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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Wednesday's Meet the Poet

Welcome to Jingle Poetry and Meet the Poet on Wednesday! Each Wednesday we try to highlight some of the talented individuals who contribute their time, poetry and words of encouragement.

I am Scent of my heart and today I'd like to meet you with Aurora Ka and "WordsWorthMillions".

I truly enjoyed the conversation to form an interview with Aurora and I'm glad to know her as a person, as a poet, as a friend. There is so much she could offer to all of us. Talent, creativity, generosity, friendship...

Tell us a little about yourself...

First of all thank you Blaga for choosing me to be your first interviewee poet. I was really touched. I thank Jingle for including me in both Poets Rally and Poetry Potluck, it has been very rewarding.

I am an ethnic Bhutanese. Tsanglalo (popularly known as Sharchopkha) is my mother tongue, Dzongkha is my national language and English is my third language. I have studied in an English medium school my whole life. I have an honours degree in English literature. My mother tongue has no written language. Our stories, traditions and culture have been all oral transmission. I am a Buddhist by birth, but I am not a very religious person. I love my Kings and country.

I started writing since I can remember. First it was childhood fantasies, next it was teenage romance, a young woman’s fairy tales and now it is an adult’s expression of the realities of life. Initially, it started out as journal entries or scribbles on everything. I share my work for almost two years under the pseudonym ‘Aurora’. Two of my poems have been published in the monthly national magazine Drukpa. Another poem was published in Kuensel, the oldest newspaper in Bhutan and stories from my other blogs have been featured in a national newspaper. 

Please tell us about your blog and what it means to you? How did you come up with the name?

My blog is dedicated to poetry and I post only poems with illustrations, when possible. It is very close to my heart and important for me, it is the world I live in, with my thoughts and beliefs through my poems.
The blog dates back to April 2010, when one of my friends created it for me. The name Wordsworthmillions was his idea, but it is apt, words are worth millions.

Can you remember writing your first poem?

I don’t remember writing my first poem. I just remember many poems, never completed. I wrote my first serious poem in 2005. It is 83 lines long and talks about friends being my strength and weakness too. It talks about waiting for friends to turn up for an appointment but as no one turns up, the poem explores different feelings that results from the moment of waiting. The poem ends with a sad note...

        ‘As the last colour of sunset fades away
Leaving behind a dull landscape
         No one hears my heart cry
And the desperate sighs of my heart are unheard by everyone’
Is there a style of writing you prefer?

I have no preference of style in poetry writing, I write free verses. Following the traditional meters and rhyme would be much unsophisticated for me.

Do you write more than just poetry?

I consider myself a story teller, until recently readers started calling me a poet. But I still write short stories and short essays for Writers association of Bhutan. I used to write for Nopkin.com, another Bhutanese blog.

What is the favorite poem you have written so far?

This is a tricky question. It is like asking a mother to choose among her children. I am proud of the poems I wrote and not so proud of few. Hmmm… 

That Life, that World

                                                                 Come and sit by me
                                                           I will tell you a story or two
                                                   of the days when world was different
                                                               when birds flew freely
                                                             when rivers flowed clear
                                             when the clouds moved to grace the blue sky
                                          when the moon shone the brightest in the night sky
                                             when little boys and little girls played into dark
                                            of the times when strangers smiled at each other
                                           when a young person stopped to help an old lady
                                    of the times when mothers suckled her child at her breast
                               when fathers took his children to play a game or two in the fields
                                of times when grandfathers and grandchildren sat by the hearth
                     while grandmothers cooked, shared centuries-old stories of values and love
                                          when man loved his woman the way she should be
                                           when woman warmed her bed only with her man
                                           when children held their old parents in their arms
                                          when students bowed to their teachers in reverence
                                               of the times when happiness wasn’t paid for
                                                              when wars were avoided
                                                      of times when human were humane
                                        when animals were treated as a member of the family
                                                                     life was different
                                                          I lived that life, in that world

When do you write the most?

I have no timing. Until I fall asleep, I am thinking about poems, stories and essays to write.  

Do you have a favorite poet or a favorite poem? 

I love the Romantic poets and I like T.S. Eliot for the personal imaginary and symbols he uses in his poems. 

Do you enjoy reading books? What are the best books you have ever read? 

