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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meet the poet on Wednesday

Welcome  to Jingle Poetry and Meet the Poet. This Wednesday I, Scent of my heart, will take you on a trip to India and introduce you to DeadPoet from "Inside the mind of a lunatic" and let you in a secret, how darkness sometimes can surprise you and reveal a beautiful soul and an extraordinary talent.
It's a pleasure to present you Sonam Mandal - DeadPoet! Enjoy the interview!

No, I cannot tell you,
What it is that I feel,
For I feel so much,
Yet so little,
There is not much that I do keep.
Yet when I look into the darkness,
All I see is a flash of light,
And I wonder just maybe,
Because you always make me smile.

Sonam Mandal

I would like you to share a little about yourself with us ...

Well, I'm "deadpoet", I live in India, I've spent about 11 years of my life in USA. My hobbies include writing, photography, reading books, watching movies, listening to music (rock, metal, alternative), doing adventurous stuff and bugging people to death. I'm an expert at the last one. I'm not very good with these "about me" sections, for most sites, I just write "I talk a lot...I write and think a lot too!". 

How about your blog? When did you start it, tell us about the name and what it means to you?

I started blogging early in life, back when I was in 11th grade. Of course I don't use that blog anymore. I had a blog on blogger while I was in college, and I called it "Inside the Mind of a Lunatic". I don't really know how I came up with it, I just like to think of myself as someone with weird ideas and I wanted it to be about these weird ideas in my head. I didn't even use it for poetry at first. I moved to Wordpress about 1.5 years ago and decided to keep the same name (imported the posts from the blogger blog too), and even then I didn't start posting my poetry straight away, that happened an year ago and I enjoyed it so it kind of stayed. 

First steps in writing? Do you remember the first poem?

My first poem was written back when I was in 6th grade. Here it is:
"Sleeping cows are the best in town,
For they sleep with their eyes closed,
And their tail in their nose,
They sleep with their mouth open
And their feet in their mouth
And they suck their feet till the blood comes out"

Yup, that is pretty insane. I didn't write at all after that until 11th grade. The first poems I started off with are so bad that I really wonder how I let myself stick to poetry writing this long. Of course I've improved a lot. Most of my early stuff also sounded dark and depressing, but I think I manage to let some optimism into my poetry now. Well ,at least now the dark words sound alright.

Is there a style of writing you prefer? 

I have no preference to any style. I just write as I want to write. I never know how I'll write a poem when I start off, I just let it come to me as I progress. I rarely rhyme words anymore, as I feel it hinders the thought process, but once in a while I do it for fun.

Do you write only poetry?

Yes,  mostly poetry. I tried writing short stories, but somehow I'm not much of a story teller. I mean, I don't always have very unique ideas in my head and even if I do, I'm not sure I express them properly in a story. I have written some stories in the past, I've got a few up on my blog too.

Favorite poems you've written?

There are so many to choose from, that I find it hard. I guess my favorite pieces in recent times would be,"On writing", "Coffee Addiction", "Shadows" and "Unrequited".

Coffee addiction

A coffee addiction,
Growing stronger each day,
And I find I cannot,
Keep my eyes open,
I find I cannot focus,
Without a sip of,
Without the scent of,
Coffee in the air.

The beans tell stories,
Of lives they have lived,
Filling the air with richness,
To make up for our lack,
Of life each day.

Maybe I am searching,
For truth in these beans,
My mind is muddled,
With garbage,
My thoughts are hazy,
And I am always pining,
For clarity in my life,
The life I didn’t ask to live.

The aroma weaves,
Through the soul,
Like the wand of a magician,
Creating illusions,
Binding them to reason,
And still a sense of wonder,
Hangs on to the pinnacle of the mind,
Before the thoughts take a leap,
Into the abyss below.

I never wanted
My mind to wander,
Into unfathomable lands,
Straying from my needs,
To a land of only wants,
Where reason and practicality,
Have no place,
Where my heart works against,
The rationality of my mind.

The fragrance of coffee keeps me sane,
A temporary sanity throughout the day,
Until I have drunk too much,
And my head starts spinning,
I know not any longer,
Why the heart yearns,
For pasts thrown away,
And impossible futures,
Why the mind knows reason,
But acts irrationally,
Why does only the unattainable,
Appeal to this brat of a mind?

A voice like a whisper,
Catches me off my guard,
Through this coffee addiction,
A voice of reason can still be heard,
And I know days of withdrawal,
Are needed now,
After which I will be fine,
Smiling as always,
Still seeking the unknown,
But this time I won’t get lost.

What can inspire you?

I get inspired by so many things, incidences, people I meet, places I go, memories from the past. Just about anything in the world can inspire me I guess. I have a soft spot for dark poetry though, not exactly sure why. 
These days I do most of my writing at home in my room or at work while I've got some free time. Often I do part of a piece and finish it up later. I have a lot of unfinished drafts waiting to be visited. I guess any quiet place and a thought in my mind is enough to get me started. 

