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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Meet The Poet Wednesday

Welcome to Meet The Poet Wednesday where we meet some of the people who have leant their talent and time to Jingle Poetry. This week we have Blaga.

Tell us a little about yourself.

My name is Blaga. I was born in Bulgaria, but I live in Athens, Greece. I never thought there will be a day I will write poetry, at school I was into math, biology and chemistry, I wanted to be a neurosurgeon. Well life doesn't always do what we expect and want. I couldn't enter med school, but I graduated from University as an electronic engineer.

Few years down the line I've discovered that my real passion is the languages and being closed in a room to fix microchips is not for me at all, because traveling and outdoor places looked much better and really exotic. I speak five languages and I hope I could learn at least 2-3 more. English though is my favorite, it has this sound that makes you feel dreamy and special. Maybe that's why poetry comes only in English. I write only for the last year or so and I have a lot to learn, but time is mine and I plan on getting better at it.

Please tell us about your blog and what it means to you? How did you come up with the name?

Originally I wanted to name my blog East of Eden, but it wasn't available, so in the game of trying free names and words came Scent of my heart and I left it that way.

Can you remember writing your first poem?

Yes, I remember it as it wasn't very long time ago, December 2009, it was unusually sunny day for the wintry season, even in Athens and it was my first happy day in a long time, the day ended with rain and this is what came ...I know is not a perfect one, but as a first poem I just don't want to change it ...


The quiet rain that murmurs outside,
that calm rain I know is burning you inside,
because if the wind blows and
the muddy floods stop all of a sudden,
you know I will leave you to sleep.

My hair, sparkling wet and the scent of it,
I know you drain off with your eyes eager,
the dewdrop that trembles on my neck,
it’s all that you have in your dreams.

And if I ever reveal my love for rain
if I ever confess it’s because of you,
please don’t hate me,
I know you created the drops that fall right now,
I know you invented the rain for me.

Is there a style of writing you prefer?

I'm not familiar with styles, I have no education about that. I admire people who manage to write sonnets and all other variations of poetry, but I personally prefer to say whatever my heart feels is necessary to be said. Maybe with time I might start write in different forms ..who knows?

Do you write more than just poetry?

Mostly is poetry, trying with short stories lately, but I think prefer poetry.

What is the favorite poem you have written so far?

Very, very favorite I have two of them


He is 6’2″ tall,
robust and hardy, with muscles
evenly distributed on the vision of mortal essence.
His hair brown,
darker reddish shade of brown.

The eyes green,
ordinary, uneventfully green,
if it wasn’t for the glimpse of danger within.

His lips,
Humphrey kissing Ingrid in Casablanca.
And the voice,
deep, I needn’t to say,
the imprint akin to the glory of peacock’s tail.

His hands,
rough, the baseball bats swaying at NY Yankees ballpark,
didn’t spare the harm of elegance or howl charm.

The attitude,
strong, disturbingly motionless, sedate.
Crusty exterior, so much to offer,
but not before you’ve pushed the right buttons.

The name,
Christian, Adam or Damon, maybe!
Even Azazel is fine by me,
Satan’s addiction, Angel’s betrayal,

who the hell cares,
as long as I have him,
in a dreamless sleep next to me.



In the time of silence, when dimness is all I see,
you can make me believe the world is maybe royal.
Across the bed with silk and mirrors, where lies my pride,
you may convince me I’m the last in the monarchy of lions.

If the edges of my ivory gown touch the ballroom floor,
you can turn into ashes my crystal crown, let my hair flow down.
And when the neon in your eyes set in flames my naive heart,
I can even let you call me a Queen, I can accept your endearment.

But in mornings with coffee, when the sound of traffic is all I hear,
don’t say a word, don’t send me orchid petals in envelopes.
When your voice is just an echo in the distance, I tremble under

the spell of my own world, for I can only be a lady, but never royal.

When do you write the most?

Good ideas usually come when I'm somewhere I can't write, it's funny how after the idea sets into my head, I keep on thinking about it so I won't forget it till I get home and have the chance to write it down.

Do you have a favorite poet or a favorite poem?

I enjoy poetry a lot, I like Robert Frost and Shakespeare very much. My favorite poem is

from Charles Bukowski

little dark girl with
kind eyes
when it comes time to
use the knife
i won't flinch and
i won't blame you,
as I drive along the shore alone
as the palms wave,
the ugly heavy palms,
as the living does not arrive
as the dead do not leave,
i won't blame you,
i will remember the kisses
our lips raw
with love and how you gave me
everything you had
and how I
offered you what was left of me,
and I will remember your small room
the feel of you the light in
the window your records your books
our morning coffee our noons
our nights our bodies spilled together
the tiny flowing currents
immediate and forever
your leg my leg
your arm my arm
your smile and the warmth
of you who made me laugh again.
little dark girl
with kind eyes
you have no knife.
the knife is mine
and i won't use it yet.

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read?

I used to read much more books before, I enjoy reading books always, but lately not much time about it. "Gone with the wind", "East of Eden", "A place called freedom" are few books I've read more than once ...

What poets in the blog-sphere do you like to read or visit most?

Many talented people in the blog world, there is something good from all blogs I visit and of course I have places I favor ...


What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?

I am a sensitive person and often I get inspired by little things, it might be just a word or a song, or some kind gesture. Inspirations can be found anywhere, as long as you let them near you. I like writing on my kitchen table, where I usually first write whatever comes to me on a notebook ...

