poem and that you will drop by her site to enjoy some more of her work:


Until next week when Uma will host and the theme will be: Cartoons, Sci-fi, and Super Powers!!! Please join us.

Victoria Ceretto-Slotto: (http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/)
Umamaheswari Anandane: (http://umaspoembook.blogspot.com/)


Anonymous said...

I didn't have the time to enjoy many poems this week at Potluck, but I enjoyed poem of the week. Thank you Victoria for the challenging work you've done to choose THE ONE and congratulations to Kellie!

Jingle said...

wise choice, victoria...

Kellie write perfect pieces..

This one definitely shines.

a job well done, Victoria,
congragulations, Kellie.

Anonymous said...

nice work kelie. :) keep it up!

Kellie said...

Thank you Victoria and Jingle! I am so thrilled that you chose this poem as it is a truly personal piece and to know it touched people makes me so happy. This is one of my own faves and is close to my heart. Thanks for spotlighting this for me.

Mary said...

Very nice - you really conjure the ghosts.