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Sunday, February 20, 2011

POETRY POTLUCK - Our Home, Temple and Sanctum

A warm HUG to all you awesome people!! 

After a record breaking fantastic week, we (Aleza and Kavita) are delighted to welcome you back to Poetry Potluck... and this week, let's see what we call Our Home,  Temple and Sanctum ... Won't you join us?

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Flash Forward!! Having found peace in our own special place, how about some fun time, eh?! :) Next week, our theme will be Cartoons, Sci-fi, and Super Powers!!!... How about that!?!? Well, you have one entire week to prepare your poem for this theme.. :) And if you are unable to submit a poem ON the theme, relax... Send in an older poem you would love to share with us...

And now, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Enjoy the VIDEO here and write on... Thanks for joining in and supporting your fellow poets here at OUR favorite Poetry Potluck!!!

(by Jamie Dedes, copyright 2011, all rights reserved)

Earth, sweet Earth, home and mother, 
temple of life, majestic and bright.
where ancestors once sat
willing to be her thread, to be
woven into cloth, whole and strong.
They were one with her, could hear
the wild wisdom of her rivers,
eat the fruit of The Sacred Tree,
and navigate her by dead-reckoning.
They sustained.

Now we dance and ply our trades
under Grandmother Moon,
relentless in our denial
while from mountains and valleys,
forests and deserts warnings are sung.
The prayers of elder brothers and sisters
yet hold the energy of our existence,
as they perform the ritual devotions,
the wholesome rites
of ancient Tibet and Peru,
the Outback, the Reservations,
the melting white arctic,
the disappearing rain-forest.

We of the gray cities
and uncivil civilizations
sleep on Earth’s soft shoulders,
suckle at her streams and, lacking instinct,
dance under Grandmother moon
with ears plugged and minds absent.
Ancestor teachings have grown dim for us.
Disregarded is the wisdom of those
who tread so softly, softly
they left no footprint behind.
They left our home place
ordered, populated, and undesecrated,
moist and verdant, a silent sacred sanctuary.

But what of us?
What will be said of us,
ancestors to generations yet unborn?
What will be said of us when we
no longer dance under Grandmother Moon?
They were poor Earth keepers,
poor housekeepers,
lived a cacophony of screeching machines and billboards,
defecating in their food bowl,
their ways were unsustainable.
... And the clock is ticking, ticking, ticking ...

And here is a lovely video that Jamie has shared with us... Enjoy it while you are immersing yourself in the words of her beautiful poem... 

Thank you for everything, Jamie... We are indebted to you for honoring us with your inspiring poem and the pointer to this stunning video... 


LeiffyV said...

Fair warning, mine is dark (shock and surprise) but it is a LOT dark. Super ultra dark.

Anonymous said...

Jamie's poem is beyond beautiful--full of reverence and awe for our Earth Mother. Thank you Jamie, Kavita and Aleza. And of course, Ji.

Maggie said...

Hello! I went a little serious, too.

My poem is titled, Relatively home(ly)

JamieDedes said...

Thank you, Kavita, Aleza, and Ji for Poetry Potluck. And, thank you for thinking of me for the theme poem and bearing with the license I took with the theme. I'm honored to be included in this post.

Well now off to chow down on some good writing - first have to see just how dark Leiffy's poem is. HeHe! :-)

Happy Potluck one and all ...


Anonymous said...

A beautiful prose Jamie!

Jingle said...

well deserved honor, Jamie..
keep inspiring..

welcome 2 JP potluck week 23,

Thanks for the treats.

Kavita said...

Thanks to all for being here with us, and sharing all the good stuff here!

Jamie, you are a real gem!!!

Leif, I gotta see your daaaaaark poem RIGHT NOW!!! :)

Off to read.... ooohh.... fun times fun times!!
And Thingy, serious is good... makes for a great mix here at potluck!! :) Thank you so much...

Victoria, WAITING to read your poem already!

AB... here I come!

And of course, A HUGE thanks to Ji for this amazing platform for us all!!!


bendedspoon said...

I'm so pleased to join and to read Jamie's so beautiful poem!

Cloaked Monk (aka Terri) said...

Such beautiful thoughts and a nice rhythm and leading from one word to the next. Beautiful.

signed...bkm said...

I do not have a new one on the current theme...but I will add this one...a different kind of home...bkm

Lolamouse said...

Mine is another dark one. It's on theme, however.

Anonymous said...

men are destructive beings.. nice one jamie..

Unknown said...

We take for granted what is given to us...a beautiful piece that captures the essence of our home and our abuse of her gifts...

Butterflies of time said...

Mine is an old one but may go with the theme. Loved Jamie's intensity of feeling for Earth . powerful write.

Madeleine Begun Kane said...

Lovely verse!
My limerick relates to the writing life, and it also serves as this week's Limerick-Off prompt: Here's my
Writerly Limerick.

Unknown said...

Its everything in your poem, Jamie.. All in one.. Hit right to the bull eyes...Love the last part the best...

Mine seemed plain compared to yours (though).. Did one with this week's theme http://www.tingtasy.com/2011/02/collections-of-tings-poetry-tpf109-that.html

and another theme unrelated.. http://www.tingtasy.com/2011/02/collections-of-tings-poetry-tpf108-mask.html

Hope you guys enjoy... Take Care..

Unknown said...

What a great blog. I never know where to find the theme for the week until I have already written my poem. Hope that is ok.

Unknown said...

Hello Aleza & Kavita. I'm excited for the potluck as usual. Mine doesn't exactly fit the theme, but... Clerihews About Me, For You.

Anonymous said...

The poems this week are amazing. Such a high caliber of work! It really blows me away. And it makes me very proud to be a part of the community. Thank you EVERYONE who has linked in thus far, and to those who are yet to link in, can't wait to see your work!!!!!

Anonymous said...

The poems this week are amazing. Such a high caliber of work! It really blows me away. And it makes me very proud to be a part of the community. Thank you EVERYONE who has linked in thus far, and to those who are yet to link in, can't wait to see your work!!!!!

Unknown said...

Thanks All...
Many have asked. My right/write hand is healing nicely. Will get stitches out Wed. after having thumb/wrist reconstruction last week.

trisha said...

this poem is fabulous jamie. just loved it.


Unknown said...

Another weeks reading! Yey! Off to look for this 'dark piece', discover Jamie's Sanctum and meet you all along the way!

Dave King said...

My poem is now in place. There were so many threads of inspiration here, it is quite difficult to know what gave rise to what, but many thanks for the brilliant videos and the amazing poem

Scott M. Frey said...

Jamie, you have such a way about you... I loved what you've written here. It's sad enough, to be sure. But, it has the effect of making me all the more grateful for our Mother Earth, and aware of the pain we're creating inside of her.

Anonymous said...


Excellent. You write with such powerful imagery that takes the reader on an emotional. Well done.



Unknown said...

hey, some of the entries this week are astonishing!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Thanks a ton for the support, folks.

Happy Potluck!

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