You have been a part of Jingle Poetry Potluck. What are the benefits of participating in it? Are you a member of any other poetry communities?

I would like to thank very much Jingle for finding me and inviting me to Potluck. I have my blog only for 5 months, and thanks to Jingle poetry, the team and all other readers, I'm doing perfect. It's a lovely community, what can I say ... One can only gather the best out of it and learn. Thank you!

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a poetry blog?

There is no harm in trying, people say ... You try to make your wish come true and if it works- amazing. And if not, don't let few wrong desires to make you feel miserable. There is enough good for everyone in this world and good will find you, as long as you try.


Anonymous said...

its nice to get to know you better blaga and yea- i do agree with you that sometimes life doesn't do what we expect.. and personally, i never agree with any poet who writes in a certain style ehem! ( i am ruffling up some feathers now haha!) for the fact that inspirations come from the heart, mind or whatever affects you at that moment and it doesn't come in any particular style unless it is already formed in the mind.. thats the law of naturalism.. and not and until then when the poem is completed that if really that poem you wrote conforms itself to a certain standard or classification purveyed by the so called learned experts, then fine! otherwise, shaping and constructing a poem to fit a certain style to me is not good but certainly, never discouraged haha! best wishes..

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kris! Comment is much appreciated! All the best to you too!

Butterflies of time said...

Wonderful to know more about you Blaga . Love and agree with everything you said about writing poetry. and it is often best to just be unresisting and let life float us to wherever it flows...God bless your scent

Kavita said...

Wooohooo!! So nice to know a li'l more about you, Blaga!!! Your poem on rain is sooo sweet!
A free verser as you are, stay inspired, my friend!!
Love you for that!

Bubba said...

Congrats, Blaga! A well-deserved feature here at Meet The Poet Wednesday!

It's refreshing to hear someone versed in language touting the merits of English for a change.

French and Italian get way too much play! (Darned 'romance' languages!)

Jingle said...

you are an inspiration yourself,

Great interview, Christopher,

Thanks for the sweet treat, blaga..

Glad to know that you started writing poetry for about more than one year, yet you are doing so very good.

Thanks ..

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

romantic and wet rain poem.
well done,

Happy Wednesday.

Short Poems said...

Congrats, Blaga! Your poems are really great :)

Anonymous said...

@Butterflies of time blessings back!
@Kavita love back!
@Eric, thank you! As for French and Italian... not my languages :) English is the one!
@Jingle thanks you again for everything!
@Short poems thank you for your kind comment!

Anonymous said...

It's good to read more about you Blaga! Thank you for sharing!

Paula Tohline Calhoun said...

How wonderful to be able to get a glimpe into the mind, heart, and soul of a born poet. I do not know if you write in languages other than English, but your command of English is remarkable, and sheds a different light on the possibilities that English offers for poetry. While your grammar may not always be perfect - yet much better than many native English speakers - you nevertheless have such an understanding of the soul-vocabulary of English, it matters not at all. You always seem able to communicate your thoughts and feelings.

Thank you, Chris, for the introduction. You've added another regular to my list of must-reads, and your intervie was enlightening.

I will also add that there are many poets in this community that I read regularly - so much so now that I often have time to do nothing else. If I don't comment regularly, it is only because my comments are generally long, and I don't always have time to comment and read my growing list of regulars! Let it be known that no poet in Jingle has ever disappointed, and I have found something to love in every one!

Thanks to one and all - you have added and continue to add new dimensions to my life.

JamieDedes said...

Bravo! Fab interview of our dear and fabulous, Blaga. Wonderful to get to know this lovely lady better.

A couple of thoughts:
- free verse - that was Whitman, what better company could we have
- Bukowski - like much - like Raw With Love
- thanks for sharing poems, which I don't think I've seen on your blog. Am blown away that your very first and unedited is so very well done.
- I am grateful that you went for languages and not numbers. Phew! :-D
- Thanks for the shout out. Hugs!
- Shakespeare and Frost - yes

This made my day. Sent the link to family so they can meet our dear Blaga.

Anonymous said...

Loved reading more about you, Blaga. I'm finding a lot of us with backgrounds that don't seem to be a fit for poetry but the beauty is that all of life is a source of inspiration. I was really surprised to learn that you have only been blogging/writing poetry for such a short time. Gives hope to all of us.

Unknown said...

Ya, good interview, great meeting scent of my heart! I have a friend called elias from theseloniki...my only claim to Greece!

Olivia said...

That's right- I am a sleepy slacker and that's confirmed. I read it and went by thinking of posting a comment when I am more generous!!!

Realized that I had apparently posted none..

Nice to know some more about you.. :)
Wishing you a very beautiful Blogging experience- sending Love for my Bubble xoxox

trisha said...

she is an awesome poetess. a priceless poetess for sure.


Anonymous said...

@ Aleza thank you for reading!
@ Paula thanks for the honest words much appreciated and treasured!
@ Jamie, always happy to have you around and know your opinion!
@ Victoria thanks, it was very kind of you!
@ Kenny thank you!
@ Liv thanks dear! All the best to you too!
@ trisha much appreciated and kind comment! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Loved reading this Bee! Great to know about you :) And your work is very inspiring and wonderful. Always keep writing!

Anonymous said...

Thank you S. Pleasure to see you came by!

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn more about you, Blaga ... and congrats on:

your poem, What if …, which was a JP Potluck contribution was picked-up by the online literary publication, Whippoorwill Journal


Anonymous said...

Thank you Becca for the kind words!