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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Review Tuesdays - RINKLY RIMES

Let’s Celebrate, the rhyming journey of a fantabulous Poet started with this Poem. I am here to review the sweetest Poetry blog in blogosphere, “RINKLY RIMES” of Brenda Bryant

About Brenda Bryant

Rinkly Rimes is the pen name of Brenda Bryant, a blogger from Australia, actually born in England, trained as a teacher at Brighton Training College, Sussex and worked for a publisher. Her interests are poetry, teaching, grandchildren, art and films. She says that she is here to share her daily compilation of original verses, parodies, comic rhymes, and children poems. Well, I don’t have words to tell about her wonderful creative Poetry and the way she supports the Poetry communities.

She owns three blogs,

RINKLY RIMES – daily compilation of verses, parodies and children poems


And a team blog - Blogsboro Poetry Club


A sweet blog that inspires many hearts, souls and blends to form a rhyming poetry world. She is one of the sweet poets found in blogosphere. With Classic Blogger Template as base, she has designed her blog with light colors.

The blog contains a very good collection of widgets; to start it has features like ‘Google Friend Connect’, ‘You might also like’. The sidebar features widgets like ‘Amazon’, ‘Chat with Brenda Bryant’, ‘Archive’ and the Copyright Info’s.

The archive of her blog says that she pens down from May 2008 and with an incredible number of followers.

About Poetry:

A daily compilation composed of original verses, parodies, comic rhymes to inspire and attract several billion hearts of blogosphere. The journey started from here as she sketched her celebrations and the way she spent that day.

Brenda has penned down different forms of poetry (say Haiku, freestyle, and limerick to name a few). They are beautiful, soulful and most importantly they are thoughtful ones.

In her daily compilation, she has written at an incredible pace with an unbelievable count of poetries.

Quick Info: 275(2008), 998(2009), 1007(2010), 89*(2011) – 2369* post

Wow! That is a mesmerizing count from a poet, Hats off to your work and to pick a few from the bunch is really a hard job. However, my personal favorite is Let’s Celebrate… What a thoughtful poem it is...


Brenda, it would be nice if you add widgets like ‘Recent Posts’, ‘Recent Comments’, ‘Labels’, etc., Do create a page in FaceBook to reach as many people as possible. Also, enable sharing features :-)

About this Romantic Verser:

This is Someone Is Special, the author of Few Miles, hosting Review Tuesdays along with Leo (Leonnyes) of I Rhyme Without Reason. Enjoy the beautiful thoughtful creations of RINKLY RIMES as I do. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


JamieDedes said...

Thanks, SIS. Well done. On my way to Rinkly Rimes - Thanks for the intro ...

Peace, Jamie

Madeleine said...

Brenda is definitely an inspiration and I adore her verses. She is a real talent. :O)

Rinkly Rimes said...

Thanks for all those unexpected compliments! They arrived on my eightieth birthday!!!!

E. Johnson said...

Happy Birthday Brenda - and keep on poeming! I for one always look forward to your posts!

Jingle Poetry said...

Happy Birthday, Brenda, wow, I always admired your creativity in our blogging community,

what a joy to have you highlighted here.

Enjoy a lovely day.

annell said...

I enjoy reading Brenda's posts! Thanks so much

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Brenda, it's good to meet you and learn of your blogs!

Kavita said...

Yess!! I rad Brenda's work regularly.. and she never ceases to amaze!! She is simply awesome!!!

Thanks for this cool review of this cool poet, SiS

signed...bkm said...

Congrat's to Brenda she is a gem..always willing to join in...well deserved...bkm

Anonymous said...

I always like to visit Rinkly Rimes for a spirit-lift. So glad you reviewed her, SiS. And happy
80th, Brenda...your youth shines on!