I love reading books, since I learned English. I love Nicholas Sparks’ first few books and my favourite is ‘A walk to remember’. I like the Chicken Soup series and Nelson Mandela’s autobiography, ‘A long walk to freedom’, and not to forget our very own Dasho Karma Ura’s historical book ‘The Hero with a Thousand Eyes’. 

What poets in the blog-sphere do you like to read or visit most? 

I don’t get to visit other poets as often as I like to, but I like poets who use vivid images, write about the simple things in simple language. I like all the poets I meet here and I don’t like everything they write –a bit of this poet and a bit of that poet.

What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?

Everything is an inspiration to me, even a stone can inspire me. I write wherever, if I feel like it – sometimes even in a moving vehicle.

You have been a part of Jingle Poetry Potluck. What are the benefits of participating in it? Are you a member of any other poetry communities?

Jingle Poetry Potluck is a very good platform to meet, read, comment and receive comments on poems. It is very fascinating because I cannot remember hearing or seeing more than a hundred poets meet at the same time in the same place.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in starting a poetry blog? 

Don’t go for quantity but for quality. Listen to your heart and write what it says, look around and write what you see, smell around and write the scents you perceive. Don’t fear blocks, they come and go.


That was all for today boys and girls. I would like to thank Aurora for her time and kindness. And you dear readers can learn more about her poetry at http://wordsworthmillions.wordpress.com/ .

Wishing you all a lovely day. Stay tuned for next Wednesday and another talent you could meet. Smiles!

Scent of my heart 




Chim's World of Literature said...

this interview was very imformative on the poet.....i loved your poem that you chosen for the interview....

Dave King said...

As always, a fascinating look into one person's creative processes.

annell said...

Loved this post and the poem you wrote!

Jingle said...

beautiful job, Blaga..

enjoyed Her company a lot...

hope to see her around here soon...

Happy Wednesday to all.

Bee's Blog said...

This is such a lovely site - I just wish I had more time to linger

ds said...

Thank you for introducing Aurora Ka; i know nothing about Bhutan, much less its writers. Wonderful interview, and a lovely poem.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't take my eyes of this interview from beginning to the end, loved the poem Aurora chose and advices on writing. Thanks both to the poet and the interviewer.You rock! :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you all, I'm sure Aurora will appreciate all the good words once she gets to read them.

Anonymous said...

It's so good to be able to visit other poets, to have a peek into there world and work. I enjoyed this interview, Blaga, and meeting you, Aurora...my trip to Bhutan. Especially liked your advise about quality over quantity. Thank you both.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Victoria, I'm glad you liked it! Always nice to know people are reading!

Anonymous said...

:) for blaga..
:) for aurora..
:) for knowing both of you..
its great to be great when the greatest is but the greater of the great..

Anonymous said...

Amiga, this is really nice. Thank you once again. I see you have edited and made the interview more readable.
Thank you everyone for the comments and the good things you got to say, very kind of you all. I really appreciate it.
Thank you all, once again.

Anonymous said...

Fiveloaf you're great, comment much appreciated! Aurora, I'm sure people enjoyed reading about you! Keep up the lovely writing!

Anonymous said...

:) I enjoyed reading the interview. A multilingual, I so can relate as English is my 3rd language as well.

If you don't mind some questions: Do you find that you think in one language and write in another as you write? Upon re-reading your pieces do you sometimes wish they would translate as well in another language?


Anonymous said...

Lynnaima, I am glad you liked the interview. Thank you.
Hmmm...You asked some thought provoking questions. I didn't think about them until now. Lol...When I think of a poem I want to write, I run it in my mind in English. So I think in English and write in English too.
I often wish I can translate my poems into my native language (mother tongue) but like I mentioned in the interview, it has no written script because of which there is no way I can translate them. Sometimes I feel if I translate my poems into other language, it might lose it's depth.
I hope I answered your question. :)

kenny said...

Thank you!

Anonymous said...

i am Kezang Dawa the member of www.writersofbhutan.com and www.nopkin.com and i was really pleased to know that you are in jingle Poetry website.i appricate the way you represent the Bhutansese poet in one of the interview in wednesday.
Vrey much happy to read your splendis poem in jingle poetry.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Kenny and Kezang. @Kezang, it means a lot to me. I would just be a poet. :) Thank you.