Favorite writers and books?

Ah books, there are so many that I absolutely love that it is hard to list them out. 
Here are a few favorites:
Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Catcher in the Rye
One  Hundred Years of Solitude

Midnight's Children

Nineteen Eighty-Four
My Name is Red
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (all 5 parts)

  What are the benefits to be part of Jingle poetry community? Do you enjoy it?

I absolutely love being part of the Jingle community. It helped me connect to many wonderful writers,and every single one of them is so special in every way. I get inspired by people to write, and in a way I think it is because of this that I'm able to continue writing on a regular basis. Jingle works so hard for all of us, giving out awards, and making us feel like a close knit family. I am honored to be a part of this community. 

 Are there particular blogs you enjoy visiting?

I have met so many wonderful writers that it would do them all an injustice if I were to pick out a few from them. There are way too many inspiring writers that I've come across. I'd like to thank you all! 

 If you could choose a place in the world and a life for yourself, where would that be and how would your life go?

I don't think I can choose just one place. I want to travel the world, see many places. I don't think I can decide on one kind of life. There is so much to do, I'd want to constantly keep doing new things, and experience different lives. 

 From the past centuries, going back in time, where would you think, you will fit perfectly?

I think I fit fine where I am now. The past would've been too restrictive for me, and well I am a gadget and internet addict, don't really think I would've been comfortable in the past. 
But, I am very fond of the Renaissance era, where so many wonderful artists like Leonardo da Vinci and Michaelangelo came from. So much art and knowledge was floating around at that time, would have been a delight to see it happening first hand. I would love to meet the scientists and artists of that era.

Dreamer or down to earth person?

Definitely a dreamer 

Any advice for people who like to start a blog, who like to do something about their writing?

Never think you cannot write, or that you don't write well. Be persistent, and continue trying to be the best you can be, and you'll find that you can excel.
That would be all for today, thank you Sonam for giving us such precious moments to know you better. 
Good luck and keep writing!
You dear readers, visit her at "Inside the mind of a lunatic" and enjoy her poetry.
Stay tuned for next Wednesday and Christopher's interview with another talented writer from our community.

And I, Scent of my heart, will wish you a good day and end this post with Sonam's poem

On writing
Volatile, like ethanol,
My thoughts evaporate,
One after another,
Until the mind finds,
Itself drunken on words,
Flowing endlessly from,
The depths of my imagination.

Worlds unknown, borrowed,
From the world we live in,
Encumbered by the limitations,
Of all we see and believe,
Yet still the surreal voices,
Echoing from written verse,
Seem so strange to hear.

Visions of our deepest fears,
Darkness and chaos,
Come together to spread,
Terror in our hearts,
Only to be shattered
By heroes unheard of,
To melt all that makes us afraid.

Like an artist without a brush,
Always painting pictures,
From the depths of the soul,
With colors unknown,
But felt in every stroke,
Of the pen we dearly hold,
As the heart bleeds.

The song of the heart,
Escapes as barely a whisper,
Floating through the air,
Like a fragrant perfume,
Sweet and uplifting,
Touching all but the person,
For whom it was sung.

These feelings in my heart,
Rarely spoken of,
Yet always written about,
Bring into solid form,
My true inner self,
More realistically than,
The words left unspoken.

What am I without my muse;
Without the pen in my hand,
And thoughts wild in my mind;
Without empty words,
Building so much meaning;
Without momentary feelings,
Bringing life permanence?

I would be Nothing,
But the sweet fragrance,

Of wild strawberries,
Floating through the air,
Untouched, unfelt, unheard.
Yet always present,
Silently hidden.
 "You bring color into my life" by Sonam Mandal on Ripples through this imagination


Anonymous said...

:) its great to know more about you deadpoet my friend.. stay cool and keep writing!

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Fascinating interview. Thanks for it.

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i have been reading soem of deadpoets poems for awhile now and its good to know more about the poet...all the best with ur future writings..

Jingle said...

She is simply perfect,

she has been a long time supporter of Poets Rally and JP, she is talented, and always cheerful or helpful.


Olivia said...

awrite- who do we have here?
None other than the talented Ms. DeadPoet!!!

I love your photography- actually envious (I get envious about all good things), your words and how beautifully you weave them! That childhood poem was fun excepting the blood part!! hehe

Wishing you all the very best always..

Blaga Bubble, you rock- that's a mind blowing capture.. wonderful xoxox

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Thanks a lot for this Bee!

Thanks to everyone else for the comments too :)

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So good to see that poetry is still enticing younger people and to get to know more about you, Sonam. Thanks for the interview, Blaga.

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Enjoyed the interview, thank you!

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